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  1. Great ride today, thanks to chris for leading, shane and bobby for sweeps. Great effort from all dirtriderz always good to catchup with the crew and meet some new members, can't wait for next one Chris. Bobby the black marker was there didn't you see it
  2. My husky had the same problem with the clutch. Tried bleeding the system but couldn't get pressure so I removed the clutch case cover on engine and pushed the pushrod in out a few times till all the air came up through the master cylinder. Not sure if that's the right way but works fine.
  3. It looked like Neerim was hit by a tornado, with a big turn out of riderz the dust would not let up,catching some of us off guard. After a few tracks the heat and dust claimed a few casualties with everyone returning to the carpark. Glad to hear Sue and Eagle pulled up ok. Thanks to the guys for leads, sweeps and for bbq and drinks. Wish you's all a safe and merry Xmas.
  4. Put me down for one, thanks Geoffro.
  5. What a day, yesterdays rain kept the dust down which made the ride much easier for the group. The day flowed great with no major hiccups apart from that hill where the carnage took place. Wish we had some footage. Thanks Chris and the other guys for leading and Shane for sweeps. Great ride today can't wait for the next one.
  6. Hi guys and girls, Finally joined the forum after being on a few rides with the crew. Mostly been riding neerim but keen to try something new. Cheers Andy.