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  1. larby Cave hikers lost

    Just see in the Herald that there were 4 hikers,cave hikers lost @ Larby, it's NOT that far off a track to get there is it, i always wonder how these hikers end up lost, don't they know were there going, or is it a it more than that ? !
  2. Brakes seem to be working great now after giving the piston a good clean & blowing it out , can't go for a test ride as Mario has my seat, i finely bit the bullet & am getting it cut down so i can get my Duck legs closer to the ground
  3. Frankston bearings are pretty good, plus there's a bearing place in Crimbourne just up the road from Proline Motorcycles
  4. Been wondering why my Sherco rear brake was bad to non existence ? been doing a bit of work on it, & it looks like the piston is jamming So it looks like i'll pull caliper apart & replace seals & give it a good clean !
  5. Would be the sprocket side that was flogged ? The Sherco has 2 bearing on sprocket side & i replaced 1 @ about 2,500 klm
  6. Goldentyre 216AA

    I see Gibson Tyres are also making a fatty front tyre
  7. Goldentyre 216AA

    Have to say i'm also thinking about the fat front tyre also, seems to be the way MTB tyres are going
  8. Resto

    How do you get that brushed look on the forks ?
  9. Getting ready for the high Country ride so gave the big Girl the once over, ordered lower shock bearing replaced rear sprocket side wheel bearing Have only done about 100klms on new chain & sprocket, will probably put smaller sprocket on rear or bigger on front before the ride, had a bad case of ebayitas & bought some new plastics & pipe for her, just thought it would make her feel young again She is close to a perfect high Country bike !!
  10. Help with identifying part

    When ever i've looked @ hose replacements they have a picture of what is included, i bought some hoses from as3performance.co.uk & was very happy with them !
  11. Chains NOT looking too good mate, see how the link above your rear sprocket looks like it's tight ( chain isn't level or drooping of rear ) i'd be getting new chain & sprockets, you'll probably be surprised how bad the front sprocket looks once you take it off ?
  12. That's about as far as you can go! i presume the chain & sprockets are in good nick ?
  13. Have you turned the adjusters on the axel around to get the max adjustment ?
  14. Medical Emergency

    I ment that thing that you suck on to take the pain away, my first broken leg @ 20 was what they called a greenstick brake, doctor said the bone was broken but not all the way through
  15. Medical Emergency

    That's only 90degrees this blokes was 180 degrees