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  1. I like the church 1, we could roughly base ourselves on the Flying Spaghetti Monster beliefs ?
  2. Depends how much he drowned it, it might need a big end ? I know when i dusted my KTM 400, Steve said for piece of mind, do the big end, then you know everything is all right. I took his advice & haven't looked back !
  3. If you don't mind traveling, you could try SPMX in Koo Wee Rup, i know he's been doing a fair bit of work with some Gas Gas 300's & getting them work very well !
  4. It will be for sale soon won't it, this must be the longest you've kept a bike ?
  5. Gee we might have to add something else now, the price of fuel/petrol It could cost me a weeks wages to drive to the Grampians & then do a 300-400 Klm ride ?
  6. That's a different Sherco Forum, have to say i didn't know this 1 existed ? The 1 i'm on/ talking about was started up by the usa importer a fair while ago, pre 2015, i have it on auto & it's shercoforum.com, but when i go to enter it, it say changing to new site & ends up you know where Maybe i'll join the above forum ?
  7. I don't know if anybody here still goes on this site, but i tried to last night & the site name changed to something that ended up @ a Porn site, NOT a Pawn site ?
  8. eagle


    I remember the photo of Scott Summers lifting his Baja Honda XR 600 in a Magazine in the 90's
  9. Thanks for this Sabre, have sent parts of to Kevin & he will have them done this week
  10. Yes i've bought bulk a few times, looks like i've bought most of mine off Torpedo 7, i was down to my last 10 oil filter & was looking for something on the bottom shelf. I saw 1 of those good size post bags, image my surprise when i opened it & there were 30 HF611 20 HF157's in there, that amount should just about see me out
  11. Just make sure you underwear is secure
  12. Is that Trevor Williams old Main Man ? It's probably only about a 3 hrs drive,which i'm willing to do if he can do what i need done
  13. I've bought a cam with bearings on it for my old Honda trials bike, i'm looking for somebody that would be able to mill the head to fit the cam with the bearings ? Hoping someone here can give me a lead on someone
  14. Following on the RAT racing theme, i just bought a Mr MX poster off the Golden Breed fb page webb site
  15. A mate loved his XR400 & then decided to get a Honda crfx 450 in 2005, said it was the worst thing he ever did. When ever we went on a ride he would say, my XR was so much better
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