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  1. Hey mate I'd be replacing the whole lot as it all looks fairly shagged! As for the chain regarding rivet or link I like the link version for ease of repair out on the trails but that's just me. Hope this helps mate
  2. No probs mate I learnt there and I reckon it teaches you how to handle the slick stuff! If you head into the triangle at granton it's not to bad either
  3. Depends on where you are in Melbourne mate if in the east the Narbethong/Marysville area is a good spot mostly firetrails but can be very slippery when wet due to the red clay! In the West I'm not to sure but have ridden at whipsticks and that would be a good spot plenty of the tighter stuff which is mostly flat with some good entry level climbs available hope this helps a bit mate!
  4. Great day on the pegs yesterday with Macca thought the day was going to be one that involved a lot of picking up bikes and bodies after Macca went down a couple of hundred metres into the first track! But that was not the case ride flowed really well with everybody get through the techie bits really well! Big thanks to LTJ70 for sweeping the whole of the first loop great job mate and to Kavs for the second loop! Great to meet some new members and catch up with a few I haven't seen for awhile till the next one guys keep it rubber side down and hold it on!!!![emoji110][emoji110][emoji110]
  5. Not sure mate I only did it a couple of times and then brought a trailer I guess it would depend on the copper on the day!
  6. I have heard the same thing can only think it would be because the tailgate obscures the no.plate
  7. I don't have those and it was still very tight!
  8. Yep but it is a VERY tight fit! I have a 2012 and have managed to put 2 300's on the back!
  9. I'd be keen for another hoodie and a beanie as well! P.s a jersey would be nice also[emoji4]
  10. Yep! For a little while now
  11. I'm not having to many problems with the phone the only one is I can't see any photos at all
  12. Can get very very slippery and techie out there when she's wet![emoji16]
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