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  1. Thanks Bruce just needed to wash the dust off Rus I can drop the bike off whenever you are ready mate don’t stress she is in the shed with the others thanks Bill
  2. Well a brilliant weekend a big thanks to Phil and Rus for arranging it, and to Raise funds for MND was a benefit for all, as mentioned and you can see on the vid we had a brilliant weekend with awesome views from the fire tower to the lake, The people at the motel and Pub really looked after us and it was a really nice group to ride with, It was good to see two newer members and a couple of Phil's mates from Geelong David and Shane, Rus your bike also needs Hospital mate once I washed her up she also has a few injuries, A huge thanks to the young builder from Traralgon who pulled up one minute later and helped so much and played Ambo and wouldn't take any money, and also came back to check on me 30 min later so I didn't get his name but a top bloke, and also to Kathy who looked after the bike you cant beat country hospitality, thanks Guys and Rus take care you scared the shit out of me. I have never run that fast, Bill
  3. Good luck Guys we will be cheering from the lounge with a beer in hand stay safe Bill
  4. Well Awesome is the best I can come up with To Arbo Arthur Dale and Tony thanks for all the effort, Frank and I arrived around lunch time on Friday to sneak out for a practise ride and after 20 mins of whoops and deep sand I was thinking 300 plus ouch but once the rest turned up out again we go on the same tracks this time Bruce up the front so up went the pace and the penny dropped faster is better so being at the tail Ric and I watched Walkhz try to do the best superman I have seen in a long time once we found out he was okay then the jokes started, and Walkhz and I headed back and as it turned out it was a great decision as the rest got soaked as we stood around the fire in the shed with a nice drink in hand, well having nightmares about the Saturday ride we were all up early and ready for the day ahead and it was as expected with bikes going left and right off the tracks it was so much fun after the first leg I opted for the rest and had a nice cruise up the road and it was a smart move as I really wanted to finish the day being able to walk or crawl to the pub, again thanks to Bear your advice on the sand was top notch and the same for Bruce excellent coaching Gents and the 450 loved the sand heaps of go we covered 300 klm and I would love to go back the venue was perfect hot shower nice fire and great blokes and lady, my only crash was tripping over the guide rope on the swag and hitting the deck so in all top weekend thanks Gents and Ric mate the photos and video wow till next time Bill
  5. Great value just ordered a couple of sets and Dave already has them on the way thanks Bill
  6. Well it was a awesome day huge thanks to Sean and Matt, like the others the tracks where great and it was worth the travel, sean we did have some fun on the way back from dropping Andy and yep must of been know more than 15 mins in the hail they were waiting, as for the hidden errison mounds with the drop offs there was nearly death there as I with others nearly landed on stopped riders so watch out for that bus Sean it does come back around. Andy on the up side you never make these weekends boring, and the topic of ride at a safe pace came up in our car on the way home so thanks for taking another one for the team and we will be careful for another ride, if you need someone to ride the new bike I am sure a few of us will take it out for you and breaker in just like a new horse, again thanks Sean well done on your first ride I think you will always get a full list with all the excellent reports and the level was spot on, I think the award for the day should go to Greasa how he managed to get that trailer there with a missing bearing I was impressed. I hope it worked out I was worried you wouldn't see my note on the windscreen PS Sean with our little detour I clocked 120 kms Bill
  7. Hi Guys while riding at Neerim on patrol road we came across the bridge building contractors, and top blokes and they let us ride through he mentioned they ride bikes so we chatted to them he then asked if anyone might of seen some 4wds older Nissan patrol with a broken grille as they smashed up there gear stole 200 litres of fuel and broke in and stole all there tools and gear seemed like top blokes just. Trying to earn a buck. I have his number if anyone has anything info he also showed us were the DELWP are going to build the legel tight tracks thanks Bill
  8. Hi Sean mate well done looks awesome sorry I couldn't make it but will for sure the next one Bill
