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  1. The 2015 Sherco has the oc WP fork which i think is pretty good for trail riding, their easy to work on & can be made to work pretty well, even the oc WP fork on my 2000 exc 400 work pretty well. I'm thinking, the more they play with the forks the harder it is for the average Joe to get them right, it all comes back to the old KISS method
  2. Have to say i'm NOT big on a lot of white !
  3. I saw an old picture of some twin shock MX bikes from the 80's & there was 1 with Rieju on the tank, so i presume they've been around for a fair while, have to say i never saw 1 in Aus MX ? The old importer of Sherco in usa is getting Jotogas to make enduro bikes for him, maybe we will go back to the 70-80's where there seemed to be a fair few low volume dirtbike brands ?
  4. I'll have 1 of each please Geoffro
  5. Didn't you hear that KTM has just bought 51% of Beta ?
  6. It's a 3 month wait for any parts NOT in stock, i ordered a Honda part that has to come from Nippon, i've been told a 3 month wait for a seal that is only made for a Honda. The bloke @ the bearing shop said KTM love do that with seals, he said they love 41mm seals which must be a made for KTM part
  7. I recon that's pushing the envelope a bit too far, i know a mate who was a surveyor claimed his because he used it for work.
  8. So where did the spokes go & why didn't they get caught up in the brake or chain ? I recon your lucky the back wheel didn't lock up 1 way or another, do you check the wheels when you clean your bike ? I just can't see how this could of happened without you noticing it ? !
  9. Wow never seen a sprocket do that, it looks like a pretty clean straight brake ?
  10. Unfortunately the Sherco had a pin prick hole in the fuel line, which under pressure meant i was loosing a fair bit of fuel & the bike wouldn't go. The only positive for me was, it happened early & was an easy pick up of bike, well it looks like i'll have to wait abit longer for than over due ride Sounds like everybody had a great ride, spewing i missed out
  11. So it is basically a CR 250 ? Maybe look to see if you can get bigger radiators, because i'm thinking a MXer should always have pretty good airflow etc, which would let them get away with minimal radiator size ?
  12. I have my Son's RM 250 here, which i thought was about 2008 -2012 but it doesn't have Gold rims ? i'm thinking of playing with the power valve & the needle height to give it a bit more down low, have you made any changes to the PV or needle height ?
  13. Some people over fill there radiator which doesn't help, it would be good to know what sort of bike it is ? I have a Sherco 300i that seemed to get hot when doing a lot of slow stuff, i put the bigger impeller kit which has worked
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