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  1. My feet are a bit bigger, I wear a 7 normally and I bought a pair of size 7 tech 10's in men's sizing and they fit perfectly. Love them, very comfy and wearable. They go down to a size 5 I think but you would prob have to order them online, I don't think many places would stock them ordinarily. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. ange

    New bike

    Pretty sure he lowered it 50mm and then I had a power parts lower seat fitted which is another 10mm. It has really done the trick though!!
  3. Hey Kate, You sound exactly like me!! I'm 37, met my husband who loved bikes so got involved and then it began! I'm 5'3" and not real strong. I started with a crappy atomic, just to see if I could do it. Then we got me a WR250F. Well, that thing was way to heavy and hard to ride. So next, the CRF150R. And yep, same prob, the twitchy shitty pain in the arse! Good on an MX track but not in the bush. So we got me a 250r Freeride. Well that thing was awesome. I would not be where I am now had I not ridden that, it just taught me fantastic throttle control and bike skills. It chucked me off early on in the piece courtesy of that throttle grab you describe (I know exactly how you feel!!) And I smashed my wrist in a couple of places. Anyway, I just bought a 2016 KTM EXC-F 350, same as yours. I've had mine lowered in all respects but nothing has been cut so it's all reversible if wanted. I can touch the ground fairly well with one toe and feel pretty good on it. If you want suspension done with no irreversible effects go see Anthony at Boltons in Kyneton. He is brilliant. And I would love to have a ride with you at some stage!!!
  4. ange

    New bike

    Hehe mine of course!! Nah we wanted a new bike for me but I wasn't going to let my husband miss out, he deserves a new one more than me!!!
  5. Thanks to Mr Noodle for the invite, pretty happy to be part of this club!! 2 x new 350 excfs are our new rides. Sid my husband and me Ange, late starters on bikes but there is nothing better!!
  6. ange

    New bike

    Yep, we're now broke as shit but ah well, life's better with a dirt bike!!
  7. ange

    New bike

    They're on their way home!!
  8. ange

    New bike

    Gone with the 16, got a good deal and not sure either of us can wait four months for a new one!!
  9. ange

    New bike

    Thanks for the advice everyone!! Had a crack at both and have going the 350, we've ended up buying a pair of them (eeek!!) Time will tell whether that was a good idea or not but hey, this is my fifth bike, nothing wrong with making it six!!
  10. ange

    New bike

    Yep did look at them and they look like rippers but I find it hard to go past a kato!!
  11. ange

    New bike

    I am a bit sold on it but I'm pretty impetuous!! I appreciate the advice and I will def ride both of them before I decide!!
  12. Apparently the kick start is an option that can be fitted. It will obviously add to the weight though, I'd imagine that's why they're lighter to some extent. And no idea how much that'll cost either! We had looked at the new ones, I wanted a six days but I totally agree, it looks awful!! Soon to be a 350 EXC-F
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