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  1. Yates


    Mick. I am close. Have a coffee in Hampton and I will give you a update on DIRTRIDERZ. best bunch of blokes and safe riding. Cam Yates 0403388008
  2. Sorry to hear Scotland. My motivation for the post is to say thanks because each year Ficeda and Scott kindly donate goods for the Annual Weekender. They have been very generous in that regard. Hence the acknowledgment My Just1 Helmet has been great. I will pass on your comments to Ficeda when I talk to them next.
  3. Pat is Looking after Dirtriderz. Told him to stick to Tennis, can’t ride for Sh##
  4. Big day at Tallarook lead by Rider and Efraim. Odi too crook to join. Scott Googles. Scott gear didn’t miss a beat.
  5. Odi has booked Efraim & I in. We are looking forward to the catch up.
  6. Shithouse. Will keep my eyes peeled. Sorry to hear Bruce
  7. Thanks for the Goodies. Cam
  8. Black Bucket. Grey Singlet. L. Please Thanks
  9. Hat, Singlet etc Just to me how much. All good.
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