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  1. ouzo

    I’m back

    Fave place to ride at warby. W'luv to join u next time
  2. ouzo

    Sidi Crossfire 2 - Stretching

    Thanks zeppa Will try using yr trick yo stretch & mould the outter side wrap part of the boot as my calf muscles are too big for every boot.
  3. ouzo

    Sidi Crossfire 2 - Stretching

    I get it mate, just didnt think these strap setups were capable of such high tension. I guess the longer you look at something, the more the ideas start to flow, till one of then fits the need. Well done ! Thanks for sharing Have a great day
  4. ouzo

    Sidi Crossfire 2 - Stretching

    Well done zeppa How exactly did you Secure the round ply disc inside the boot so it didnt fly out ? I'm envisaging clamps from the outside, half way up the ankle length of the boot ? Thanks
  5. ouzo

    Bathurst 1000 social event.???

    Nothing better than watching the great race with like minded rowdy petrol head mate's with bbq & esky ahappening on a well weathered weekend. But the 2 dates conflict so I'll be riding in my 13th Around the Bay in a Day bike ride.
  6. ouzo


    Awesome performance right from start by the pies. Pity for Tigers - dominated all year & played only 1 poor match
  7. ouzo

    2018 Annual Weekender Tee Shirts

    XL for me thanks
  8. ouzo

    dirtriderZ Hoodie Order

    Thanks Geoffro. If you have a gunmetal/aqua or aqua/white...
  9. ouzo

    dirtriderZ Hoodie Order

    I'm interested in an XL hoody if anystill available
  10. ouzo

    2018 Annual Weekender Tee Shirts

    Pardon my ignorance but how do we pay ?
  11. ouzo

    Father’s Day Dissa

    I'm hearing ya loud & clear. Mayb i can join you, that way we can have more meaning & fun in being out there raising mud or dust, instead of being stuck out there with disconnected disinterested other halves who really have no interest in our dirtbike passions. Long live this dirtriderz family!
  12. ouzo

    Father’s Day Dissa

    Happy Father's Day y'all ! Great stuff in accomplishing a ride today. Can't wait to join you next ride
  13. ouzo

    Wet boots

    Smart ! Well done But can the hair dryer handle being left on for an hour?
  14. A month ago I rescheduled my son's 21st party from Saturday to Friday night instead so I wouldn't miss this meetup (but he doesn't know...shhhh !). Somehow more kids are available for his Friday night party so it's a win win Don't know if it's too late but I have 1 "maybe" entrant. Thanks for organising, looking forward to being among those who do what I love best