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  1. I run it in my 2012 te300 berg without any dramas and it's recommended in the manual so you shouldn't have any problems
  2. Awesome job mate! Gotta love the ol' 100 mil trick![emoji16]
  3. Hi mate maybe have a look at other brands like the carapaks (I think that's what there called[emoji16]) as I have the force pipe/bash guard and its driving me nuts because it loosens up and starts rattling like a bloody rattle snake! That's on a 2012 berg so I'd say the mounting will be very similar if not the same
  4. My tip is the young fella! (Can't remember how to spell his name![emoji16]) I think he's got a bit more skill and finese than Horn not to mention younger and fitter
  5. I agree with both pickers and cruiser both methods will work fine although I would lean more to the cheese method! Goodluck Trails!
  6. Reppin' in Molesworth! Love the fender decals!
  7. I'll take one of the grey ones please mate! Cheers
  8. Well done mate........legend!!
  9. Well the day started off great...marginel rd was open![emoji16] pulled in met@Cal92 and@Blowe had a quick chat and started to get geared up only for@Blowe to wander back over with the bad news that he couldn't start his bike![emoji24]not only that he'd managed to lock his keys in the conopy of his car![emoji24]so that was the end for him unfortunately hope you get it sorted out mate! Finally got out on the trails and after warming up on the first track met another rider on the side of the track he decided to hook up with us and show us around a bit went to the devils staircase and Cal92 and sa
  10. I'll grab one to please mate!
  11. 2012 berg te 300 absolutely love it! 2000 ktm 200 Ripper bike!
  12. Possibly mate but a clean enclosed trailer could house anything and I just think it's less likely to attract efwits imo but do see ya point!
  13. Yep the clean look is the way to go looks so much better and less likely to attract the wrong sort of people![emoji106]