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  1. I have a 6d and a Airoh I use the 6 D in the high country as Pud mud said awesome protection and the airoh for the tight stuff low speed great ventilation no issues with the 6 D had it for 3 years now
  2. Well Many Kilometers on the DRZ400 in the outback, and then turned the trusty WR450F into a light weight adventure bike and its going well, Here's a few Dirtriderz's enjoying life last year. Bill
  3. Thanks Mick awesome tracks Harry u are a legend for sitting behind me most of the day great blokes nice weather great way to end the year thanks Bill
  4. Got mine thanks they look great hopefully it improves my riding Bill
  5. Hi Team they will arrive on the 4th of November and will be sent to Noods they say. enjoy the Holiday Bill
  6. Hey Noods any update on these turning up? Thanks Bill
  7. Trailz is on the money more info would be nice to support the sponsors
  8. Hello MR Noddle just checking to see if these went out would be great before next Friday’s ride Bill
  9. Hi Geoffro 1 Gunmetal and Aqua Med, and 1 Gunmetal and orange Med please I will transfer the money now, so mark as Paid, when you need the address details I will P.M them thanks Bill
  10. Hi Geoffro up my order to two Med Hoodies to help things along Bill
  11. Hi Noods can I get 1 please size XL name Bill number 16 member name Bill1601 will PM now paid 9-7-2019
  12. Nice pick up used this today to set up my sons Bike thanks Bear Bill
  13. Hi Geoffro hoodie and beanie please and jersey as well if they get enough people thanks Bill
  14. Bill1601


    Looks Like he has another spare bike for Bruce same theme the PUB sorry Bruce
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