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  1. eagle

    G’day Dirtriderz

    It says he's in Queensland so there Grand Final is this weekend
  2. I always give mine a good blow out with the compressor after a clean
  3. eagle

    Property Investment

    They did in the 1998-99, i remember selling my Fathers house in Frankston South for $97k, it was the lowest the price got to, and with in 2 years it went up to $210+k
  4. eagle

    2018 Annual Weekender Tee Shirts

    1 medium for me please mate
  5. I know my Daughter rode a 350cc Royal Enfield through India, she said the muffler fell off after about 50klm & it used about 1ltr of oil a day I've heard the 500cc are a better bike ?
  6. When i first went to insure my Sherco in 2015 who ever i rang said Sherco didn't come up on there list, & they had never heard of them so no insurance available Went with RACV, it is full road rego, & because i have been with them for close to 50yrs it cost $180 fully comp & new replacement for up to 2 years
  7. eagle

    15/16 KTM SXF 450 AS A TRAIL BIKE

    Don't think i would call Erzberg or Romaniacs an Enduro, i know some of the Yamaha enduro team a couple of years ago rode MX bikes
  8. eagle

    Wet boots

    Diamonds are over rated, give me a Zirconium any day
  9. eagle

    Wet boots

    Thought that looked like a Mans hairdryer, i need a new hairdryer & don't want to spend too much, so i hoping you can do a review on the dryer being used for it's intended purpose
  10. eagle

    husaberg mechanic

    Anthony @ Proline in Cranbourne is pretty good with all brands !
  11. eagle

    Dirtriderz Birthday Thread

    Yeah that's what i was told to, can't get pension till December because i was born in June
  12. eagle

    Dirtriderz Birthday Thread

    Another pensioner to join the ranks, maybe we need a pensioner level ride level
  13. eagle

    SX @ GMHBA stadium

    Just saw a add for this on the 13th October, is Aus SX getting serious again ?
  14. eagle

    WR450 2009 Gearbox problems

    Looks like he's in South Africa mate
  15. Received an email saying Torpedo 7 are having big specials on goggles