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  1. Blowe

    Bike unloading spots in the east

    Great thanks mate.
  2. Hey guys Just wounded if anyone could send me some pin points of bike unloading car parks in the east. Trying to find some places close to ride in the east.
  3. Blowe

    Whom to go too for suspension set up

    Hahaha I know, I never new before buying the bike. Fingers crossed.
  4. Blowe

    Whom to go too for suspension set up

    Thanks guys, I'll call around on Monday, I've heard a few good things about I guy in Seville dirt works, anyone been to him ?
  5. Hey guys, I have a 2015 FE350 and want to get the suspension set up for my weight as I'm a big guy. Whom do you recommend on the east side of Melbourne. I know Chads a sponsor of owes but as he's in Geelong it's just to far away.
  6. Blowe

    FREE dirtriderZ Stickers!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey Geoffro, any chance I could also get a few stickers sent to me ??
  7. Blowe

    Level 1 And 2 Ride Kinglake West

    Thanks for putting a great day on, it was my first time out with you guys and ladies and can't wait for next next day. I had a blast so thanks again.
  8. Blowe

    How Did You Hear About Dirtriderz??

    I went riding with a bloke that had the stickers on his bike and spoke very highly of it. So I jumped aboard