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  1. The rfs motor is worth rebuilding, i rebuilt my 2000 exc 400 & love it , but DG's is the model that has been notorious for oil issues, the oil goes into gearbox & the motor ends up with very little oil, which could be why it seized ? She might rebuild it & have the same issue further down the track, so NOT really worth taking the gamble from where i'm standing
  2. That sounds like a lot for parts, i know when i rebuilt mine, a bigend in Aus was about $450, i found 1 in usa for $100, they wouldn't ship to Aus but a mate on ktmtalk sent it to me If it's the model that had oil seal/leakage issues i wouldn't worry about fixing it !
  3. I've heard of ant issues in some electrical connections on all dirtbikes .
  4. On the enduro page i read, it said, they think the severe episode of heatstroke may have been brought on by a Snake or Spider bike ?
  5. Just read that Tim is in an induced coma after being bitten by a Snake or Spider ? Hope everything turn out well for Tim !!!
  6. Has Dr Craig had a chance to look @ bike yet ? Next time your down there Geoff, say hello from me to Adam & Craig .
  7. I suppose i better clear the air here, i was wrong, BearMX was right, Jeff Leisk raced in usa before he raced in Europe in 1989 ! I think, Frank was thinking this reminds him of breaking up bar fights in the bay area So Jeff Leisk left Aus after winning Mr MX went to usa for the 86'87 & 88 season, he then went to Europe to race the FIM 500cc MX World Championship, for some reason i thought he went to Europe & then usa ?
  8. Another great weekend with the DirtriderZ crew, the ride worked out really well, not much dust & flowed pretty well except for some pensioner dropping his bike in a shallow creek I've had this bike 20+yrs, probably done 50+ creek crossings & this is the first time i've dropped it in the water , Thanks to Frank & BearMX for helping me with this issue , thanks Arbo for leading us through some great tracks & i'll definitely take up you offer of some more rides up there ! All in all a great weekend away getting out in the bush & having a great time with top people,
  9. Litre of fuel, around the 750 gram mark .
  10. Received a message on fb that Repco are having 30% of oils, my go to oil, Penrite MC4ST 10W-40 Factory Racing is a bit over $6 cheaper than Supercheap's special price
  11. Another great weekend away with a great crew ! The DJ that was on the Strathbogies ride i did was there, but he only played 1 60's song Was a bit cold & wet, but you know what they say, any day on the bike is great ! Really liked the track & i definitely need to get up there more ! Thanks to DG for leading/organising ride, stinky for sweeping & everybody who helped pick me up off the ground after my many falls ! I think i'm getting to that stage where i need to bring my career on the rides with me :
  12. I was on the ride on a couple of months ago when we had a pretty warm day, i looked over @ a bit of corry off an old fallen down shed & there was a Tiger coiled up soaking up the warmth of the corry. I was with in a about 1.5mtrs of him & he didn't move, i ride up there nearly every day & i'm thinking, he has probably seen me a fair bit but it's the first time i've seen him ?
  13. I thought he looks like he's trying to get out of there, his head is still very close to the ground, so i don't think he is about to strike. I've got a few around my place & we both head in opposite directions when we see each other I remember being told, that the smart Snakes are the 1's you don't see. I could probably write a few stories on the Snakes i've seen around here. I know when i moved here, someone said to me that's Tiger Country, so far 3 Tigers & 1 VERY large Red Belly is all i've seen in 4years
  14. Looks like there's a KTM & Husqvarna dealer in Vic selling GG, i also see that there will be some GG's @ the Oakleigh Summer trial on Saturday 19th .