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  1. Thanks yet again Greasa for a great day out. I do like Hazelwood as a location and personally I feel my riding is getting better with my only off due to my own stupidity! I didn't notice anyone intentionally roosting or splashing. My own experience from everyone there was of nothing but support and help when needed. Thanks to the Sweeps as well and I thank everyone for a great day. I look forward to the next trip.
  2. Thanks from me Greasa too, and everyone who helped me out along the way. I haven't been out in so long and this was a fantasic ride. Great catching up with some of you too that I havn't seen for a long time. Hoping to get out more now so bring on the next ride! Cheers, Ian.
  3. Thanks guys, that makes total sense! Yes there is another mounting point towards the back and that collar was not shipped with the muffler - so I will chase that up with the supplier. Thank you all very much! Cheers, Eno.
  4. It has stickers on both sides of the muffler. All the fixings seem right - see pic attached (sorry it is not thr greatest).
  5. Thanks Patto but I don't see how I could have as the tab on the pipe and the mounting point on the bike line up well as does the pipe bend. Looking at the photo from behind the bike the bolt mount is on the right of the pipe. I thought that maybe I could rework the mount so that the mounting tab on the bike goes through it, but it is the wrong direction. I'll add a pic later to show what I mean.
  6. Thanks Eagle but spaces wont help as the fixing is on the inside so it would make the problem worse! I may just have to take this to an exhaust shop and see if they can bend it for me.
  7. I have changed over my stock DRZ muffler for a FMF Q4 (mainly as the Q4 is quieter believe it or not!!). I have a couple of issues that I would like some advice on. 1) The rear wheel hits the muffler when compressed. Is there any adjustment in this or have I done something wrong? (see pics). It is an FMF Q4 for a DRZ so I am not sure why it hits - perhaps my tyre is too wide?? 2) on deacceleration it pops quite a bit - expecically going down hill. Is this likely to be due to an air leak either where the slip on joins the header or where the header joins the motor (I did not remove the header from the engine) or is this likley to be that the bike is running too lean? If too lean is it a matter of just lifting the needle (at the moment it is set on the middle notch) or rejetting or just adjusting teh mixture screw at the bottom? (and how the f*** do you turn it without taking the carb off?) Thanks for any help. Cheers, Ian
  8. Hey Tom, In the the Dandenongs so not far form you. I haven't had much of a chance to get out much lately but be keen to some weekends, especially so close to home!
  9. Eno

    Big River ride

    Thanks Rupert, Rob and everyone else that came out yesterday. I really enjoyed myself and had a great ride. Appreciate all the tips along the way too. Look forward to the next ride. Cheers Ian.
  10. This is a last minute update on EXTENDED SEASONAL CLOSURES including extensions that have not been previously published. If you're planning on heading up into the high country or to any of the seasonally closed regions in the next EIGHT WEEKS then check your route against the updated seasonal closures list first. Read more here: www.parkweb.vic.gov.au/saf…/closures/seasonal-road-closures2 NED 2016 Seasonal Road Closure List Schedule A - DRAFT.xlsx
  11. This maybe of interest. Gives all the dates when seasonally closed tracks will be reopened. Most are the end of this month!! ~$4WD Notification of changes to Seasonal Closure List 2016.xlsx
  12. Did look like a great ride. Sorry I couldn't make it this time.
  13. No it is stock. I followed the thread you put up there too Pygmygod and it looks like my glowing exhaust is normal. Thanks for that, glad it is me being sensitive rather than a real problem. Bike might be a bit lean, I might have to re look at mt carb. Cheers, Ian.
  14. It was dark outside but I was in the shed which is well let. The bikes seemed to run OK (it does have an idle issue which is separate). The exhaust does pop a bit when you back off the throttle.
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