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  1. jazz777

    Kinglake - more like KingPuddles

    Yes definitely unusual to arrive and see five 250 four strokes...seems to be all about the TPI’s these days. Good solid ride, the morning was log strewn, sloppy mud and loads off bog holes. Then we rode the other side later, which was dry and more flowing. Thanks to Mike and Chewy for being our tour guides...both know the area extremely well. We clocked 60 km by 2pm then headed home. Thanks for our sweepers and a great day!! Riles perform a stegpegz removal...they didn’t agree with his new flash HIGH VIZ boots.
  2. jazz777

    Chewton in the rain(well, some rain)

    Great day riding, thanks to Steve and our great group of riders. Thanks Steve for showing us around your backyard. It was my first time at Chewton and thoroughly enjoyed the mixture of terrain (although the relentless rocks started to give me the shits at one point). Yes it rained a little (of course the hardest whilst stopping for lunch) but neither less still plenty of traction in most sections. He even threw in a little local tourism with a visit to an old mind shaft. Nasty I hope the hand isn't to serious, and great effort for pushing on. And Steve glad to hear your hand is ok and no broken bones after bear hugging a tree. see you all out there again soon!, Jazz
  3. jazz777

    We had Coball

    Thanks Fab for putting on a great ride and loop Saturday.. We had a great crew, perfect conditions and everyone had a great days riding. Thanks CV for sweeping, and everyone who took great pictures and videos, and Nath and Riles for a ride on your FX's. Looking forward to riding you guys again soon. Jazz
  4. jazz777

    Mt Dissa 23 April LVL 2

    Great ride put on by Coggs, with a good group of blokes. A well put together loop with minimum transport sections, good mixture or tracks, and flowed all day.... no breakdowns or injuries. It was good seeing new and upcoming riders having a crack and enjoying themselves. I enjoyed helping out for the day, and meeting new dirtriderz. Similar to the "Buzz" loop...minus a few hill climbs, creek beds and log hopping And thanks for the post ride cold beer Coggs...gentleman Jazz
  5. jazz777

    Laos - Vietnam Cross Border Adventure

    Great adventure, story and achievement Mick, thanks for sharing it with your fellow dirtriderz. It's good that you create the awareness that these type of tours overseas exist. Thanks Jazz
  6. jazz777

    Australia Day at Murrinindi.

    Another great Dindi day out put on by Nath...good mixture of tracks, terrain and a great group to ride with. Does get much more Australian than riding with mates in the bush on Australia Day. Followed by cooking a bbq dinner, and enjoy a cold one! Days like today, make you wish you were the lead rider, with dust a plenty...however that's summer riding for you. Not sure about the rest, but my air filter had turned from a nice blue colour, to brown by the days end. The upside...bike cleaned in 10 minutes with the trusty garden hose After 3 months off the bike, the temp gradually rising...as the kilometers ticked over, fatigue slowly crept in. So I look forward to building it back with more riding soon. The get-off highlight goes to Chris...hands down!! As I maneuvered around a large fallen tree, I could here the revs of a four banger over my left shoulder. I do a quick head check and see Chris approaching for a log launch...wisely I decide to give Captain Risky the right-of-way. As he touches down (like a Boeing 777 in a wind storm) he decides full throttle is required for the landing. Immediately his beloved Kato 350 ejects him from the saddle and hurtles itself in the nearest trees. I quick check of his and the Kato's vitals, before helping him reverse the bike from the bushes.....great work Chris! Thanks again Nath for allowing me to sneak onto your ride, the sweepers, and everyone else for an awesome Aussie Day!! PS: Mev the new lid looks impressive in the GoPro footage Jazz
  7. jazz777

    Super Spring Hill pre GF ride 2016

    Great day on the bikes, with an awesome crew...which was filled with plenty of laughs, banter, and helping one another out...like dirtriderz do. I won't harp on the ride itself, or conditions, it's been well covered. Big thanks to Marko and Gypsy (good to see you back) for organising the ride, and keeping everyone together and entertained throughout the day. Sorry to hear about the knee Toys (If it's any consolation, I was behind you when it happened and it did look spectacular). And sorry to hear Buzz, for murdering your first Beta. Also thank you Nathan, Pete, Chris and anybody else I may have forgotten, for the food, fire, and cooking supplies. And thanks to those who took the great ride pics. Hopefully we ride together soon, I'm sure we will. And for those that couldn't make it, or pulled out...you missed out!!...I hope you enjoyed Bunnings
  8. jazz777

    Friday Mt Dissa with Buzz44

    Great pics Marko, good work. The creek beds have definitely filled
  9. Buzz is the salt waiter, I've seen him serve it up many a times
  10. jazz777

    Buzzing at Dissa

    Buzz (Jas) has done it again...another cracking day at Dissa. We all had a ball, and everybody had a red hot crack at everything you threw our way...great effort by all. After not being able to find his new track, and our lack of progress after a few hours...Jas was feeling the frustration building. Luckily for us he soon realised the clock on his bike was still set for daylight savings time...an hour fast! A smile broke on his face as he said "let's ride boys"..... This is my second attempt to conquer this loop of yours, and daylight won again. It was nearing on dark as we changed and loaded up. I'm keen to conquer and complete this full 100km loop soon. A great flowing loop, all varieties of terrain, obstacles, hills etc...predominantly s/t all day, with very little transport sections...perfect really. Big thanks to everyone who swept and took pics, you know who you are. Terrific group, always great to meet new riders...everybody was willing to help out one another if needed. The McDonalds Happy Meal award has to be handed to Chris....congrats!! After having hill after hill thrown at you, and probably verging on either passing out or throwing up...you happily pressed on. And smashed the next hill 10 minutes later, like a true pro...awesome effort mate. You couldn't find a better way to spend your Sunday.... see you out there again soon Jazz
  11. jazz777

    Cruisin Warby

    Looks like the three of you had a ball...sorry to hear you dented another pipe Dan. You and those big 2T pipes just don't get along. Jazz
  12. jazz777

    Moisture Makes Murrindindi Magnificent!

    Sounds like a great day in the saddle...good ride reports, pics, and vids guys. It's nice to see some damp wet trails for a change Jazz
  13. jazz777

    Wombat afternoon ride!!!!

    Sounds like a great afternoon ride, thanks for sharing....did Riles take any pics?...he is usually on to it.
  14. Looks like you both had a great day...I've ridden there twice this year, always great riding, good variety of terrain and tracks. I'll try and join you on the next outing Jazz
  15. jazz777

    Buzz and his Mount NotDissapointed

    Where to start, well luckily most have already covered the key ingredients. Firstly a big thanks to Jase, for not only taking us out into his beloved backyard, but also sharing his newly cut tracks. We were all more than happy to help wear them in. We rarely crossed or rode a fire trail, and hit the technical tracks from the word get go. Jase ran a great ride, always checking everybody was happy, feeling ok, and right to continue throughout the day. Jase threw everything at us throughout the day, and Mother Nature some rain...which meant ditching the googles early on. Although I think everyone would agree, the rain was a nice change from dust. Everyone gave 100%, and took on anything thrown their way. We had a great group of riders, and everybody was more than happy to help where necessary. It was good to meet more new riders, and finally put a face the their profiles. Also thanks to Marko for sweeping and watching our backs all day...keeping the group together. And well done to the guys who made the effort to take pics throughout the day, too share with us. Look forward to seeing you all again soon PS; Dan I estimate I used 6-7 litres Jazz