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  1. So im currently rebuilding a kxf250 for a mate and his drain plug thread is gone. Which way is recommended to fix it helicoil or just rethread it with a tap and die?
  2. Hey troy sucks when the kids are sick was ment to be taking them to frankston tomorrow for their fortnightly ride but my oldest is sick. Im from Cranbourne so hit me up if ya need a hand with anything maybe organise a nice cruisey ride sometime soon. Ive only just got back on the bike after 3-4 years off due to injury and family issues.
  3. Ive always rode dirtbikes since i was about 4-5. Never into footy and all them was always into my skating and bmx. Raced bmx for about a year or so when ever dad could take me down. From 10 till i was about 15-16 skated was sponsored by a skateshop till i tried to ollie a 13 or so set of stairs and destroyed my ankles. I had always rode bmx doing dirtjumps untill i started riding more seriously and got into street. Got sponsored by a small clothing company and half sponsorship by a shoe company, used to do alot of demos and the hand full of comps. Got invited to newyork to ride and film wit
  4. Not my bike but my sons pw 50, did the headset bearings as they had decided to pack it in. It is only a 2016 model, guess they really dont like jumping haha
  5. The speed they get coming down then near vertical drops are insane
  6. I love the fact that jarvis isnt a fast rider as such but more of a very smart talented rider as in he conserves his energy and picks the right places to pass people.
  7. I would hate to be the last ones to start by time they get to the first hill it would be chopped out hard!
  8. Well done gomez! His first solo win he deserved it!
  9. He was ey! He was doing well in the new down town aswell And as usual jarvis comes out of nowhere to second atm Gomez is going to have some work on his hands soon
  10. Haaker 6th atm! Hes doing real good
  11. Wow ive been a member since September 2010 this forum has grown amazingly! Fro has done such a great job taking his time to make a place for us all to enjoy and talk about a passion we all share but not only that its also been a great place for friendships to start, me personally have meet some great people abd made some great friendships, i know i have been absent for awhile due to some shitty life events but ive made some absolutely amazing memories at the socials that fro has put on for us and im looking forward for more to come and im now legal to come on rides! Happy birthday dirtrider
  12. Noodle are you secretly sponsored by redbull?
  13. I love watching the battle between jarvis, gomez, walker and taddy. Was a shame to see taddy miss out on the 4 man finish in 15. I think those guys showed some dam good spotsmenship