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  1. Hi DG Using partspitstop.com, during lockdowns i rebuilt an older '04 RFS 450exc for under $2k using new everything, including labour costs. Bought good reusable cases for under $100. Original Crank rebuilt & most gears were good. So I've ended up with a new engine. I'm sure most would say why waste $$$ on older redundant technology but i think its money well spent, bike suits me fine & thats all i want for now. Just my 20c.
  2. R.I.P. Tara My condolences to her family & all who were lucky enough to be touched by her
  3. Hey mate, I'm hoping to be in goughs bay between christmas & new year. I went up with dirtriderz 2 years ago & found several easy trails where we camped along howes creek. Mayb we can meet there if the timing is right & do afew easy rides. I want to ease back into the saddle after afew injuries & surgery.
  4. Well done cruiser for cutting the smokes out !!!! That a massive acheivement - much bigger than weightloss. I remember it very well when i quit several years ago. In the 1st 2 weeks i felt very vulnerable that i will fail & resort back, but after a month i couldnt stand the taste of it in my mouth anymore. As for the motivation - play the Rocky4 training montage. Ive got a phone alarms to drop down with pushups+situps ever 2 hours
  5. In regards to the goggle doctor & prescrition made inserts. Although i can see reasonably ok without long range glasses, in the last 5 years ive been using prescription glasses while driving for sharper vision & depend on them I also tried the goggle doctors option for dirtriding & jetskiing. However i found them too distracting while on the bike as everything within 3m is blurred, which includes front tyre footing and handlebars. So i stopped using them. I think the goggle doc offers a terrific option but not so good for me. But everyone is different - others may have had better s
  6. 3.5 months later & im down to 107kg. As of yesterday, so far have dropped 13.5kg. But got a bit silly yesterday and stopped by Daniel's doughnuts and made luv to a delish lamb rosemary pie plus a fresh filled cream doughnut. Plus a few stubbies watching the footy. Goes without saying I didn't want to weigh myself this morning. That's how easily I can get off the rails. I can still hear his echo..... "Discipline Grasshopper !"
  7. Well Splints I've been avoiding carbs completely, not even as much as a slice of bread or grain of rice or stick of pasta or a chip since mid june when i started this diet. Even leading upto then it took me 2 weeks of the head game to convince myself i could stay on it. But last wk felt good having whole family pizza one night, big serve of spagbol & dropping a special fried rice then washing them down with a 6pack of coronas 4nights in a row.................. from s distance i can hear murdock preaching "Grasshopper - regain your Discipline !!!" Lol
  8. Hey Dieters, If I sent this email last Wednesday I would have proudly said that I've now shedd 16 kilos in last 8 weeks. But've since let fall astray and gone on a carb binge thus piling on 4kg in just 4 days. That is the profound effect that carbs like pizza pasta and potatoes seem to have on me. I'm still 12kg down with a tempting roast lamb and potatoes awaiting tonight. Promised myself 2x 30min cardiovascular exercise daily and same strict diet regime for the next 2 weeks. Go Roos !
  9. Patience, Grass Hopper. The salmon must first be a strong swimmer before he can go upstream. Lmfao giggles & shakes. I'll remember to use that one next time. Great metaphor! I elect you for campfire storyteller for all future events.
  10. Well done cruiser & you too mick. Now that you've mastered the art of using up a whole spool of mig wire, here's how to make it look magical with deep penetration bonding. In the u.s. it's called "laying dimes" or "stacking dimes". There's helpful instructions all over Y0utube. It helps maintain a consistent stable weld puddle, especially for joining thicker metals. I recon this is an artform worth your learning. Its alot easier than it looks. Heres afew links : [/url] Good luck
  11. This is a question about aluminium Arc welding. Have an old 200amp buzz box that works very well. I don't know if it's AC. I would like some advice if anyone has tried arc welding aluminium with one of these, by reversing the by reversing the electrode cables around. I know you should never try doing this using newer DC inverter arc welder
  12. Mate, i recon he should sell that stuff, theres a market for those bird proof boundaries with them spikes sticking out like hedgehogs !
  13. Have been hovering around the 111kg mark for afew weeks now. Only signs of any change is the loss of my 3rd chin & belly fat thinning. Small but positive gains. I've now lost 10kg since midJune, being 25% of my goal My back is recovering nicely, so will ease back into light weight training, situps & bike riding this week, hopefully speed up fatburning & toning up. Dropping down for 10pushups every hour. Keep going everybody !
  14. Shed only 1kg in the last week. On 2 of those days went into a shark feeding which increased my weight by 2kgs. This is the price of undiscipline. But somehow its dropped down since. Seemed that any carb intake stayed in me 2-3 days & stalls my body's ability to shed weight. No alcohol or exercise in last week. My back is still ginger.