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  1. I recently bought a Rack n roll after a mate bought one. We got the aluminum version with ali ramp, cost $850 delivered to Melbourne. We got a bit of deal on them as we bought two. The thing is solid as a rock on the back of my ranger. Another mate has a cheap one he picked up from AMX, its horrible compared the to the Rack n Roll ones. A good aussie made product IMO.
  2. Can confirm now that they fit fine with my current spacers installed!
  3. No worries, I had been told that just wanted to check. cheers!!
  4. Can you fit the newer model KTM/Husky wheels to the older models? I want to know if a 2020/21 set of FX350 wheels will fit on a 2014 450EXC. I think the rear is a straight swap but im unsure if the front will fit or how hard it is to make it fit as i think the axel sizes have changed. Cheers
  5. Just doing some internet stalking

    1. lusk


      Haven't been on here in awhile, i would suggest you go stalk Jay if your looking for real tips to improve your riding.