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  1. Hi there, Im thinking of buying a Beta 300 , would you recomend them?

    1. Tripitaka


      They're much beta (sic) than you'd think. 

  2. Well twas a dark n stormy night..... 5 chicks and a ring in bloke arrive and professionally and quickly get hauling. Yeah Ok it was actually a cold n clammy undies day, those days where goggles became a hindrance. Hands numb. Even with all my gear on I didn't sweat, I mean 'glow' (ladies ride Afterall hehehehe) Kelly was blinded by rain but was a trooper using faith as her navigation, might of been secretly using tail lights too. We spent most of our explore ride having no idea at all where we were going, except blind @Kelly85M84 who regained sight after the rai
  3. You going no matter the weather?
  4. Marysville is fine with me. I find when i have to lead, all of a sudden i learn the tracks. Lol. You'd be great at leading.
  5. Now Deb, if it's friends it's no pressure. I can catch my breath. Pick dirt out of my teeth.... All good. It be good for you to lead. Cap it at 5 or something.
  6. @TooTimid when will you lead a ride? Level 1 looks like it's calling.
  7. I recently rampaged. Fox 180 womens jerseys not stretchy, too short. Thor phase had good fit. Fox 360 men's jersey. Super stretchy and long to cover ass. Yay. I'm tall. Potential exposed butt syndrome. Alpinestars techstar. Stretchy men's pants. Cinch in waist option. Yay. I've wondered how crap MX racewear would be really.... I looked at it because it's super stretchy.. might tear too quick. Dunno Gaerne usually make wide fitting calf. Pretty sure only big foot sizing .I found AStar narrow calf. The Fox comp 5 ladies I found fit low wide calves. I wou
  8. Lvl 1-2 at cruisy pace. I mainly ride cobaw forest ...also happy to travel. Can lead at Cobaw. I have ridden Kinglake, dissa, Ballan, wombat, lake cobbler, Whitfield.
  9. Sorry y'all for the 2 min wait turning to 10 as I went to a different walkers track bit. Oops. @splints was excellent company to circle the park with... it ended up me remembering old tracks. (Win win) @mOtOcHiCk we nearly made it. And yup. Press "exit navigation" worked fine. Doh! Everything I own smells sweaty or is covered in mud. I am feeling peaceful.
  10. Wulf branded rivet gun bought from Total Tools. (their website is a bit difficult, told me in stock when it wasn't etc ) Anyway, its way easier to use than the hand held one - has long arms so less muscle needed. It fits 6.4mm rivets.
  11. Exactly.. but not in stock. I'm going it buy it .. I'm not sure if I need to wait for delivery.