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  1. Know what your saying Frank, i just hope Sherco & Beta realise they can't get as big as KTM / Husky / GasGas, they just need to make a Quality item with good dealer back up & NOT think about quantity & they should be able to sell there bikes easily !
  2. From what i'm reading, if you want to do slow hard enduro type stuff the standard rr suspension is more supple, but if you want to go fast & hit big jumps etc the suspension upgrade is the way to go.
  3. If you buy a master cylinder rebuild kit off ebay it should come with a boot
  4. You'll probably have to pull the master cylinder off, because I think there is a little grove in there that the boot fits in. it's probably full of mud etc ?
  5. I'm not sure if many people here know about the AMA in Aus ? It a low cost alternative to MA / MV, it's under $20 to get a licence & entrance fees are a lot cheaper also, it's been going well in Queensland for Trials & Enduro. Hopefully it might get more people involved in trials because it will very cheap to compete & we already know that Trials bikes are cheap to run & stay competitive for years .
  6. Every facebook group i'm a member of started a fund raiser the day after the fires had started causing loss of life, property etc & unfortunately people can only give so much
  7. He had a great face/voice for Radio, i still can't believe the bloke wasn't over worried about moving his bike, and then near the end you had to tell another nuffy to move his bike Don't they know petrol & fire isn't a good combo, a bit like i always have to tell people electricity & water don't go well together
  8. Check videos & pic One hot Berg, it started a grass fire !
  9. Have to say, after watching what happened with the HOT Berg I wouldn't really thinking about do much riding at all ?
  10. eagle


    So has he put the sticker on the back window on back to front ?
  11. That's were I think the Beta 200 may get a bit of sales ?
  12. I really can't see what the problem is, we can all go off on our different level rides & then come back & catch up @ the BBQ !
  13. Didn't see this coming & it looks like he'll be to a fair few comps in Aus & some selected 1s in Europe
  14. Great stuff mate, have to say just about anything would be lighter than the Husky
  15. Probably because there made in India ? tell him his dreaming if he wants $1000 to swap it out !! CC is your friend or there's also youtube fb etc, stick it up them i say !!
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