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  1. 2017/2018 ktm 300 mods

    Picked mine up last Thursday [emoji1305]
  2. Ktm oil drain tool

    I would be worried about it coming open while riding
  3. Ktm oil drain tool

    Would anybody be able to tell me what size thread the drain plug is as I don't have my bike yet.
  4. Does anyone know where you can get something like this in Australia? Would be pretty handy
  5. Smokers Lounge

    Lack of linkage was one of the reasons I was leaning towards the ktm, I like the idea of not having to grease all those bearings lol but I've never ridden a pds bike so don't know what to think of them.
  6. Smokers Lounge

    I thought the husky comes with the supersprox sprocket
  7. Smokers Lounge

    Any particular reason you went with the husky over the ktm? I'm tossing up whether to go with the 300 exc or the husky both 17s like the look of the ktm much better but I like how the husky comes with the premium parts like triple clamps map switch, better chain and sprocket etc
  8. I thought people had pretty much sorted out the mikuni carbys? Re routing the overflow, opening up the airbox a little bit apparently makes it a lot easier jetting the bikes I agree this shouldn't need to be done on a new bike but other than this the bike is pretty damn good and it was new a bike from the ground up Surely someone on here has ordered one lol
  9. Where are you finding these been trying to find some more ride reports
  10. Yer I know it's like ktm and Yamaha had a love child
  11. I'm pretty sure I read somewhere the chassis and ergos are all the same as the 17 except for the part where the oil tank goes but they did stiffen up both front and rear suspension
  12. Have you guys seen the 18 6days not a big fan myself
  13. Nar don't worry about the green yellow and red there shit lol, I'm on a 14 yz450f atm and stuck on whether to sell it or not once I get a 300
  14. I got told I can put a deposit down but if I want to I can change my mind and get the deposit back I don't think there too fussed coz they know they would sell it. Do you think there is any potential problems I read that most of the technology is the same or similar to there tested 4t parts
  15. Yer that's a big thing that I'm stuck on aswell I don't want to wait Till January lol the 6 days will be here in October lol