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  1. Can I grab a blue, an orange and a black if you still have them please?
  2. Will give them a go, kind of figured I'd only be able to get second hand or after market because it's not a relatively new bike.
  3. Just after suggestions of where I can source a fuel tank for my 2000 WR 400, I'm sick of patching it every time it cracks and springs a leak, all the ones on eBay are from the USA. Is there anywhere in Aus that I could try?
  4. Welcome, I have done a few rides in the desert and love the sand. Have been a member of this forum for a while and not yet made it out with any of the group due to family commitments. I however am looking forward to getting out on some rides in the future, I ride a 2000 WR 400.
  5. Thanks to all you guys for the posts in this thread, the more I investigate this thing known as anxiety or to some "normal life", the more I understand in dealing with it, I have had anxiety issues since high school, the intensity changes due to issues in my life, I overthink things, worry about things I've said or done, find it hard to get to sleep without music to stop the constant thoughts running through my head, and not the best in crowded areas. I Have worked in places where my boss did not understand mental health issues, I was called stupid, a tool and was constantly pressured to change, After leaving that business my anxiety levels dropped dramatically, I am now in the process of talking through my issues and feel great to know I'm not alone. Keep up the great work on the forum, seems like an awesome community, I have not yet made it out on a ride, but hope to change that in the next 12 months. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Bathing in green water
  7. Thought id let you know I now have rec rego, so might be able to attend a few rides this year.[emoji4]
  8. Thanks for the stickers, turned up today, can't wait to stick some on my bike and ute.
  9. I have two screws in mine after a fall a couple years ago, rode my road bike along the great ocean road before I knew it was broken. Was not able to ride for a couple months, I had mine repaired at ballarat base hospital.
  10. Sent you my address yesterday, thanks
  11. Not yet but have the parts on the way that I need to get it rec rego ready, should be here this week.
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