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  1. eagle

    Space Blankets

    I'm think like an old man now, out of the box, why not just take a roll of gladwrap or the old silver paper that Mum used to wrap my sandwiches in ?
  2. So i've been having the same issue with my clutch for the last month, i bought a vacuum pump which seemed to help abit, but after about 2hrs of using it & getting nowhere i decide to disconnect the line to the master cylinder & revere bleed just to make sure i have fluid in the line. Then i put the lid on the master cylinder & put it in my vise with the open end facing up, i then pumped it & made sure it was as full of fluid as i could get it. then carefully connect it to the line & hooray clutch @ last, i was starting to think i would swap the Sherco for a XR 200/250
  3. eagle

    Space Blankets

    I remember going for a ride to Licola & before we left the leader said make sure you have a warm jacket, i said it's a 23c day, he said we may end up spending the night in the bush Sounds like he does this sort of thing a bit ?
  4. eagle

    Space Blankets

    Yes mate that's a handy device to have. I'm solely considering it from the perspective of having something while being in the cold and wet while waiting for help... Or an unexpected sleep over in the bush
  5. I'm off to observe @ this Trial on Sunday so if anybodies interested it should be a good day with all different levels of riders !
  6. I think the starters on 2 stroke & 4 strokes work differently, mine & Tracey's are 4 strokes which is why i'm thinking it maybe the same cause ?
  7. I had an issue like this on my KTM, 1 of the brushes was tight & every now & then it would jam, took starter out pulled end cap off & lightly filled were the starter sits
  8. I went into the garage to start Shirley up & she had no clutch feel ? , so i tried to back bleed nothing, watch some videos still NO feeling ?. I gave up for a week, tried again could still not get it working, i have no hair to pull out so my next thought was join the Lang Lang gun club so i could put her & myself out of the misery she has caused me ! Having dinner last night i thought i might have missed something in the videos ? a video came up that went for about 2mins & i thought this won't help, but what the heck i checked it out & his big tip was take the slave off back bleed to push the piston out then install it , i was dreading another sleepless night so i went out & tried his tip, instant feel in the lever
  9. I'm an old Man my fingers don't work well sometimes
  10. In WA the pronounce the w In WA the pronounce the w In WA the pronounce the w
  11. Is that at 13.4 when the bike is running or off? Sorry, have added more info to my post above The battery with nothing connected to it should read 13.4 Volts dc
  12. A warm Bear would keep you warm @ night, but a warm beer doesn't go down that well over here