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  1. G'day Geoffro, i'll have a medium in Purple please mate
  2. Unfortunately i'm having trouble getting out for a ride because i spend a lot of time cleaning, so i will have a clear out of all my unwanted gear. This is the list, bucket,mop,vacuum cleaner,window cleaner & a lot of laundry & kitchen detergents, these are all biodegradable because i have an eco friendly septic system just pm me !
  3. So what's happened to Mahle ? i remember buying Maico & Bultaco Mahle pistons & they were quality German product !
  4. Sherco fuel pump same as KTM , Yamaha etc all made in China, that's why when i found the Japanese made 1 i jumped at it
  5. I bought a Japanese made Kemso pump from a bloke in shitney for $40 delivered, had it in about 6days
  6. I remember i used to get mistaken for Gary Ablett Snr, i was sitting @ the Cranbourne BB courts waiting for our game to start, a kid comes over & said could i have your signature please Mr Ablett Only thing is i'm about 10" shorter than G A ! Even when i played Superfools & i was wearing a # Vic jumper some team mates came up & said do you know you look just like G A from the back
  7. We are going to Coffs for a wedding so will hire a Car when we get there because we will then drive to the Gold Coast, a clause in the Car insurance say drivers over 65 have to pay a higher premium ? Looks like i won't be doing any driving in hire Cars from now on
  8. Well Shirley ( Sherco 300 sefr ) started playing up in December i think ? anyway i replaced the fuel filter, pump,battery ( under warranty from Walkz ) cleaned stepper motor , butterfly, cleaned & greased with dielectric grease every connection & sensors. I even replaced the isolation switch with a KTM 1 so i wouldn't accidentally leave it turned on & drain the battery I read on a Sherco forum that a lot of Voltage regulators were causing issues @ 120hrs, mine has 125hrs & some of those are with it playing up So i bought the replacement VR & finally got the courage up to install it, well i had a 8.5 klm ride around my block yesterday & it didn't miss a beat So Shirley is out of the naughty corner & back on the to ride list, have to say i'm NOT over happy that Sherco have what was a known issue & there was NO support for customers !! I never really thought about not having a kickstarter but i'm a bit concerned about what my next bike might be. It seems to be i read a lot about electrical issue that have riders pushing back or retrieving bikes from the bush, luckily i still have my 2000 model KTM 400 exc which has a kickstarter & a carby which does make life a bit easier ! Rant over, now all i have to do is take Shirley out for a test ride to make sure i have some confidence in taking her on a ride ? !
  9. Cable or Hydraulic ? do you have the owners/users manual, that should give you some clues.
  10. I'm thinking he ends up with a Sherco 300 2stroke I'd be thinking either EOFY or getting ready for the 2020 models ?
  11. So how big is this hole in the engine cases ? if you need an engine case you have to buy a matching pair.
  12. This sounds abit like the problem i've had with my Sherco, i would turn main switch on hear pump prime it would start & then stop after about 2mins. Sometimes i would get nothing when i turned mainswitch, i ended up replacing fuel pump, relay ,battery & mainswitch, in the end it looks like the regulator is the culprit because the lithium battery would shut down if it was getting too much voltage. This seems to be why the top had lifted of my first battery & the second brand new battery is starting to do the same !
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