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  1. markr74

    Unrealiable clock - 'berg501

    They don't have rec reg
  2. markr74

    Unrealiable clock - 'berg501

    Damn it, want to swap it for a 2010 FX450 with 80 hrs, I can't ride it here up north QLD
  3. markr74

    Unrealiable clock - 'berg501

    You want to sell it? To me?
  4. markr74

    Bike Suspension

    Just ride it harder Vince, that's Joshua's, Dan's and my answer, you will trade it in for something faster soon [emoji6][emoji106]
  5. markr74

    Anglesea Sunday Dec 3

    Should of bought a berg Noods, not a blue KTM!
  6. markr74

    The "Is How It Is" Thread

    Yeah great work mate, I know first hand how hard it can be to be a mod let alone the founder. I must say you have to have some pretty think skin to get the job done. I haven’t been on here much lately as I’ve moved to cairns and there is almost no Cairns/Townsville riders. I do miss riding with the old crew, well done all!
  7. markr74

    In kneed of feedback on knee pads

    So are you looking for knee braces not knee guards? Knee braces are more for impact protection where knee guards do the same but also support your knee joint from twisting and hyper extending. Mate I live up Cairns way now, I still have my bike in vic and bought another one for riding up here. I was going to come down for a ride a few weeks back but the missus is sick and may be for some time to come. When I'm down next I will give you a shout out. Hope you find what your looking for big fella.
  8. markr74

    Tyre pump & gauge

    I think your going to need a bigger compressor [emoji12]
  9. markr74

    In kneed of feedback on knee pads

    Just get yourself some over the boot pants mate.
  10. markr74

    In kneed of feedback on knee pads

    Oh vince, most decent knee guards cover from your knee to below the top of your boot, stop being so paranoid and ride your bike bud!
  11. markr74

    Fav Place To Stay In QLD ?

    It's real nice, nearly everywhere up here is though, we all have our different preferences, something I love, other might not.
  12. markr74

    Fav Place To Stay In QLD ?

    Yeah fair enough bud, the invitation was here for Geoffrey, an hour north of cairns is for the Aussie tourists. 2 hours south, in summer is full of European tourists and right now it's full of grey nomads.
  13. markr74

    Fav Place To Stay In QLD ?

    I have been everywhere from Cooktown to Townsville and mission beach has it all.
  14. markr74

    Fav Place To Stay In QLD ?

    What? Why? Although there is a pub on every corner in cocktown
  15. markr74

    Fav Place To Stay In QLD ?

    This is the final destination for all Victorians, almost everyone I ask here comes from vic.