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  1. Lyric

    What are you watching on TV

    I have 2 episodes left. I'm a sci-fi nerd too. Have you watched The Expanse? That's meant to be pretty good too and is on my to watch list.
  2. Lyric

    What are you watching on TV

    Started watching the new Star Trek: Discovery tonight. Pretty rad!
  3. No we've been pretty savvy and picked up things on sale. Being tall 8 & 10 year olds they're in adult sizes mostly. But they have literally nothing so helmets and protective gear add up quick even on sale!
  4. Lyric

    The Perfect Bike trailer

    Something like that would suit me perfectly. Light and easy to tow.
  5. My niece and nephew are getting bikes for Christmas so I've spent like $700 on mxstore/ama so far... whoops. Did get some great deals though!
  6. Lyric

    cramps and pain. Symptoms and Remedies

    Epsom salts baths often work a treat.
  7. Fuel tank out and heat shielded. Bit of a clean with the compressor. Some wires rerouted & tidied, connections checked. New speedo cable didn't arrive so couldn't do that. Was pretty stoked because I managed 90% of it on my own, just needed extra hands for reattaching the air intake. Arts and crafts. Back together running sweet.
  8. Lyric


    Do you find it makes you hot though? I wear a pressure suit so I already have undershirt/armour/jersey which is warm enough. I imagine as a 4th layer the vest would block a bunch of the airflow to cool you down.
  9. Lyric

    Bruised / Fractured Ribs

    This is REALLY important. You do not want to end up with pneumonia with broken ribs.
  10. Lyric

    Sunday Triple Fail Ride

    Ever get the feeling you're not meant to ride some days? Have done a couple of cruisey rides on the new bike so wanted to try something a bit more challenging to continue getting to know it. In saying that, for me that only means L2/maybe a slow 2+. Was going to be riding solo so I always go slower and more cautiously on my own, but on tracks I know well. Gear up mostly, pull the bike out to warm up - hang on no front break at all. Fix that, check the rear - no rear brake either so have to fix that too. Strange since the brakes had only been bled and topped up the ride before and were working fine when I parked it. 2 fails already. Finally get going, love the fact that this bike actually has some suspension compared to the ttr. Duck down the first trail that has lots of little fallen obstacles and last I rode it several boggy bits. Was dry as a nuns nasty this time so no mud, but was dusty and leaf covered so sliding down hills. Made it over several small logs until a new one had fallen that size-wise would have normally gone over, but was suspended a foot off the ground. Round I go pushing and swearing through the brush. The next two trails were the ones I specifically wanted to try, all up and down with not much flat. The first is a steep decent that was loose complicated by an angled log, down all ok. The ascent is steep, long and has erosion mounds to contend with so I was excited to see how the new bike pulled. Up she went like a champ with me smiling all the way. Bit of flat transfer then down the next. Even more sliding rutty descending until I come to a bigger fallen tree this one a couple of feet above ground. Pushing through the brush on the side again, but on quite the slope this time. Need a 5 min breather. Off again, up a steep ascent with a sharp right that I feel myself drift a bit round - been wanting to learn cornering like that so stoked. Continue on and look down to check my trip - dash is dead! Over the next few minutes of more rocky up and down it goes on and off but completely wrong speed jumping all over the shop and not sure the trip is counting right. They say things come in 3s so maybe that would be it but who knows. Not wanting to tempt fate further a few kms more and joined the dirt road home, only about half the ride done. 3 failures, but a whole bunch of fun too.
  11. Lyric


    I use an oztrail "camping" hydration pack. Very small & lightweight but can fit 2 bladders plus essentials/1 bladder and a bunch of stuff. Much cheaper ($39) than anything with motorcycle stamped on it and does the job just fine with some cool little features. They come in a bunch of different size capacities and colours including high vis.
  12. I went on holidays in the blue mountains for 4 days, took some stickers... and forgot to do it. Went to some great spots too ugh.
  13. Lyric


    If I was in Vic I'd attend in a heartbeat. Hope some of you girls can go.
  14. It's only your first bike, not your last bike. You can always upgrade when you feel more comfortable. I started on a ttr230 for the seat height - now when I sit on it, it feels too low and cramped. You'll get more confident.