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  1. No worries Gypsy, l will post one up late August when the weather picks up. I’m going to include some camping so everyone can relax around a camp fire. I’m hoping Daggers will jump on as he keeps the camp fire chat pretty interesting.
  2. Thanks to Britto and Egg for the ride. Had a awesome day with all the guys. I hope Harry’s bike is ok after a unspoken incident with bad badger. Thanks to Stinky and Gypsy for the run home on the tight trail for about 15 klms. I was stuffed at the end. cheers to all riders a great day with good fellas. Rossco.
  3. Great stuff Andy, your video gives great memories of the weekend. There is actually more river crossings than l thought, l wasn’t counting as had other things on my mind like trying to drown you. Good laughs and a good crew. Cheers Ross.
  4. Hi all l was the sweep rider in the level 2+ ride . I would like to thank all involved and 2t4me for taking over the ride yesterday after bushys incident yesterday. I am hoping bushy is alright and orange boy gets his bike going ok. I would also like to mention that l had the pleasure of watching bad Badger fall of 5 times in front of me yesterday. I think he was hungover. I would also like to give citrus Dave a big well done for his persistence and effort yesterday. Well done to the rest of the fellas on the ride. Big thanks for all involved in this event, l will be back next year.
  5. Some memories for all to see. Harry will most likely frame is pictures and put them on his bedroom ceiling. Ha ha. Rossco.
  6. Thanks to all who came along on this ride, Great bunch of guys, good camp fire banter thanks to Harry. I hope the tooth fairy comes eagle. Bit of a shame about Maccas incident, I’m sure we wish him all well. Its not always about the riding. Great fun. Cheers Rossco.
  7. Macca Macca Macca. Why did you have to go and hurt yourself on one of my rides. I had a clean slate until now. All jokes aside l hope you recover quickly and get your butt to dissa in a week or two. And some advice from a ex te449 rider. They are widow makers. I to have visited the Wangaratta hospital after a incident on my old te449. I have realised the older l get the lighter bike l need. Food for thought my slightly older riding companion. Get Well. Cheers Rossco.
  8. Hi Geoffrey, l would like to get a XL hoodie and a beanie. Not sure how do go about it. To make life easy black with blue writing would be fine. If you could just let me know how to order and pay? Cheers Rossco.
  9. Well done to Pepperjack and the crew involved in this awesome loop. Very well put together, thanks Andy350 for the BBQ. A very good bunch of riders with little carnage and no real bike troubles. Great day, l will look forward to another ride in the near future.
  10. l think you have way to much time on your hands TRAILZ? love the end. Very funny.
  11. Hey Pepperjack, how do l go about getting a Dirtriderz hoodie? Rossco
  12. I’m glad you enjoyed the day Ian, what a awesome bunch of fellas, and a great ride. I’m glad most blokes enjoyed themselves and l hope they are all a bit sore. I’m going to organise another ride over in the Strathbogies later in the year and include a bit of camping with a big fire. Thanks to all that came along. AWESOME. Ross.
  13. You would enjoy the ride , hope you get there

  14. Hi guys, l hope you all enjoyed the ride in the Strathbogies last weekend. Be prepared as im going to plan another ride for later in October. Cam and l will be heading out to map out another loop with hopefully plenty of mixed challenges. I will post the dates when l work it all out. By the way its a shame there is no footage of Andy challenging the first hill we went to. A very poor performance from our super sweep. enjoy your riding and will catch up with you all soon. Ross.
  15. Hi there Geoffro, I am a newbie and was wondering if there are any hoodies still available? I would like to order one, so if you could let me know that would be awesome Regards Ross
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