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  1. How was the piston after 90 hours I’ve got a beta with 70 hours so still got abit to go before a top end , did you notice any difference in the motor before replacing the piston
  2. Contact on point motorcycles Ringwood stellious is a beta guru but your dealer should fix it free of charge
  3. Recently checked over my beta , need to do abit of maintenance need new front and back brake pads , any brands which are better than others and ones to stay away from , or would I be better ordering them off the beta website just checked the beta site says there not in stock I'll call up the dealer tomorrow any advice would be great Gary
  4. Hi just wondering if there are any members going to ride the Kenda rally on Sunday 6th may I haven't done it before I did stockmans last year and loved it, i haven't been out on the bike for a while thought I might look into doing the rally Cheers Gary
  5. I'd be 110 kg plus my back pack I'll do a proper weigh in tomorrow not home at the moment
  6. I've bent my rear brake lever on my last ride I've tried bending it back without much luck , would you recommend going stock lever or are the aftermarket ones the way to go and if so what's a good brand
  7. Hi after some advice who do you recommend for suspension work I've got a beta 300 and I'm thinking about getting suspension set for my weight I'm located in ferntree gully so would prefer Someone on the eastern side of Melbourne also roughly how much does it normally cost to get suspension set Thanks Gary
  8. Hi I'm after abit of advice on what others do to stop cramping after rides I seem to get it really bad either on the drive home where I need to stop the car and stretch or once I'm home and move a certain way than the cramps start
  9. Thanks coggs for a great ride was only the second time I've been to dissa I'll definitely be coming back for more , was great to meet new people and put faces to the forum names . Ride was great had a good mix off all tracks on offer I found out on hamburger 1 that line selection is a must as I kept getting pushed off line , I think it was called hamburger 4 what a hill I had 3 attempts just to get up 20 m after finally getting past that spot than the hill just kept going what a monster hill I'll definitely be trying that again I got 3/4 to top and I was spent I had a few small offs for the d
  10. Hi I'm going to attempt to fix the radiator clamps on my beta is there a certain hose clamp I should buy as I don't want the problem happening again Thanks Gary
  11. Thanks alot for everyone's input I'll have a go at replacing the clamps during the week
  12. Hi I'm after advice I've got a 17 beta 300rr after riding i seem to leak coolant on my garage floor , I've tightened up the clamps its tiny drips I don't know how it can be leaking as bikes only done 500 km no cracks in radiator , I was thinking maybe the radiator has to much pressure after riding and not releasing , or maybe a bad seal somewhere has anyone else experienced this thanks Gary
  13. Wow big effort to ride over 100 plus kms with a busted ankle hope it heals up quick and isn't to painful