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  1. Didn't get the hillclimbs due to losing the gopro mount.
  2. Here's something I slapped together just now.
  3. Travelling from Warrnambool with the rain coming down, I thought this was going to be a long day. However the rain cleared a bit which made the ride enjoyable. The ground was perfect, no dust. Yammy and I rode the loop Wednesday to make sure it was ok. Was ultra slippery then, a definite level 3 with super slippery hills and logs. So it was good to do the Sunday 'cruise'. A couple of new tracks were a great start, then on to some old sandy favourites. The ground changes quickly from grey sand to slippery clay and back again. Blackboys keep you on your toes, lest you lose a gear lever or in fac
  4. Yeah. Got a bit of footage until my goggles ripped my gopro mount off. Will post later.
  5. They look awesome. I'll take 2 sets please [emoji106]
  6. First ever Dirtriderz ride 2015 Grampians
  7. How many years have you been riding for? On and off for 38 What was your very first bike? SL100 What is your current bike? 2020 250EXC TPI Do you have a childhood bike you would like to buy and restore ?( if yes, what is it ? ) PE400 Are you a 2 stroke or 4 stroke person ? Both Where was your favorite forum ride ? PeteV Mount Cole What is your favorite forum memory ? Annual Weekender How many years have you been a forum member for ? 6 Have you made any/many good friendships via the forum ? Sure have What would you like to see as part of the forum in the future ? More Otways rid
  8. For me Suzuki handled better and were fast. The 83 84 80s 125s and 250s were awesome.
  9. Got to Mt Clay early just to run over a few tracks to make sure that they were clear. Was shaping up perfect weather wise. Met the rest of the guys and hit the trails. We got around a hour and a half before the heavens opened. Things got slippery real quick. Saturated, we headed back to the camp ground for an early lunch. After lunch we hit the East side with a few slippery logs and hills. Nothing too hard, but far from boring. Some nice flowing trails made by a local farmer put a smile on a few faces. We then meandered back and redid a few tracks from the morning. All in all, a great day
  10. All good. Stuff happens. I'm happy to have it on the back.[emoji106]
  11. It was mine and yammy 2 smokers first time at Starglen. Was a bit of a trek from Warrnambool, but we weren't disappointed Left around 6, got there by lunch. Met a few around our hut, then straight on the bikes. Met up with Noodle and Bear, they were looking for Yatesy. Things were starting to get serious when we couldn't find him. But he turned up eventually. We had a good play on some hills, lost alot of sweat. Then back and sunk some cans. Nice cruisy ride Saturday morning was perfect to check out the scenery, apart from the dust. Thanks to the girls, we had a nice BBQ lunch, then straight
  12. Couple of us from Warny too mate. Welcome
  13. I try to attempt most logs Pete, and most times it ain't pretty. But I rarely fall off. I reckon once you stop and look at it, the logs won. I even made it over this super slippery mutha in the otways.
  14. Ride report at last. Arrived at Smiths with Y2smoker. Not a bad run from Warrnambool. Met the blokes, a great sized group. First Hill caught a few out. Off camber down hill logs caught me out. Loved the terrain and the new TPI was very impressive over the rocks, roots and hillclimbs. Land rover Hill has always challenged me and didn't disappoint this time. Pete this level 3 ride was perfect for me as it challenged me, but didn't make me cry. Ran out of water in the last hour. Started to cramp up. Be more prepared next time . Overall a fantastic day with great blokes. Thanks for the efforts