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  1. Had the 6x4 fold up trailer and can fit two 600cc road bikes on it no problems.
  2. Bandicoot, links aren't working for me, what's the name of the trailer company on facebook?
  3. I have an 89 KDX200 I'm about to part out....not enough room in the garage
  4. Thanks guys, I'm trying to rush the rego process through, two boys under 4 means my time is prioritised to family right now.
  5. Greetings all, A new to dirt bikes and new to the forum. I've been a road rider for almost 15 years, love my two strokes and when I moved I decided to get a dirt bike to try and change my riding style. I've got a CRM250AR that needs a bit of love before rego. I'm in the lower Blue Mountains so once family duties ease off a little I'd be keen to get into some easy rides.
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