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  4. eagle

    Ktm 250 exc for beginner/intermediate?

    Frank only wants $5k for his 2014 Sherco 300i that would be a good bike @ a great price !
  5. eagle

    New Mechanic Wanted

    An hour does sound like not enough time to do a thorough job ? i'm a bit ocd so i use the airgun to blow out the bearings after i cleaned them etc , i know my mechanic charges about $70- $80 which i think is a bit too cheap ( i always pay cash so get it a bit cheaper ) and i know he is the only 1 in the shop & he has a VERY good name with everybody i've talked too !! I'm just hoping if the apprentice does this job he knows what he is doing ? the horror stories i've heard from young apprentices working on cars. motorcycles scares me
  6. eagle

    Ktm 250 exc for beginner/intermediate?

    I'm in the same boat, i'm going down the other side of the hill so i need a bike that won't get me into trouble later in the day , i rode a Beta 250 & 300 2 stroke & found the 250 had a MX type powerband great fun ? But could wear somebody out if there not too fit, were the 300 i could lug around on & did not need to have my finger on the clutch thinking it might stall The other thing is, i find it strange that an 8yr old bike has only 700klm on it, is should look like new ! If it's been sitting around for a long time oil/petrol would have gone off, bearings could be shot & tyres past there use by date, so it probably would need a bit of work where i would be happy with it, plus i think it is overpriced !
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