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  1. Centred near Mansfield 6.0 on the richter scale at about 10k deep! Whole house was moving! Cat disappeared about half an hour before it happened growling! Biggest one I've felt!
  2. Hit the nail on the head mate! Your up!
  3. B grade cricket grand final the opposition is 4/120 chasing 180 for the win i was brought back on for my second spell after tea I already had figures of 2/20 I proceeded to take 6 /4 in my next 2 overs to win us the game and finished with figures of 8/24 off 12 overs! Fact or furphy????
  4. Gunna stick to my guns and say furphy [emoji16]
  5. Hmmmm I'm gonna say furphy![emoji1787]
  6. Yep good vid mate enjoyed it looking forward to part 2 Cheers!
  7. One of the trade off's with the greens so they can keep the state of emergency going! They have done a few deals along the way with them and others!
  8. Watched it last night mate the conditions look absolutely mint! Nice gnarly hill that had you all bulldogging down![emoji106]
  9. Yep! First time I went on a ride at woods Point organised by someone else bumped into Chris aka 500exc (i think that's his user name!)
  10. That's awesome @Andy350 well done mate! What a great weekend it was and that's a great way to keep the issue forefront in riders minds!
  11. I'll be in that as well! Probably should invite other user groups to strengthen our cause!
  12. The greens have been trying to get most of our state forests turned into one big national park for a number of years now! This is just the start...and with the independents trading off things like extending the state of emergency for allowing brothels to open under restrictions more and more of this sort of thing will happen under this government!!
  13. Yep gotta go to a job in Alton first then back to trug
  14. Yeah mate working in trugganina[emoji25][emoji25]
  15. Geez i reckon that would be about the third or fourth time I've been spottoe'd![emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787]
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