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  1. The thing is i can scrape some of the bobbling off. Begore i put them away i whipped them with a clean rag with nothing on it. Made sure it was put away dry too
  2. I know a few dudes with this brand and never had a problem reason why i got them was because they swore by them Nah couldnt have i packed them away and put them in my riding bag first time its been opened since 4 weeks ago Might have to go past amx and sus what they can do
  3. Hey guys anyone ever had their goggle lense start bubbling? The goggles are only about 5 months old they rhk goggles i used them few weeks ago was put away dry and when getting my things sorted for this weekend i noticed the lense bubbled Anyone know why? Or had the same issue?
  4. Can't believe price is 24 min in front of second.
  5. Dam poor dude he was doing well. Whats he placed now?
  6. What happened to Goncalves? I know he crashed but from the vid he got straight back up?
  7. That hill was awesome in the 4bs unfortunately its been awhile since i was there never rode it yet tho but pritty sure from memory orangeboy is on the mark with its where abouts
  8. Price is off his head! Hes deffently showing the rest of the world us Aussies are competitive and not just a back wards bread! Haha
  9. Im looking at getting one too mate from all the research ive been doing their the way to go if you can find one set up or atleast with rec reg on it. Every thing ive read about them for bush/trail their great. Jump on gumtree theres a few going for around the 2-3 mark theres a few with reg on them already. Or even just have a search threw gumtree theres a few good ktms rmxs and yzs all around 2000-2002 models from the 2-3k mark
  10. Thats awesome! Looks heaps fun!
  11. Looks like you guys had a blast! Some good soild footage
  12. Wow sounds alittle like my case since 2007 it took me to get surgery and it was my chiropractor who wrote letters to numerous doctors to try get refured to a surgeon but only a year ago was i finally refured. Im just hoping ill get some answers on monday from someone else if not ill be ringing my surgeon to find out some more. I was explaining to rus that the surgeon i was refured to who booked me in for my surgery i hadnt seen him since the day he booked me in 6 months or so ago. I was only seen be some other random guy at the hospital who told me 3 different things. Your link did work mate. Unlss its my phone not showing ill have to see if it shows on the tablet.
  13. I fogot to mention that that's exactly how i fould sleeping was the most comfortable for the first week and abit i know have found after 3 days and nights of being in agony in that should abd my lower back that a soft pillow is the way to go now 2 nights so far and not as painful in the shoulder and no pain in my lower back. Today has been relatively pain free besides when I stretch to reach something too far with out thinking or when my stiches catch in my shirt.
  14. Cujo thanks heaps mate! Your spot on the money about rus being an absolute awesome help! As he said im on the public health system and not getting very much answers as to whats going on. Ive got my first physio on monday so im hopeing he may be able to help with some unanswered questions and to hopefully be told exactly whats been done and if ill experience anymore issues in the future with the amount of athritise they tell me was in there. Thanks for you help mate in advance and any advice you give i really appreciate it