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  1. Cheers mate had a feeling they wouldn't fit as the tanks changed after 2012 to the ktm style
  2. Hey guy's and gals I'm hoping someone can enlighten me on wether or not 2013 plastics will fit a 2012 te300 husaberg? I can only find replacement kits for the 2013 and onwards bikes I'm still running the og plastics and don't want to damage them any further! Thanks peeps!
  3. The gnarly does fit the standard muffler no problem they don't actually slip together they join at the rubber sleeve just put a couple of cable ties around the sleeve to stop it slipping
  4. I have a gnarly pipe on a 2012 berg and the force guard fits the only thing I had to do was put a piece of rubber along the edge of the guard at the top on the right-hand side to stop it rubbing also I've put some rubber strips on the frame to stop the mount from rattling when it loosens up which it does if I hit a log! (Which happens fairly regularly [emoji2962]) I haven't noticed much difference in power output but then I'm only a weekend warrior not sure if having the muffler as well would make any difference either
  5. Yep that happened about 400 metres into the tracks Roscoe took us on a tree decided to jump out at me after a log hop and then Kenny and Andy decided they'd pile in to help out![emoji1787]
  6. Yep that little love in was very funny![emoji1787]
  7. Hell yeah brother! Definitely gets the blood pumping!
  8. Massive thanks to cobraone for putting on this ride and for the awesome trails! Shame we couldn't get the whole loop done but that just makes me keen for acts 2&3! thanks to Badger for sweeping all day bloody top job matey! Trailz hope your not to sore after going over the bars! Must say it was a little scary to watch but rather spectacular![emoji4] great to catch up with a few guys i know and meet a few I didn't know cheers guy's catch you on the next one![emoji106][emoji110][emoji110]
  9. I run it in my 2012 te300 berg without any dramas and it's recommended in the manual so you shouldn't have any problems
  10. Awesome job mate! Gotta love the ol' 100 mil trick![emoji16]
  11. Hi mate maybe have a look at other brands like the carapaks (I think that's what there called[emoji16]) as I have the force pipe/bash guard and its driving me nuts because it loosens up and starts rattling like a bloody rattle snake! That's on a 2012 berg so I'd say the mounting will be very similar if not the same
  12. My tip is the young fella! (Can't remember how to spell his name![emoji16]) I think he's got a bit more skill and finese than Horn not to mention younger and fitter
  13. I agree with both pickers and cruiser both methods will work fine although I would lean more to the cheese method! Goodluck Trails!
  14. Reppin' in Molesworth! Love the fender decals!
  15. I'll take one of the grey ones please mate! Cheers