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  1. Hey Tom, In the the Dandenongs so not far form you. I haven't had much of a chance to get out much lately but be keen to some weekends, especially so close to home!
  2. Big River ride

    Thanks Rupert, Rob and everyone else that came out yesterday. I really enjoyed myself and had a great ride. Appreciate all the tips along the way too. Look forward to the next ride. Cheers Ian.
  3. This is a last minute update on EXTENDED SEASONAL CLOSURES including extensions that have not been previously published. If you're planning on heading up into the high country or to any of the seasonally closed regions in the next EIGHT WEEKS then check your route against the updated seasonal closures list first. Read more here: www.parkweb.vic.gov.au/saf…/closures/seasonal-road-closures2 NED 2016 Seasonal Road Closure List Schedule A - DRAFT.xlsx
  4. This maybe of interest. Gives all the dates when seasonally closed tracks will be reopened. Most are the end of this month!! ~$4WD Notification of changes to Seasonal Closure List 2016.xlsx
  5. Suzbeano's Buln Buln Ride 17-04-16

    Did look like a great ride. Sorry I couldn't make it this time.
  6. Red hot DRZ 400 header

    No it is stock. I followed the thread you put up there too Pygmygod and it looks like my glowing exhaust is normal. Thanks for that, glad it is me being sensitive rather than a real problem. Bike might be a bit lean, I might have to re look at mt carb. Cheers, Ian.
  7. Red hot DRZ 400 header

    It was dark outside but I was in the shed which is well let. The bikes seemed to run OK (it does have an idle issue which is separate). The exhaust does pop a bit when you back off the throttle.
  8. I fired up my DRZ this evening to warm it up before changing the oil. I noticed that after running the engine for only a couple of minutes (choke was still on) that the exhaust header was glowing red hot where it bolts to the engine. I have never noticed this before and was wondering if this was normal or that I may have a problem. If I do have a problem, what would it be? Or could it be just because I still had the choke on that it was running hot? Any ideas will be gratefully received. Cheers, Eno.
  9. Beginners ride Gembrook 31/1/16

    I'd like to also express my thanks to everybody for the day. Thanks to Chris for organising it and Brockie and Shane for sweeping. Also thanks to Lindon for helping me get my temperamental DRZ to start in the morning! I really enjoyed myself and look forward to the next ride.
  10. Sorry I've just seen this tread. Yes I'd love to do some adventure riding. My Misses isn't into bikes so we go 4wding at the moment but I'd love to give it a go with my bike. I'd probably stick with my DRZ400 and modify it to suit a longer trip.
  11. Thanks to Marcus for putting on a well run and informative ride - I had a great day, Thanks as well to Neil for Sweeping and Bill for the DRZ tips. I really learnt a lot and enjoyed my first time back in the dirt for over 10 years. Also thanks to everyone who came along for the additional tips and info along the way - as well as the stories during the breaks! I look forward to more pix and video as well as my next trip out (once I clean out my carby yet again!!).
  12. Thanks Fireal, I had a chat with Mick too about what to do as well. I'll give it a try and see how I go. Cheers, Eno
  13. Hi all, I hope someone can help me with this. I have gotten my long suffering DRZ out of the shed for the first time in yonks, put some fuel in it and started it up. Started up fine, but when I shut the choke off it ran ok for a while and then stopped. Wouldn't start again with the choke off, but started OK with it on again. I didn't think much of it when the bike stopped, until I noticed fuel coming out of the overflow pipe and all over the ground. Turned the fuel off but couldn't see anything out of the ordinary. I tried it again and ran the bike around the back yard a couple of times. It wouldn't run very well with the choke off, but roared it's brains out with it on. Stopped the bike and the fuel overflowed again. Any ideas on why the fuel would overflow and what to do to fix it? Any ideas on why it is idling poorly when off choke. It maybe that the bike just isn't warm enough, but any suggestions as to what else maybe an issue will be gratefully received. I am planning on coming out on the beginner ride next week, it has been a fair few years since I've been out and I am hoping this won't stop me. Thanks for any help Eno..
  14. DRZ 400 Muffler

    Not really anyway to pack the muffler, As 666rmx says they are non-serviceable. I bought mine from new and it's always been obnoxious without the baffle. Might have a look at the FMF Q4... Cheers.