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  1. Saturday we're going to neerim, meeting tgere around 8.30-9.00 back for lunch time. If you want to join you're welcome, we're 2 L2+
  2. Hi Tom I live far away from you but I can move easily... Lookin for some mate who knows the area. Just bought a wr250f and keen to try it. This Saturday morning?
  3. Hi Clement, I'm in Chelsea and just bought a wr250f and looking for a ride Saturday morning, in yarra range or anywhere not too far away (I have to be back for lunch time)... If you know some place we could meet there earlish in the morning and have 2-3 hours of fun. Let me know if it sounds good.
  4. kiumbo


    Thanks guys, tomorrow I'm going to put on new tires and than you'll see me very soon!
  5. Hi guys, I'm italian but I live here. I'm based in Chelsea (Mornington peninsula) and I'd love to discover some easy trail and to meet new friends... I ride an Aprilia Pegaso so I'm not equipped for extreme trails but on fast tracks I can assure you won't have to wait me! Ciao!
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