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  1. Yates

    2018 Annual Weekender Tee Shirts

    1xlarge Adult please
  2. Odi has booked Efraim & I in. We are looking forward to the catch up.
  3. In thanks Egg Man.
  4. Sounds great Egg. In.
  5. Shithouse. Will keep my eyes peeled. Sorry to hear Bruce
  6. Yates

    Summer merchandise

    Thanks for the Goodies. Cam
  7. Yates

    Summer merchandise

    Black Bucket. Grey Singlet. L. Please Thanks
  8. Yates

    Summer merchandise

    Hat, Singlet etc Just to me how much. All good.
  9. Yates

    2017 - 8th Annual Weekender - With footage

    Gold. Thanks
  10. Yates

    The morning after shots... Bonnie Doon

    Great weekend. Thanks to all
  11. Good read Noodes. On the money and after this cold I will take note of your comments. Cam Yates
  12. Yates

    Back into it with a Buxton Property

    Welcome. Greatest way to find and enjoy the company of like minded people. Dirtriderz is just such a safe and enjoyable way to ride. Yet to meet a d#ck Head Levels 1/2/3+ all catered for. Enjoy. Cam Yates. Beta. Husky all great.
  13. Yates

    Jets new FE350 (16) Damage report

    Excellent read. Thanks
  14. Yates

    Jets new FE350 (16) Damage report

    Jet, some of the best reading since I was a young teenager reading Hart Balm in the Sunday Truth [ Soft Porn ]. Dad got it for the form Guide....sure Efraim & Sean are potential Husky buyers so I will forward this onto them. Well done and thanks for the read, Cam Yates
  15. Yates

    Jets new FE350 (16) Damage report

    Wow. Best report ever. I will ride one before I consider buying. Thanks.