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  1. All good. Stuff happens. I'm happy to have it on the back.[emoji106]
  2. It was mine and yammy 2 smokers first time at Starglen. Was a bit of a trek from Warrnambool, but we weren't disappointed Left around 6, got there by lunch. Met a few around our hut, then straight on the bikes. Met up with Noodle and Bear, they were looking for Yatesy. Things were starting to get serious when we couldn't find him. But he turned up eventually. We had a good play on some hills, lost alot of sweat. Then back and sunk some cans. Nice cruisy ride Saturday morning was perfect to check out the scenery, apart from the dust. Thanks to the girls, we had a nice BBQ lunch, then straight back out in the rain. The moisture didn't help with traction, and we had a great time trying to stay upright. Back to camp mid arvo, then a roast for tea. Thanks to Geoffro and crew for the great weekend and all the effort involved. Thanks to Harry and Stinky for the non stop verbal entertainment. Thanks to the Woodsy's for the soap and card tricks. And thanks to Yatesy for not dying. Overall a fantastic weekend and recommend it highly.
  3. Couple of us from Warny too mate. Welcome
  4. I try to attempt most logs Pete, and most times it ain't pretty. But I rarely fall off. I reckon once you stop and look at it, the logs won. I even made it over this super slippery mutha in the otways.
  5. Ride report at last. Arrived at Smiths with Y2smoker. Not a bad run from Warrnambool. Met the blokes, a great sized group. First Hill caught a few out. Off camber down hill logs caught me out. Loved the terrain and the new TPI was very impressive over the rocks, roots and hillclimbs. Land rover Hill has always challenged me and didn't disappoint this time. Pete this level 3 ride was perfect for me as it challenged me, but didn't make me cry. Ran out of water in the last hour. Started to cramp up. Be more prepared next time . Overall a fantastic day with great blokes. Thanks for the efforts of all involved that made it the perfect ride.
  6. Pics off the GoPro . Vid to come (when I get a chance)
  7. Awesome ride Pete. Thanks for the effort and organisation of a brilliant Sunday.
  8. They're cool! I'll take a black XL please
  9. Great ride put on by Bear. Thanks to the sweeps as well. Turned out perfect weather in an amazing area. Great mix of riding conditions. Couldn't ask for more.
  10. Hi mate. Probably the closest spot with half decent riding is Mount Clay near Narrawong. PM me for more details. Cheers and welcome to the forum
  11. Just received mine. The best looking ones yet. Thanks Geoffro once again
  12. Hi Geoffro. I'll have a black orange in XL please.
  13. Of course it'll work if I run low on coolant. It doesn't rely on coolant contact like internal sensors. And where I put it in the radiator doesn't make any difference when I've got the freedom to adjust the temp to what ever I like.
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