  9. Now Luke is the 70 the number of times Deb told you how good she is on the way home??????? Andy the ride was perfect judging when you are not there is always difficult but when you get to a difficult log or tree root and you look to see people standing both sides to help you out or give guidance, or in my case lift the bloody WR up that's what dirt riderz is about I have been a member for a couple of years nearly and found everyone brilliant thanks Andy
  10. Great day out meet at the servo caught up with a few of the Guys off the forum heading for the 2 plus ride then we headed off to the unload area meet up with Frank so 7 of us headed off and it was a great ride and Andy stepped it up as everyone agreed the best part was all the team work, and a couple on challanges didn't stop the group we had a few stops and meet up with Mick and the other group a few times, we Came up one of Andys step up challanges and came across a larger group so we let them through then made it to the top with DEB making it look like it was flat go girl. Once at the top we came across Mick again heading down what we just did and mentioned another group playing at the bottom, a couple of showers came through and we called it quits back to the cars with half of the 2 plus crew nice to meet a few of you blokes agian Andy and Melissa great day thanks Frank and Lindon for the help at the back end great Dirtriderz team work till next time Bill
  11. Awesome vids Steve looks like that KTM held you up on a couple of hills, Friday night watching the footy well watching the ride vids and wishing I was out this weekend. Great stuff Guys Bill
  12. Jay Cam Bash and Rob you blokes are gentlemen to a T, you made everyone welcome and it was just a great group to ride with, like Pete said Cams master chef demos put my dinner to shame and boy the best pizza ever came out, i loved the hills and the WR didn't throw me off for a change I nearly got revenge on badger as he decide to rest on a rock ledge but managed with pure skill to miss him to look at at Steve taking pics with my arms and legs all over the place and a look of oh shit how did I miss him on my face, later in the day Frank and I decided to head out again and we were finally in the grove at a constant pace and we figured the WR likes going up rock faces a tad slower than the sherco so frank took the lead and I was impressed at one of the corners Frank showed how you can spin a Sherco at speed with style and grace so the WR got to lead again as we both remember we won't see 50 again but hell it was fun so we did nearly 90 kms for the day and loved it, Jay I am happy to lead a level 2 on the fire trails mate but I can't cook like Cam or ride like Bash he needs a pilots licence for the KTM it was great to finally meet some of other dirtriderz it puts faces to names again thanks really enjoyed the weekend Bill
  13. Thanks Greasa first how you arranged the perfect weather? everyone was on time, and we had lots of laughs along the way, fancy lending a mate your bike for the day who hadn't ridden in the dirt for 20 years with a dodgey front brake! it was interesting watching from the rear for sure, it was great too see Miss Mud and Melissa start at the bottom of the sand hill get up on the pegs and nail it first attempt well done ladies awesome effort for the day, thanks for letting me take the new toy for a ride I think the 450 is going to have to find a new home as weight watchers won't help either of us, hope to see everyone out again soon man the bald head shot is a shocker thanks Greasa Bill
  14. Ripperz brilliant day mate, big thanks too Andy and yourself great ride, and I rode like a bloody Gumby I hope you didn't put your back out lifting the WR up thanks Joff for the ride on the 17 350 loved it, it was a great day good track and again top blokes thanks to everyone who helped me today thanks Bill
  15. Thanks Greasa for putting the ride on again, and its a nice start for the royal children hospital appeal, it was a great day and CAZ and I kept each other company at the rear end nice riding Caz , it was a good mix of riders from level one up, and everyone helping out, I am not sure about the weigh jokes as both the WR and its rider need to lose a few kilos but hey it helped the beta out, it must of been that good KTM oil the beta couldn't handle the extra power it provided, the trail banter was of the highest quality later in the day and Too timid handing out a fare bit of it, the highlight for me was sweeping then thinking I could hear a car coming to see two young blokes in Nana's old Corolla no plates coming down the hill so best plan was to move out of harms way as it turned and fish tailed it the opposite direction after that I was glad to be sweeping wouldn't want to meet the Corolla head on so part of me was yes awesome!!! then the parent kicked in and oh dear this could go wrong in a big way, Great ride great people Good cause thanks Everyone till next time WR450 recovery beast Bill