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  1. Patrick

    Show Us Your Bike

    Hey guys. My names Pat, introduced to this site earlier today by fellow Canberran Rickster. Cheers mate! I ride an 09 KTM 530. I bought it new a year ago and as of a few months ago had accumulated 7000 odd k's on her, and loved every single meter of it. Ive been keen to get into some competition, and already needing to do some work ie rings, cam chain tensioner etc on the bike i decided that seems i am young and have expendable income to do a bit of a ground up build. Ill be powdercoating things and interchanging plastics to alter the look of the bike, and generally wasting money on things that dont do anything other than make it look pretty As well as the bling there will be a 570 stroker kit to add an extra 60cc's, maybe a slipper clutch, suspension more suited to my weight and riding and im also considering rewiring it all. Basically doing all i can to make it as reliable as a jap bike This is her before the build began; This is me astride; Im still in the process of saving the money, but ill keep this thread updated with progress as i go. Cheers, Pat