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  1. So what was her answer ?
  2. eagle


    That's fantastic, where did you spot this Frank, were you buying top label stuff while Bear just got the cheap stuff @ the drive through ?
  3. Another great weekend put on by Macka & the crew !! Great weather, people & some great food !!. As long as i can ride i will be doing this ride !! Sure there's some good footage of this ride, i can't believe how many gopro's where there.
  4. After Frank told me my front tyre was about 15yrs old So i thought i better put a new 1 on for the Collar bone ride Have to say i wait to try the Metzeler MC5 out, don't think i've used a Metzeler since the 70's/80's when i was getting good deals of John Burrows
  5. Pretty sure you'll find pages on here & the other Aussie DB forum page
  6. Wow, so could i get Farmers discount on the TPI ? maybe this could be my next bike
  7. If it's a 4 stroke & been sitting for a while i would warm it up & drain the oil, put some new oil in then try adjusting it up @ the lever. If that doesn't help i suppose you will have to start with bleeding & go from there on ?
  8. You will be able to pick up the atomik & carry it over obstacles etc, much easier than pushing ,grunting & groaning with a heavy KTM
  9. Riders always blame there bikes, wasn't he unhappy the Suzuki last ride ? I can see what's going on here, he wants to buy a new bike, i wonder what brand it will be ?
  10. I really wouldn't do that !! it goes back a long way when he posted up that he asked for 12 slices & the girl gave him 13, it turned into a bum fight & he did a Jim Richards after a Bathurst type rant on another forum & has not been back since
  11. Just don't mention 13 slices of Ham to Frankie
  12. Just read thet it looks like there will be a SX @ Marvel stadium in Melbourne, this would be a good size arena to hold a SX in i think ?
  13. eagle

    Space Blankets

    I'm think like an old man now, out of the box, why not just take a roll of gladwrap or the old silver paper that Mum used to wrap my sandwiches in ?
  14. So i've been having the same issue with my clutch for the last month, i bought a vacuum pump which seemed to help abit, but after about 2hrs of using it & getting nowhere i decide to disconnect the line to the master cylinder & revere bleed just to make sure i have fluid in the line. Then i put the lid on the master cylinder & put it in my vise with the open end facing up, i then pumped it & made sure it was as full of fluid as i could get it. then carefully connect it to the line & hooray clutch @ last, i was starting to think i would swap the Sherco for a XR 200/250
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