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  1. Unfortunately Brad had a head on with a 4x4 out @ Mirboo North about 8weeks ago, a bloke on Beta Riders Aus has started a raffle to help him out, hopefully some people on here will be able to buy some raffle tickets also ? I can't download the link, but if you go to Beta riders Australia fb page you will be able to find the post about the raffle. Maybe there is somebody on here smarter than me who would be able to download the link to Dirtriderz ?
  2. Got to love anything from Aldi
  3. This is the 1 i've got
  4. I've got a battery powered pump for filling my rideon, had 1 years ago & mate got it from a Gocart shop
  5. I bought a bit of stuff off him awhile ago when he said he was having a closing down sale, has he closed or not ?
  6. That looks a lot like me know thanks to Pineapple chunks
  7. He's an attractive Man How's it going Macca ?
  8. I just had a look in the mirror, it's scary i look like Albert Steptoe so if somebody can put good old Albert up, you can see what i know look like
  9. Yes he's a trend setter, everybody will be doing it by 2020, especially all the KTM TPI riders
  10. It's a company Car mate, it can do all sorts of things that the bosses don't know about
  11. No i've brought it home too leave for the Tooth fairy, i don't think he knew where i was ? Hopefully back in my own bed he may leave me more than 2 Bob ?
  12. Well i'd had a great ride on Rosco's ride & all was going great @ the campfire, i was coming second in the Trivia Quiz & then some 1 passed around some Peanut M &M's, next somebody said 2 words i wish i had never heard, Pineapple Chunks , who would have thought these 2 works could make this the MOST expensive Dirtbike weekend away i have ever had I said if there NOT @ Aldi i' don't know them, next minute somebody passed them around, i took a bite & thought something doesn't seem right here, i was right, i had broken a front tooth Looks like i have 3 options, just take a Barmix away with me, reverse mortgage the House or start a gofund me page ? The reverse mortgage would mean i could buy a 2020 Beta 200 & a Montese 300r Trials bike as well as new teeth ? The question is, do i still need a toothy grin or have my days of looking good LONG passed as some people have suggested ?
  13. Thanks to Rosco for putting this ride on, great conditions track & a great bunch of Blokes to ride with. I'll definitely be going on more of these rides & the campfire & banter was great until it all turned Pear shaped for me
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