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  1. Nah my yz250 ran out !
  2. Thanks to sean for the invite. Had a great time and those who didn't come missed out. Some of the best riding I have done in a while and I have never run of of juice before !
  3. I had a 250 exc that used to spooge a fair bit and now I have a yz250 that has zero spooge. Running 40:1 in both. I guess it depends on the bike...
  4. Okay so update. I have installed the new clutch kit. It still drags when cold but when it warms up its fine. **** if I know how it used to have no drag when cold but I've spent to much time and effort to care anymore. Thanks for everyone's help ! Seeya on the trail !
  5. Hey guys Hey guys I ended up putting ATF type F in the gearbox. I found that when the bike was hot I didn't have any clutch drag but as soon as the bike sat for a while the clutch would start to drag as the engine got colder. I have ended up just buying a new clutch kit for it so ill put that in this weekend and ill let you guys know how I go.
  6. Hello, Yep I'm going to go and buy some actual 2 stroke gearbox oil like motorex or similar and run it through, get the bike hot and see if it loosens it up ! Ill let you guys know how I go. Regards
  7. Yeah its just 15w-40 regular car oil which I change fairly frequently and I haven't had any issues before this with any of the other bikes I have owned using this oil either. Ill try a different oil and if no dice ill just buy a new clutch kit. Thanks for your help guys
  8. Hello Everyone, So my yz250 clutch has been dragging a bit lately. I have done 40 trouble free ours running 15w-40 in the gearbox and then all of a sudden my clutch stated dragging. The bike has done about 90 hours and I believe this is the original clutch. Its not the worst dragging I have seen but its definatley wayyy harder to push it around with the clutch in and its a bit lurchy in when going from neutral to first etc. So far I have checked: The friction (fibre) plates are in spec. The springs are in spec. The steel plates are flat and not warped. The cable is adjusted properly as per the manual. The clutch basket does not have any notching. I'm happy to buy a new clutch kit if that will fix the problem, but I don't want to buy one and then still have the same problem! Any help on this topic wold be appreciated. Regards
  9. Thanks to Dustin and Habs for putting on the ride. At the start of the day Dustin explained the corner man system, and said "do not leave your corner until the sweep rider comes". Myself and BenRMZ450 were waiting at our corner for about 45 minutes whilst the other guys were trying to get the drowned bike going. Great testament to Dirtriderz and the other blokes waiting on corners as no one got lost during this time due to the fact that we all waited at our corners! Looking forward to the next ride!
  10. Nice vid beta juice. I have a yz250 and ride it in the bush (rec rego) and would agree with most of the things you said. I did a review a little while ago and its pretty on par with your video. The only other thing I would add is I had to buy a kickstand $$$ because I was sick of laying the bike over if i couldn't find a tree. Obviously all the motocross bikes have this problem not just the YZ's.
  11. Honestly the only way to know where the tracks are is to get out and explore. Turn right out of the carpark and pick any track that veers off the main road most of them in that are are level 2ish. Have fun and get out there !
  12. Don't buy cheapo organic pads if you ride mud. I bought some for my yz250 and they were rubbing metal after about 15 hours of muddy riding which I know will greatly decrease thier life. I got about 65 hours out of the oem yamaha pads front and rear in similar conditions which are the sintered type ! I have since bought another set of rear oem pads which are 1 ride old I have also bough some cheap sintered front pads which I am yet to fit
  13. Hi Ripperz, If having a reliable electric starter is a priority than maybe stay away from the KTM 250/300 two strokes. The starters require routine maintenance as opposed to the majority of other dirt bikes which you never have to touch them. There is a recent thread in the tech talk section regarding maintenance. Its alot of money to spend on a bike that everyone knows has a crappy starter motor. Just my 2 cents.
  14. A few years ago i had a wr250f and drive out to a mates house to start the ride with a bunch of mates and the bike won't go. They left without me and I figured out that the air filter was blocked. I had never oiled an air filter before so I SOAKED it in air filter oil and then fitted it he day before the ride. It was that full of oil that not enough air was going into the engine. Dammit. I now use a spray bottle with air filter oil in it.
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