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  1. Happy birthday fro [emoji8]
  2. Hey chris About 4 years ago today a good buddy of mine did himself a mischief on a motorcross track, jumped a tripple and landed full weight on his dead straight leg, shattering his leg and basically shorting it by 30mm. Was the worst break in over 30 years at the hospital he was sent to he almost lost him leg Hes now in full song on it riding bmx and dirtbikes again, he did have a shit time threw the healing process, almost sercoming to a perscription addiction, and countless of surgeries etc. He speed up alot the the healing by setting to a strick healthy diet and going to the gym with stick work outs to put strenght back into it. Most important thing is if you think something is not right with your leg speak up! And stand your ground noone knows your body better than yourself.
  3. Ive just moved from cranny to berwick...up graded [emoji23]
  4. twitchie88


    Hahahaha! Nah he didnt was about 9.30 in the morning stuck in traffic. Hahahaha! Nah he didnt was about 9.30 in the morning stuck in traffic.
  5. Hell yes! My very first boots where a pair of old rossi’s. Think i was about 8 years old at the time
  6. Hey guys so ive been mia for abit been having alot of shit on here and there Wedding Moving house Running my business Family Etc etc etc blah blah blah But I never lost my love for you all! Fro knows im always got love for dirtriderz Anyway Got myself a 05 kx85 to ride with my bikes Was going to get myself another 125 but I honestly only ride with my kids So wanted something to have a blast with them plus the 85 rips especially with my 50kg 5 foot **** all body on it Also bought the mrs a 2012 klx 125 for a wedding present We plan on have our honeymoon at starglen mid this year Ps my sticker came in the mail for my new pajero [emoji3590]
  7. The thing is i can scrape some of the bobbling off. Begore i put them away i whipped them with a clean rag with nothing on it. Made sure it was put away dry too
  8. I know a few dudes with this brand and never had a problem reason why i got them was because they swore by them Nah couldnt have i packed them away and put them in my riding bag first time its been opened since 4 weeks ago Might have to go past amx and sus what they can do
  9. Hey guys anyone ever had their goggle lense start bubbling? The goggles are only about 5 months old they rhk goggles i used them few weeks ago was put away dry and when getting my things sorted for this weekend i noticed the lense bubbled Anyone know why? Or had the same issue?
  10. Can't believe price is 24 min in front of second.
  11. Dam poor dude he was doing well. Whats he placed now?
  12. What happened to Goncalves? I know he crashed but from the vid he got straight back up?
  13. That hill was awesome in the 4bs unfortunately its been awhile since i was there never rode it yet tho but pritty sure from memory orangeboy is on the mark with its where abouts
  14. Price is off his head! Hes deffently showing the rest of the world us Aussies are competitive and not just a back wards bread! Haha
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