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  1. bluebagger

    Rear shock gaurd did its job

    Haha... that would make sense. Knob must have just caught it and pushed it through. Lucky not to wear it through the back of my boot.
  2. bluebagger

    JD Jet Kit Wr250f

    Anyone running a JD jet kit in their WR 250f and are they worth the coin? Mines a 2013.
  3. bluebagger

    Back again.

    Thanks mate, just saw the info on the Beechworth weekend. Sounds good.
  4. bluebagger

    Back again.

    Been out of the forum loop for a long while. Live in the Northeast and ride a 2013 WR250f. Recent ride was the KSP Myrtleford Alpine Rally and keen to tag along on any local rides. Grade 2 or thereabouts.
  5. bluebagger


    Hi everyone. Newbie here from N/E Victoria. Ride is a 2013 wr250f and reckon I'm an intermediate rider.