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  1. Yep gotta go to a job in Alton first then back to trug
  2. Yeah mate working in trugganina[emoji25][emoji25]
  3. Geez i reckon that would be about the third or fourth time I've been spottoe'd![emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787]
  4. Lol that would be me....old mate!
  5. Arrrrgh there's an image I'm gonna struggle to unsee!![emoji1787]
  6. Hey guy's and girls myself and a mate are planning to ride mt dissa on Sunday and we don't know the area all that well we would like to hit up some of the iconic hills and trails can anyone help us out please? Or if anyone is riding on Sunday and doesn't mind showing us around it would be greatly appreciated! Otherwise it will be a suck it and see day cheers guy's![emoji106]
  7. I always take those pads out as they annoy the hell out of me! I have taken to wearing the padded bike shorts which I find a lot more comfortable as for bang for buck I don't think we are as the pants don't seem to last as well as they did
  8. Never good to hear of an injury regardless of how bad it all the Dirtriderz crew that are on the injured list get well soon and we'll see you out on the trails bigger bladder than ever!!!!
  9. Don't know Dave but would like to wish him all the best in his recovery never a good thing to hear about a member going down! All the best mate![emoji106]
  10. Hey champ I'll grab one in the grey in a xl size please cheers mate! Oh and the stamp print please![emoji6]
  11. Goodluck and ride hard lads![emoji110][emoji110]no matter where you finish you'll do Dirtriderz proud!!!
  12. Start at marginal rd unloading area Toolangi then just ride up the road some very good overgrown firetrails run of it! Can get upwards of lvl3 in the wet! Enjoy! Another good spot is the two hills Rd unloading area from memory there's a good one from the car park up to marginal rd but I'm not really sure of that spot!
  13. @Geoffro i have to go into my gallery then push on the little box in the top right hand corner then push send which takes me back to the reply page and then I select a size and it loads it up then I can do another pic but some strange stuff has been happening like I can't like or quote any posts at the moment and the other day Dirtriderz disappeared completely from tapa and I couldn't even find it in search but it came back all by itself so it's got me stuffed as to what's going on!