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  1. Life in Zhengzhou China

    I'dont know what happened but I couldn't make any comments on here, still having trouble ordering dinner, went to Pizza hut again thought we had ordered 2 pizza, young blokes comes back just before Graham got his pizza & asked if we had ordered 2 pizzas :) we meet a Russian today, so that 4 people who can speak English, the TV reminds of that Boss song 67 channels & there's nothing on, unless you can speak Chinese ;)counting down the days till we leave !! so you may hear from me again, i'll see what happens ?
  2. Life in Zhengzhou China

    Well I thought the bamboo wall had closed me down in the end it looks like TAFE has given me a Dodgy laptop luckily I brought Rosie's laptop to use for Wechat communication, it's a bit how's your Mother but its better then nothing ? Getting a bit of culture going on here, went to see the local Symphony Orchestra on Friday ,even got to meet the Conductor & talk to him, there's another Seinfeld episode So don't worry fellas i'm still alive, not sure about Graham though, he went for a Fast Train ride on Saturday morning & hasn't returned yet, maybe there on to us, I might be next ?
  3. Life in Zhengzhou China

    My life over here seem to resemble Seinfeld episodes, when i had my foot/back massage there were about 6 locals in the room all smiling laughing & looking in my direction. I'm wondering if there saying, i hope Princess hasn't broken a toenail Every time i cross the road i feel like George when he tried to get his Frogger machine across the road When we order dinner it's like when they all decided to go out to a Chinese Restaurant, it usually takes 20-30 to get them to understand exactly we want, then we just sit there & pray they bring out what we want ? Writing these pieces is definitely helping my state of mind, if i hadn't been able to get i here i might have gone crazy ?
  4. Life in Zhengzhou China

    Had a good walk around town today, probably about 7klm ( this place just goes & goes ) came across a local E bike dealer & looked @ the top of the range scooter, 4,000 RMB/Yuen about $830aus, these would be perfect for CBD/Inner City commuting
  5. Life in Zhengzhou China

    I'm starting to feel a bit more comfortable over here now, i'm not as worried when a car, motorbike or a small vehicle passes with in a foot of me on the road or even on the footpath . There are a few things here that seem to work very well but would never work in Aus ! the traffic seems dangerous etc, we are out on the freeways, roads & streets alot ! we have not seen 1 accident & NO road rage ! there does seem to be minimal Police presence here !! The people just seem to be content with there life, you can see them cleaning the roads, streets etc @ 10pm+, 1 thing that really hit us was the freeways have manicured plants everywhere & there was NO rubbish, the reason for this is that there are people on the side of the roads cleaning up & maintaining the roadside in there little 3 wheel carts everywhere ! Another thing was the first time we went for a walk we heard what we thought was a Mister Whippy van , it was what looked like a concrete truck with a big fan on the back & it was spray a mist over the road to keep the dust down, this would work well @ Neerim in Summer
  6. Life in Zhengzhou China

    We don't have to work tomorrow, so we went out for some of the biggest Oyster i've ever seen, & then finished it off with a hour long foot & neck massage
  7. Life in Zhengzhou China

    Haven't seen a KTM over here Frank, but if they want to get into the E bike market it looks like the Chinese have been doing this for a few years, i've seen 2 4 strokes, which look a bit like old Honda air cooled XR knock offs ? 1 thing i'm having trouble with, is the near total lack of helmets & the amount of Girls riding sidesaddle on the back of Scooter/Bikes
  8. Life in Zhengzhou China

    Left for school on the bus @ 7am, we thought we would count how many times he tooted the horn ( i think they use there horns more than there brakes ) i think he had an off day, he only tooted the horn 34 times in our 30min trip. The way traffic works over here is the biggest has the right of way, so he just toots & then changes lanes, or he's behind a car or what eve,r gives them a toot & they move over We knocked off after lunch, which is a story in its own, i was on wechat ( which is the main way to communicate with Aus ) & showed Rosie the food & the tray it comes on, she said it looked like i was in prison Well there was no school bus going back so we had to catch public transport, luckily we had a map with Chinese names on it so we were able to get to the underground pretty easily, then we had to buy a ticket from a machine that was in Chinese luckily Graham saw the button @ the bottom that said push button for English, we then went to the station which is not like anything i have seen before !! the trains are behind a sealed screen, when the train arrives 2 doors slide open then the doors of the train match up to the opening So we caught 2 Trains & 1 Bus which cost us 8 Yuen Aus$ 1.70 , we've been thinking about the traffic over here & have come to a few conclusions, 1 they don't go very fast, speed limit on the freeway is 80klm/h & we are usually going about 60-70klm/h but we are changing lanes ALL the time 2 everybody knows who gives way & they do go very slowly through intersections. At first we thought we would see some big stacks ? ( we have nearly been taken out buy Cars & Electric scooters, people have to give way to everything even if they are going through red lights We are hoping to catch a fast train in a couple of weeks, i think they do either 340 or 375klm/h ? it ends up just as fast to travel on these as it is to catch a Plane You'll here more of my travels, as i'm going a bit crazy with the communication problems we are having
  9. Life in Zhengzhou China

    I took my Vegemite down for breakfast because they have toast @ the Hotel & the coffee is not bad, i just can't eat noodles cabbage & all these great gas making meals 3 times a day after my experience with a squat toilet @ the local plaza, i need to make sure i don't get too far away from the Hotel if i've been eating cabbage etc Went out for Pizza @ Pizza hut last night, i thought we had both ordered Pizzas, but Graham's Pizza came out plus we both had drinks @ the table & he said yours will be here soon , after about 15mins i started asking where was my Pizza? & all we got was blank faces & a lot of laughing for about 20+mins ?, after a lot of pointing @ menus & translating on the phone they said your pizza is coming, so i finally got my Pizza by about 10pm, some times i think if i don't laugh i'll cry ? Have to say, getting on here is helping me keep some sort of stability in my life
  10. Life in Zhengzhou China

    That's what we have been doing, but we want to have an idea of what we are eating, this process usually takes about 30mins i was a bit surprised when i ordered Chicken the other bloke ordered Pork & we both ended up with Chicken feet on our plates the weird thing is they must just cut the chicken up in about 50mm lengths bone & all, so you end up having to get a lot of bones out of your mouth
  11. Life in Zhengzhou China

    I'm here for the month of April, the place i'm staying @ doesn't seem tourist friendly as it's SO hard to find someone who speaks English, which makes buying meals & getting directions very hard . The students i'm teaching don't seem to understand English very well either, which is a bit frustrating too !!
  12. Life in Zhengzhou China

    Been here a week & finally figured out how to get on DirtriderZ ;), looks like there's only 3 white blokes in a town of 11 Million people, there's NO way i would drive over here!! the Buses,Cars & Electric Scooters going anywhere they want i was walking across a road today & thought i heard a 4 stroke Bike, & i did ! the problem with the Electric bikes is they drive on the footpaths any way the want to & you can't here them ! I NEVER though ordering a meal would be SOOO difficult ? ! Well i hope everybody having a great time riding ( BASTARDS ) , how did we go with the RCH ride amount ?
  13. Help with forks

    Gee i should have asked for my discount
  14. Help with forks

    I use JWT imports in Geelong for my suspension bits & pieces, they seem reasonably priced & usually @ the PO the next day !
  15. Some locals are saying they can smell smoke, people have been saying it;s a fire in Gembrook, also when i went to CFA fb page it says they have put a fire out started by lightning @ Paradise Valley in Glenmaggie Stayed @ Paradise Valley last week with Bigsy