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  1. Thanks gents for the replies. Might stick with the 110/100/18 as an “all rounder” for now.
  2. Hi guys. Just wondering what rear tyre size 350 owners are running. It came new with a 140/80/18 which is huge. Recently been running a Dunlop AT81 110/100/18.
  3. Awesome, thanks mate. Plenty of options there to explore. Cheers.
  4. Think I might have met you at the BBQ lunch after the Saturday morning ride of the Beechworth weekend. Could only do the sat morning ride that weekend.
  5. Awesome, thanks mate. His profile name rings a bell. Think I might have met him at the Beechworth ride.
  6. Looking to do a bit of riding up at Bright/Porepunkah and was wondering what loops people would recommend for a mixture of fire trail / tight tracks / scenic riding for 1/2 day or so. Also what’s the go with riding in the pine plantations around Porepunkah. Are they open to ride or restricted. Cheers.
  7. Thanks fellas. Some interesting points raised.
  8. Just wondering what knee braces people are using. Been looking at the Leatt z frames. They seem pretty good as entry level. Currently using knee guards but the old knees need a bit more support. Cheers in advance.
  9. Haha... that would make sense. Knob must have just caught it and pushed it through. Lucky not to wear it through the back of my boot.
  10. Anyone running a JD jet kit in their WR 250f and are they worth the coin? Mines a 2013.
  11. Thanks mate, just saw the info on the Beechworth weekend. Sounds good.
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