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  1. Shows an 8min travel from sunbury burke rd to golf course. Tried this on android maps aswell as computer
  2. Would love to know the loop. Also quite a spectacle of a drive is around Kyaak stopping at Murchison Gap Lookout to savour up Reddy Creek. Then along King Parrot Creek Rd starting from Straths Creek & viewing the exposed boulders from rolling hills along Kerrisdale, Trawool as your heading to Seamour. Certainly a take your time & absort the spectacular views type of drive. Puttin my 20c in
  3. Ha ha ha Yest he told me the story about something that happened a long time ago- a raffle- particular bike- accusations made etc. But I make a point in life to never fight other people's Wars and battles as well as avoiding & omitting all politics from with forums. But I must say that yesterday he was a complete gentleman and a great host of his ride. For someone like me to finish 60 km of fast goats Trails and tracks is a major accomplishment and required much backing as I would never attempt to do these trails on my own
  4. Don't know what that means but just like I would for any other good helpful bloke I'm singing franky's song today. Maybe I just might take 13 slices of ham to Hazelwood next time
  5. Well what was to be an early arrival at unloading point didnt end up as planned as my mobile plan ran out on way there. After navigating blindly i arrived abit too late as the group had already unloaded and taken off. So while I was chasing the sound of distant roaring bike echoes, I bumped into a group of 8 riders which I thought was Dirtriderz but instead being a local cohort lead by a guy called Franky. So I tagged on with them and we undertook fast flowing tight trails and afew hill climbs all day long. Most of these tight tracks we're very faint'n' fresh & hadn't been broken into yet. We even carved out new tracks thru dense forest. Franky told me that he maps these tight tracks by walking around the forest with his dog during the week. I placed much trust in Franky's local knowledge & judgement & this paid out for the entire 64km course of the ride. The entry to most of these tracks were completely discreet & unrecognisable from the fire trails. Although up to now I have cringed and been repelled by these goats trails / tight tracks& this sorta technical riding- today I thoroughly enjoy them and loved jumping from one tight track to the other. The group was also fun to be with and thank them for their similar lead, cornerman and Sweep system. As usual I can't remember all their names but I'll definitely be back to ride with Franky, Paul & co. again. Franky's Paul's and the rest of the group's care factor was very high and generous. They gave me many good tips, one of them being to bring a dust mask & grippy front tyre next time I return back here. Upon arriving back to carpark I met up with 2 remaining dirtriderz from Carrum Downs who'd already loaded and stories to tell. Thanks for the beer fellas. Despite the initial setbacks the day can only be described as Serendipity.
  6. Hi I'm after a good condition REAR WHEEL to fit KTM 400/450/520/525 , 2000-2006. Hoping to spend around $200. Please contact me if you have one lying around
  7. Thanks to all for organising the weekend camp and rides. Absolutely loved it and will be looking forward to many more get away ride camps. Loved the banter & camaraderie with the great bunch of blokes I've never met before. Thanks to Geoff ktm350 for some awesome hillclimbs & firetrails after pulling out of Sat morn's L2+. Followed by a good beach ride in afternoon. Which eventuated in my helping rescue 3 foolhardy first timer 4wd's in middle of Howes Creek. Then apparently there was some search party while my keen sense of adventure led my exploring offbeat tracks aswell as the picturesque SEC track. I can't remember all your names or aliases but I do remember a great time had over the last 3 days as well as awesome banter and rides.
  8. No wind this morning so all day there was much yellowy brown sticky smoky Haze on our travel from Metung (near Lakes Entrance), especially at Bairnesdale, Sale down to Seaspray. Haze was sticky & smoky & restricted the view to about a mile tops, blocking off any view of the Horizon and mountainous scenery. The cool air seabreeze at Seaspray has dispersion haze & smoke. CFA alerts made mention of poor air quality in all these areas & i felt abit headachey near Sale but all good now. Did you get that haze in Melbourne ?
  9. GooMorning y'all GREAT NEWS- its been heavy raining in Metung for several hours now. The b.o.m. screenprint only shows rainfall in past hour, but im sure it has all but extinguished or at least contained fires.
  10. On Princess Highway, 30km south of Dargo, heading towards Bairnsdale. Until 30mins ago there was a strong haze & burning smell but a decent rainfall & easterly breeze has lifted the haze. It has also created a massive brown smoke cloud & pushing away from melbourne. Is more Spectacular than appears in pics.
  11. Yeah just passing Leongatha, were hoping to take south gippsland hwy thru Yarram & Seaspray & Port Albert instead of princess hwy. I'll send more info very soon.
  12. Im taking gf to Metung & Lakes Entrance tomorrow. Will post details.
  13. ouzo


    Putting in my 20c. I've Attended several of these hard sell lifestyle presentations over the last 20 years. They've been disguised as Lifestyle, Wealth Creation, leapfrogging, first home buyer tax deductions, how to be a millionaire etc. But the one thing I did get was a methodical Insight and education into negative gearing and how I could be part of it. To cut to the chase, every August my tax return would fetch near $25,000 return from the tax office in the last 10 years. BUT and a big BUT was that I had to stay a calm & firm MR NO in all of these presentations when they reached for the pen, as I had a gut feel that there was something not right with their chosen selected investment they were trying to sign me up for - or should i say - push me into. I did cheat the system by accepting free trips 2 Queensland with the family to go see these investments in their so-called growth corridor areas and Yes they were quite attractive homes. But I noticed that right outside their offices there were small real estate companies selling same property for much cheaper, nearly $200,000 cheaper. As they were trying to push me harder and harder into signing that day I pointed out that I could go downstairs and purchase at a cheaper cost to wish they would blow up at me. So my advice to you is if you have the stomach and gal to keep saying "NO" when they pull out the pen, just attend and get to understand the calculations, learn the Negative Gearing lesson they are really teaching you - priceless ! Even the trip up there served as a tax deduction at the time. In the end I managed to purchase five near run down properties in great locations all by myself. The worst house in the best Street scenario. I cleaned them up and rent them for as high as i could so that only small manageable cash ever exits your pocket & contributes to cover the mortgage shortfall. Everything was a deduction I became my own property manager so that I wasn't draining my hip pocket even more. And really there wasn't much to attend to in all that time - afew broken lightglobes, the occasional plumber & a dishwasher replacement using another $300 dishwasher from Aldi-another tax deduction. Quite easily - You can do this too, with some education wisdom, a strong stomach & a steady income. Happy to help more
  14. Bucket List so far : - Cape Tribulation - Cape York (responsible for getting me hooked into the sport, while watching 30 riders going for it 10 years ago) - North to South Vietnam (that Blokesworld Adventure showed it was all possible & a great holiday to boot)