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  1. Cheers mate Thanks Mick 👍🏼
  2. I'm sure this has been asked before. What is the best trail riding app (happy to buy) for my smartphone. Simply for tracking rides etc. I do have a Garmin however it has a small screen and it's a little clunky to use. I have seen a few of the lads on Dirtriderz rides using their phones for tracking/leading rides. Had heard motionX is popular however is no longer available. Cheers Jazza
  3. Thanks Riles for a great day out. Cobaw never fails, large concentration of great trails in a small forest. And always holds up after plenty of rain. Thanks Habs, Mess & Dann for the sweeping duties. We covered around 50 km by about 1, popped out near the cars...so headed for home. Great to see a few of the regulars again, and meet some new members. Another great day out. Jazz
  4. Yes definitely unusual to arrive and see five 250 four strokes...seems to be all about the TPI’s these days. Good solid ride, the morning was log strewn, sloppy mud and loads off bog holes. Then we rode the other side later, which was dry and more flowing. Thanks to Mike and Chewy for being our tour guides...both know the area extremely well. We clocked 60 km by 2pm then headed home. Thanks for our sweepers and a great day!! Riles perform a stegpegz removal...they didn’t agree with his new flash HIGH VIZ boots.
  5. Great day riding, thanks to Steve and our great group of riders. Thanks Steve for showing us around your backyard. It was my first time at Chewton and thoroughly enjoyed the mixture of terrain (although the relentless rocks started to give me the shits at one point). Yes it rained a little (of course the hardest whilst stopping for lunch) but neither less still plenty of traction in most sections. He even threw in a little local tourism with a visit to an old mind shaft. Nasty I hope the hand isn't to serious, and great effort for pushing on. And Steve glad to hear your hand is ok and no
  6. jazz777

    We had Coball

    Thanks Fab for putting on a great ride and loop Saturday.. We had a great crew, perfect conditions and everyone had a great days riding. Thanks CV for sweeping, and everyone who took great pictures and videos, and Nath and Riles for a ride on your FX's. Looking forward to riding you guys again soon. Jazz
  7. Great ride put on by Coggs, with a good group of blokes. A well put together loop with minimum transport sections, good mixture or tracks, and flowed all day.... no breakdowns or injuries. It was good seeing new and upcoming riders having a crack and enjoying themselves. I enjoyed helping out for the day, and meeting new dirtriderz. Similar to the "Buzz" loop...minus a few hill climbs, creek beds and log hopping And thanks for the post ride cold beer Coggs...gentleman Jazz