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  1. Cheers. Enduro cross would be fun to have a crack at
  2. I'll have to try there first then. I'm away this weekend but it'll give me time to go over the bike before I ride it. Shouldn't need much as it's meant to be all original and definitely looks that way but a bit of fresh grease on the bearings won't hurt. Still deciding whether I put in a new oem piston to be safe.
  3. I actually went past ride park when I picked up the bike. Looked like a heap of tabletops and pretty easy going on the track I saw
  4. Hi all, Just picked up a pretty clean 2011 yz 125 and wanting to know some good spots to go near Geelong. I used to ride up the bush a bit around north east Victoria then haven't really ridden since moving to Geelong about 5 years ago. Thinking about trying out some MX tracks but I've never ridden at any before so open to some suggestions on places to start getting back into riding. I do have a crf 250 with rec reg for the bush but I was thinking the YZ would be fun on farms and at a track
  5. Thanks mate. Just in the process of getting rec reg on my CRF 250 but it'll be a long time before the 125 will be running let alone ready for the scrub. Still in the process of chasing up parts
  6. Hi guys, Been reading along for a while but never posted so i thought i better introduce myself. Used to ride around the bush in north east vic but have since moved to Geelong. Don't get much time to ride but I'm trying to restore a 1993 cr 125. I'd say I'm very much a beginner rider but I'm keen to get back into it after a couple years off
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