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  1. berg.300simmo

    Merry Christmas and a Happy and Safe New Year

    Merry xmas to one and all and a happy and safe new year! Thanks must go out to Geoffro and all the mods and admins for a job well done! Cheers guy's for making this forum what it is....effing awesome![emoji106]hope to see you out on the trails in the new year!
  2. berg.300simmo

    Dirtriderz Annual Weekender Prizes

    Looks the goods mate!
  3. berg.300simmo

    Injured riders by metal cable across track :(

    Absolute lowlifes!! Hope they are caught and dealt with to the full extent of the law!
  4. berg.300simmo

    Best online store for parts

    [emoji1787]soz that should be Amx! bloody fat fingers!!!
  5. berg.300simmo

    Best online store for parts

    Cheers for the reply mate ended up getting one from AMD as I couldn't wait[emoji16] cost me $400 but at least I don't have to wait!
  6. berg.300simmo

    Best online store for parts

    Good morning fellow riderz just a quick question for you all,need a new expansion chamber for my 2012 berg 300 don't want to pay the $400+ they ask in store for them so was wondering what would be the best online option? Cheers!
  7. berg.300simmo

    Easy, flat beginner places to ride?

    Did you go to the right of marginal rd? If so no wonder you found plenty of hills with ruts! A lot of 4wd head in there
  8. berg.300simmo

    Easy, flat beginner places to ride?

    Yeah I can totally understand why mate in the wet it is very very challenging! Where did you unload from? If it was marginal rd there is some flat tighter stuff not to far from there
  9. berg.300simmo

    Easy, flat beginner places to ride?

    There are some flat area's at Toolangi but they are mainly roads some of the firetrails aren't to bad but most are fairly steep and the tighter stuff is very challenging even in the dry! I can show you around there as well but it would only serve to hinder your confidence unless you want to have a go at it again?
  10. berg.300simmo

    Easy, flat beginner places to ride?

    Hey mate I will take you up to Granton in a week or two if you like nice and easy up there Toolangi can be bloody slick when wet and if you don't know it can be a bitch![emoji16]
  11. berg.300simmo

    Riders lvl1 at Tallarook

    Just a short and sweet report on yesterday's ride,couldn't believe how dry it was already up at Tallarook with plenty of dust to be had, was your typical lvl1 ride with a little bit of some tighter stuff thrown in for good measure! Both Mick and Hairytrails handled what was thrown at them quite well and with more seat time will be capable of a higher lvl in no time! Thanks to Rider for posting the ride and showing us a little of what Tallarook has to offer will definitely jump on one of your higher lvl rides in the future! Cheers[emoji106]
  12. berg.300simmo

    dirtriderZ Hoodie Order

    Woooohoooo after a little bit of a mix up I got my hoodie today and how good is it!!! Love ya work Fro these are awesome! Cheers and beers to ya mate for all your work with Dirtriderz!
  13. berg.300simmo

    dirtriderZ Hoodie Order

    Hoodie looks great fro lovin your work! Sent you a PM mate
  14. berg.300simmo

    Whom to go too for suspension set up

    Krooze tune in Boronia are pretty good had mine done there can't complain 2012 berg te300
  15. berg.300simmo

    E.O.I Toolangi explore ride

    No probs mate was a good day!