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  1. Slowly building confidence on the new bike, will get there! Would love to get out to Hazelwood again, looking forward to it [emoji1303] Thanks again, you're a champ.
  2. Definitely some great tracks that tested me in places (most places haha). Have only done a handful of cruisy rides on the new bike so this was definitely a step up ride, and atleast I know how many k's I get to reserve. Only 64! Thanks for being such a good sport as always Greasa, will be practising my race starts every ride from now on, great advice You really are an asset to dirtriderZ, tried and tested! Thanks to all for the ride!
  3. I have a ttr230 for swaps if you're interested 🤣
  4. Hey Geoffro, interested in one of these do you have one still available? Ta.
  5. Was a great day out (except for the flat tyre!) Huge, HUGE thanks to Paul for putting a new tube in my front!!! And to Ian for supplying... Will definitely carry a spare in future! Who would have guessed I'd make it up "heart attack" hill in one shot! Haha Thanks everyone!!!
  6. What an awesome ride! Was a great day. Big thanks to those who helped me pick up my bike from the slippery! Turns out if it's slippery for a bike, it is slippery for feet as well, fell on my ass quite a few times! haha Huge thanks to Damige for organising and leading, and big thanks to all of the sweeps and everyone in between offering help and support along the way. Big shout out to Luke for adjusting my brake, made the ride so much more enjoyable! A handful of offs for me after lunch but all great fun, no injuries except a bruised ego. Lots of new skills learnt! I'm incredibly thankful I get to go on these beginner rides with such great support, and appreciate the time and effort put in to organising a ride for us beginners. So thank you! Great ride, great people, great food! Sign me up for the next one!
  7. Thanks Greasa but I'd swap being able to ride like you for my improvements any day haha Hazelwood, is becoming one of my favourites for sure!
  8. Us girls get lots of great tips and advice off everyone on the rides, you guys have definitely had a massive part in my improvement and I'm sure other girls would agree! Hat's off to Greasa for running these beginner rides and allowing us to get more time in the saddle with such wonderful support [emoji5]
  9. Awesome ride Greasa, thanks heaps for putting on these beginner rides. Big thanks to the sweeps too. Had a great day and met some awesome people. Feeling more and more confident on the bike every ride, can't wait for the next one!
  10. All good Greasa I really enjoyed the last ride it challenged me and took me out of my comfort zone which I definitely need in order to improve. See ya on the trail [emoji1303]
  11. Better get on this one quick as long as you guys don't mind a slow coach?
  12. Awesome day guys, a big, big thanks once again for all your help and tips. Big shout out to Greasa, Dan and Jamie, top blokes and amazing support. This was my 8th ride since I first got on a bike a year ago, so the help is much appreciated I loved the terrain and will definitely be back! Not gonna lie though, I was pretty tired shortly into the arvo ride lol! Turns out skills for riding a dirt bike also include being able to reverse a trailer Great bunch of people, great ride! Go the Sunday Team!
  13. 1 x M Black No zip Will msg u to get bank details
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