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  1. geoffer

    How mondays should be spent

    where is that mate? self employed?
  2. geoffer

    What State, Suburb is everybody from ???

    franga, 3199 (frankston) might be a spare spot on the trailer for cruisers labour day weekend or definetly jays goughs bay april ride if EOI. i say maybe as there maybe an extra party, might still be able to fit you in. jays ride i am going solo help save a few bucks bw us
  3. geoffer

    Australia Day. Ride the Spur and BBQ

    so how did you end up hazza?
  4. geoffer

    Australia Day. Ride the Spur and BBQ

    lift your game buddy....well played on the walls, you called your days activities last night....over and out for soon...
  5. geoffer

    Australia Day. Ride the Spur and BBQ

    get the brownie points up mate and come to Mr C's next event, there will be something for everyone dave, a ride for all levels, pretty much sorted all but for a couple of details which will be sorted. thanks cruiser for the weekend, always seems that the best rides are what you seem to be on...what a coincidence, enjoy the scotch fillets... is that better Mr C? btw next time can you order 10mm over night.....too much dust for a glasses wearer.... btw.,...never heard of ABC soya sauce..... how good was that on the steamed dimmies at reefton pub? i gotta hunt that stuff down