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    Trail & Trials riding, Bodyboarding, camping & just enjoying life!! also love my Melbourne Storm!!


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    gym,getting outdoors,Melbourne Storm & dirtbikes[trail & trials riding]
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  1. I've actually got a torque elbow, hasn't let me down yet
  2. Just read, RC is helping them develop MX/Dirtbikes, this is pretty big from where i'm standing I wonder if this will put the Cat amongst the Pigeons
  3. Just saw Tim on his FB page riding a Trials bike, great stuff
  4. I'm going to have to get a ride on 1 of these 150's !!!
  5. eagle

    2T Suspension

    I bought some new pegs that are about 5-10mm further back & 5-10mm lower, i can not believe how much better it feels around corners etc
  6. I'd be trying to get a ride on the bikes your thinking about buying before you make a decision, they are very different bikes. I suppose you would be better off getting a new bike than throwing $ @ the Husky, have to say when i buy a new bike, after i've done about 600klm, i get the suspension done because i know how it handles & how i want it to handle for the type of riding i do. I know Steve @ SPMX is doing some set up work on the GasGas 300 in cahoots with Adam @ Byrners in Seaford, both these blokes know what there doing & you would end up with a great bike if you went the GasGas 300 way. Have to say, if i was thinking about a 300 2 stroke this is the way i would be going !
  7. The TRS XTrack 250 & 300 are now able to be fully road registered in Aus, this adds another bike into the mix if you want this sort of thing.
  8. I presume you bought a Rieju Rob, have you got any report on how it goes etc ?
  9. I remember when i first got into dirtbikes, the new models would come out in November, the way its going the 2024's will come out in November 2022 Just wondering, if what we are getting is what we would have got in 2021, if we didn't have Covid ? !
  10. I bought a spare set of helmet liners & rotate them, i take them out straight after a ride & when i get home soak them in some warm water with wool wash in it over night I then just soak them in clean water & then leave them to dry out in the garage.
  11. The biggest problem with Sherco is their sprockets, disc rotors cost a fair bit more, because there basically a different hole pattern, so discs etc about $30 more than KTM Levers & pads are the same as KTM, 1 of the best mods i did on my Sherco was put pegs that are about 10mm down & rear ward
  12. I have worn thermals, but i prefer to wear the skins type undergear, it usually feel a bit cool when you first put it on, which is why i put it on before i leave the house. The skins don't let you get too hot once you are riding, plus they keep all those old Mans parts where they should be & also give you that slim, trim & tight look
  13. I know a lot of people are having issues with a shortage of timber, especially Pine .
  14. Does he have a video installing this tube ? !
  15. So who was the rider, you've got my curiosity up !
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