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  1. Is the discount code for online racing spares still active? Tried to use it this morning and wasn’t working, unless I have it wrong, if I remember correctly it was DRZ5SD
  2. Has anyone tried the 90/90 fatty have read some good things about it lately but do like the idea of the 90/100 for the extra sidewall height when hitting things
  3. Thanks for the offer mate but I’m in Canberra [emoji1303]
  4. Nar coz you squeeze it together as you put it in so you can’t really just tap it in
  5. http://www.onlineracingspares.com.au/assets/full/SA15-08.jpg Picture of tool and clips
  6. Does anyone know if you can get the ez clips for the wrist pin in Australia or where you can get one of the c-clipper tools. Or has anyone used the tool that online racing spares sells? Been practicing on the old piston and the c-clips are a PIA
  7. definitely looks the part
  8. I went with the medium compression one
  9. https://twostrokeperformance.com.au/product/tsp-cnc-head-ktm-300-exc-xc-and-husky-300-te-tx-2017-onwards/
  10. Ordered one of the new cnc two piece heads from two stroke performance hopefully it arrives tomorrow so keen to see how it runs
  11. Let us know how you go as I was thinking of sending the head off my 18 300exc to him to get reshaped
  12. Picked mine up last Thursday [emoji1305]
  13. I would be worried about it coming open while riding
  14. Would anybody be able to tell me what size thread the drain plug is as I don't have my bike yet.
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