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  1. eagle

    Word Association...

  2. eagle

    Word Association...

  3. eagle

    Word Association...

  4. eagle

    riding bush unlicensed

    Is there a reason he can't get L's for a bike ?
  5. eagle

    Neerim the 11th Sunday funday!

    Are you the Bloke who blew up his bike on i think it was Greasa's ride, if so what are you riding now ?
  6. eagle

    VMX @ Stoney Creek

    Thinking about it, i don't know if i could use the clutch on some of these old bike i remember my Maico clutch was a real PITA. I remember getting a hole shot on my 250 Maico, the reason was i was about 2mtr behind the rubber band then my clutch started grabbing, i had both brakes on but i was still moving then the rubber band went, nobody else had a chance
  7. I'm off to the VMX tomorrow, hope i don't come back with an old MX bike
  8. eagle

    Property Investment

    Yes i remember when interest rates got to 18% + i still have trouble when people say 4% is high
  9. eagle

    Property Investment

    Most people will just have to pull back there spending & survive till the economy gets back on it's feet, this sort of thing probably happens 1 or 2 times in a persons life.This will be the second time i have been through this & will most likely be the last time I know the first time around it wasn't too bad for me as i didn't live beyond my means, but some people had problems etc, you may have to go back & live with Mum or live @ a Caravan Park the upside is there will probably be some cheap Dirtbikes, Boats, Fast Cars & maybe even some fast Women Some people may start cutting back before Xmas, but i really thing next year will be the hardest !!
  10. eagle

    Overheating Husky te300

    Definitely, but have to say running a bike these days without a fan in the riding we do its prone to issues I had some issues on some single track with over heating, i ended up putting the bigger impeller had no problems since, plus it's not drawing from my battery
  11. eagle

    Oakleigh Trials day

    I didn't end up going, i had to put some fences up to stop the Horses shitting on my MX track, i did have a play around on some logs & rocks i had @ home though
  12. eagle

    Overheating Husky te300

    Always best to try the easiest cheapest fixes first
  13. eagle

    Property Investment

    We just worry about surviving for the next 2-3 years then everything will go back to they way it was
  14. So what does the X2 next to some riders mean ?