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  1. For the admins that need to know, Do these broken links have any correlation ?
  2. Didnt do much mig at home last year. This bottle lasted me about about 10 small jobs. As you can see i still havent opened the refill, renting costs $12monthly.
  3. Last year my dad passed away, boilermaker all his life, from Emphysema due to constant galvanised metal welding. I think the ventilated helmet is a must for anyone seriously doing this job. Cost over$1k last time I checked at super gas before they close down
  4. Nice setup. Last week arc welded a broken cast iron bench vice using special 7018 sticks on 10amp powerpoint at home. It's still very strong and holding up beautifully. Yesterday repaired a broken pot belly stove for a customer and made a healthy profit. Could be a new career move I know it doesnt look pretty but what you see is 5x 2.5 arc sticks glued in there to strengthen. Casting porousity was worse than a chocholate aerobar. At to worsen the olds of success Preparing the exterior grooves showed there was more cosmetic bog fill than metal to clean away. No wonder this thing stress broke at those points. It was a cheap chinese crap but at least I brought it back to life and it's remarkably still holding up strong. Hope you like
  5. I think the forces of demand and supply will very soon increase values of some of the more prized model commodores. I say fork out & invest on a late model holden or ford musclecar version that hip pocket allows. Not only does it include yourself into this piece of racing pedigree and history, but will pay for yr retirement. Realize there is no superseding commodore model to devalue this suddenly scarce commodity. It's already appreciating in value as you read this. In 20 years' time i predict the puritans will be writing about the sportier chequered flags SS GTS HDT & Clubsport badged models over the luxury Calais models Commodores. Although no doubt very soon there will be overseas substitutes like the high-powered camaro to flood the market just like the Mustang has done for Ford. I've already started stockpiling any Bathurst related memorabilia I can get my hands on.
  6. God help the caught theif, all us devious neighbours have pre-arranged our alibies & plan of attack. No doubt t'will be a life & direction changing experience for the surprised culprit when he resurfaces a year later found naked bound to a rock in a mineshaft surounded vultures & anacondas in peru. I'm sure no amount of drugs (or soiled jocks) will ever recreate the flutters awaiting the poor bastard. Oh mr theeeeeeif ......come out come out wherever you are. (spoken like jack nicholson's "Here's Johnny" scene from The Shinning)
  7. Thieves come and check for unlocked cars invaluables in front yard Every night in my Gardenvale Street. We have CCTV cameras showing how Brazen they are but that does not catch them or fix things. Attending police are only interested in the admin paperwork and they're off So instead all us neighbours have organised walkie talkie CB radio connectivity, to sound the alarm and corner them in the act. We all know they will be out there tonight around 3:30am..........
  8. 1986, Aussie inventor Ralph Sarich sold patents to his supercharged 2stroke engine to GM Ghevrolet for AU$20million. Twas a smokeless emissions friendly, powerful car engine that was shelved by GM & never saw production- what s waste.
  9. OMG ! All my life engineering experts drummed into me that forced induction can never ever work on 2strokes. Well this proves those fossils wrong !!! I'm already researching exactly how this e-tec is engineered, my 800cc 2stroke jetski is in desperate need of more grunt. Imagine a turbo cr500 motard !!! Long live the 2stroke
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