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  1. He's saying he uses Motul 800 @ 40 to 1, so 25mil of oil for every litre of petrol, the main jet is a 170 & the pilot a 40. RF will be the shape of the needle which i think is out of a Suzuki, airsrew is 1 3/4 turns out & the last looks like the plug he's using. Frank is all over this so hopefully he will chime in with his finding Y recommendations.
  2. I was told that Cameron Taylor liked his on the plush side ?
  3. My brush was jammed in the holder & not making any contact with commutator, only 1 brush was making contact so it wouldn't go
  4. Are you getting power to the starter ? Sounds a bit like when a brush jammed on my KTM & the starter wouldn't work ?
  5. Who said the Germans had NO sense of humour ?
  6. Think that must be a DT, sounds like a 2 stroke to me, i'm sure all the XT's were 4 bangers !
  7. So it's been just sitting around doing nothing for 5 years ?
  8. What is this 25klm circle you talk about ?
  9. I ordered a Honda part which had to come from Japan in a slow Ship, & i was told it would be 3 months
  10. Not @ the moment, took 3 weeks to get something from usa & about 6 mths ago took me 10 days to get something from the UK.
  11. I think you need to change the heading to 6 MONTHS
  12. I have to say i thought he gave it away when he was going pretty well !