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  1. With all that's going on at the moment I've held off on getting something new.
  2. Great post Gypsy501, I'm a lower level rider and never thought I needed them as I don't do the extreme stuff. How ever I do need help getting up some hills, and out of rut's every now and then. You have bought up such a good point. It really dosent matter what level ride we are we all need a hand every now and then so i guess we all should have some. I've just ordered some on MX store. Thanks for the tip.
  3. Cheers Crusty350 yeah I'll try to get on a few mates bikes to see what feels better. All my mates are all under 6 foot so was hoping some out taller members could help out. Thanks again really appreciate it.
  4. Hey all, I'm looking to buy a new bike but just after some advise. I'm a L2 rider wanting to be a L3+ rider 😉 I'm 6.3 and 115kg what bike would suite my bike frame the best ? Currently on a Fe350. KTM, HUSKY, BETA, SHERCO I would love to hear opinions.
  5. Thanks for putting up the ride Berg.300simmo, I was nerves about the ride, last time rode out from that car park I snapped my ACL on the first hill climb😟. Today I didn't even get to ride😭. I pulled my bike apart once I got home but must be something electrical so I'll have to book it in and get it looked at. At least the misses said well if it's old sell it and buy a new bike so at least something good might come from today😁. Glad you guys had a great ride. Hope you put up another ride and I'll have a bike to ride. Take care see you on the track. Thanks Mick501 for helping me get into the back of my ute to get my keys 🤦‍♂️
  6. Hey guys, my daughter had a bit of a situation on the weekend and bent her lower right fork arm (She was fine got up and kept riding). I can't seem to find any standard ones on line there all longer ones for guys that trick up 50cc bikes. Does anyone know where I can get some or has anyone taken the stock ones off and have them laying around that I could buy ??
  7. I agree with orangeboy, pending on the riding your doing depends on the bike you should get. I sold my CRF450R this year as it was just way to much bike in the bush for me. I have brought a FE350 and I love it, it has all the right power when needed it and I have now started to build a lot more confidence in the bush. I'm a level 2-3 rider so I like the tight stuff but also enjoy some of the faster open stuff, so I find the 4 banger suits all the terrain.
  8. Hey cruiser, from someone that has to sit on the side lines for 12 months as I've just had a knee reco, I love sitting here reading the reports it really makes me feel like I was there. As you said by writing great reports it gives people (me) a good idea of the guys I would love to jump on a ride with once I can get back onto my bike. So please keep up with the great ride reports hopefully more people can take your lead.
  9. Thanks guys, I think I'm going to go with the Ogio Vest and put a bigger bladder in it as I too get very thirsty when ridding, I'm just hoping I don't get too hot with it on. Thanks for the advise.
  10. Hey mate, I'm off the bike at the moment for 12 months as I snapped my ACL, spraned the PCL and tore the meniscus. I really wish i wasn't a tight ass and brought some sooner, So I would strongly recommend getting some before it's too late. After the accident and before surgery I brought some Asterisk, I have used them once and found them very comfortable didn't even know I was wearing them.
  11. Thanks Cruiser, I'll drop into AMX and anaconda tomorrow to have a look, that looks like just what I think I need.
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