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  1. Yep! For a little while now
  2. I'm not having to many problems with the phone the only one is I can't see any photos at all
  3. Can get very very slippery and techie out there when she's wet![emoji16]
  4. Nice vid mate even if you are a bit rusty![emoji16]
  5. Great day out on the bikes! I had a ball and finally managed to put some faces to names that I'd been seeing on here thanks to coggs for putting the ride on and for the selection of trails absolutely spot on mate! Big thanks also to bushy for sweeping in the dust all day top job! Your one lucky man Habs couple of inches closer and it could've been quite serious! Looking forward to the next ride! Cheers! P.s thanks for the beer afterwards Coggs and to the two boys in blue for not being complete flogs!
  6. Don't shorten the vid mate! Love watching all the vid guys put up! Great ride report by the way!
  7. All good advice but I reckon you can't go past paying the extra coin for a quality set of skf seals I've had them on my berg and in the 5 years I've owned her I've replaced the seals once and I probably clean them about twice a year
  8. Well done mate on a top resto! Great looking bike!
  9. If he's recovered from his injuries it would be awesome to see him ride!
  10. It's the Aus sx open that was held in Sydney the last couple of years we have managed to steal it from them for the next three years at least![emoji16]
  11. Thought I might start off a ride report for this ride seeing assist girlie will probably still be on the road back home! Got to the unload area to find everyone there and already gearing up once everyone was geared up and ready to go we set off after a quick chat from DG down the first track it got a little gnarly and Dg decided to turn us around and go back up and try another track we did send a couple of guys down this track with a local and met them back up at the road once regrouped we headed down the second track only to take the wrong fork and having to turn around and go down the right fork! So after a few false starts the group started to flow quite well and coped very well with the very slippery conditions that we were faced with! Finally made our way to the flowerdale pub for a feed with a few of the guys who didn't want to risk it staying behind for their lunch once regrouped again the pace picked up considerably we found our way onto a very flowing 4th gear tighter track which was an awesome run with most of the guys commenting on how good it was! A couple more tracks of the tighter variety and we were back at the cars all in all it was a great day on the trails! Thanks to DG for hosting the ride and for Ausberg for sweeping all day! Cheers guys had a ball! P.s saw a couple of guys with gopros on so hopefully there's a bit of footage to come!
  12. Damn greenies! They have absolutely no idea of how many lives they are putting at risk! I ride there fairly regularly and on one of those tracks if I see anyone doing that god effing help em!
  13. Was a good day out mate! Some good trails both fast and slow having never ridden that area it was good to go somewhere different! No probs with the tow mate anytime! The hill I only got up halfway was a definite lvl3+/4 hill and if it was wet I don't think anyone would get up it! Definitely an area I'd like to explore more as I noticed a lot of slower techie stuff that looked like fun thanks for the ride Macca managed not to cramp up until I got out of the car in the driveway at home![emoji2957] cheers!
  14. Yeah your right it's not fuel just thought it may have been old fuel might've explained the poor running
  15. Bendix doesn't sound good at all also how old is the fuel?
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