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  1. eagle

    Ktm Shane’s Birthday ride at Neerim 19/7

    Great day had by all, the mention of cake had riders from West Preston & Werribee make the trek to Neerim went on some great tracks today, a lot that i didn't know Great bunch of blokes too ride with & the conditions were near perfect, some great traction on some big hills ! i'm loving these mid week rides !
  2. G'day mate, how's it going are you still riding around the Gippsland area ? i moved to Nyora & i'm looking for some week day rides ?

    1. ktm shane

      ktm shane

      When day light savings hits mate I could do most thursdays 

  3. eagle

    Bultaco Sherpa T M92

    When i had my Sherpa the clutch was pretty hard & would always drag, so i'd have clutch pulled in both brakes on & i was still moving
  4. eagle

    Peak hour traffic

    I don't know how accurate those speed checks are north of the city ? but mine a always within 1 klmp/h of the speed, so i'm definitely no more that 3klmp/h out ! ?
  5. eagle

    Peak hour traffic

    Just wondering what truck are speed limited at ? being an old Man i can't afford a speeding fine, all though i did get up to 115klm trying to keep up with Grease last Sunday I have been past buy trucks when i'm doing 100klm or even when doing 110 klm, so they must be doing 115klm minimum ?
  6. eagle

    New to group, looking for a new 250cc

    Don't think 1 bike will do everything we want too
  7. eagle

    Hillclimb racing ? In vic?

    Pretty sure Leongatha MCC used to have a hill climb event
  8. I have an ABN but because i make less $50k a year i don't have to pay/charge GST or do a BAS statement !
  9. Mine would seem to work then i would have a bit of feel but very little braking, it's a bit of a pain to fix but there are a few good videos on youtube. Just make sure you have contact cleaner, a few grades of wet & dry & an aircompressor is also a good thing to have, plus a syringe for putting the fluid & a fair bit of patience
  10. eagle

    15/16 KTM SXF 450 AS A TRAIL BIKE

    I did a ride @ Glenmaggie, high Country type ride flowing rocky steep hills & about 110klm, Bigsy rode his near new KTM 450sxf & it handled the terrain perfectly plus he still had some fuel left, which amazed me !! it did come with a few extras & he was able to buy it near new as the owner had 1 ride @ a MX track & realised it wasn't for him ;), maybe send Bigsy a msg if he doesn't pop on here soon ?
  11. Looks normal too me, when mine went soft i installed a caliper rebuild kit
  12. Just saw on trials.com.au that GasGas are making a fully road registrable Trials bike with Elec start, bigger tank & seat WOW
  13. eagle

    Winter gloves

    I went on a cold ride yesterday & wore TLD Cold Weather mtb gloves, they worked really well !! i buy all my gloves from MTB sites. They seem to have specials all the time, & the array of MTB gloves is great, i have a very thin pair for Trials riding & a few for Trail riding which are a bit thicker but still very flexible, i have about 8 pairs of TLD MTB gloves. I'm a big TLD fan, my helmet, body armour, & arm guards are all TLD & i think the Quality is top notch !!
  14. eagle

    KTM Rubbish

    So how are these Jap bikes with there KYB suspension going with there rebuilds ?
  15. eagle

    KTM Rubbish

    Reminds me of that old song line, i can't live with Her but i can't live with out Her, i think what you really mean is i can't live if living is with out Her