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  1. Awesome ride,thanks heaps to all crew that organised this.A special thanks to Dusty for leading the level 3 ride which for the amount of riders flowed very well with everyone riding consistently and at a nice pace, and rider for being a great sweep.Plenty of challenges ,the creek sections where mad,along with some cool hills and nice tight tracks.Thanks to the Hoff for cracking me up all day as well,i love a laugh on a good ride ,makes it an excellent ride.Thanks Marko for being camera man and i hope your thighs ok for your marathon next week mate,you definately left your mark on it bud.Cruiser i hope you enjoyed the bbq"d Pepperoni over the vegie burgers there aswell champ.Cool bunch of blokes to ride with and cant wait for the next one.cheers.
  2. Awesome ride,my brother and i both loved it,Gypsy your a hill nut,and never dissapoint in presenting a challege,for MOST hills there was an alternate route,Which shows deep down ur are an empathetic bloke.All you others lads were true champions to ride with.After flipping my 6hr old girl over the top of my head and landing her on rocks i slightly lost my mojo as riles outlined,once convinced there was no major damage (an hour and half later),mojo returned.The open loamy run home was truly inspiring and i lost any doubt or negative vibes asap.Again,Gypsy your a nut,but a legend and thanks for leading the ride.cheers.
  3. Cheers to you Daniel,great ride ,great pace ,good mix up of tracks ,nice lunch stop and good bunch of blokes ,also cheers habs for sweeping....i appreciate the vegemite by the way,look forward to the next ride..loved it!
  4. Damn,looks like i missed out!!!
  5. Enter next time bro ,great experience!
  6. Yeah cuff that sherco 300 was my close nit second to the beta 390,great bikes ,they were all great really,different horses for courses i guess!
  7. By the way,the whole day was fantastic and well organised,free bbq and drinks freindly people and great loops,hopefully the will do it all again!!best part is u dont have to wash ur bike.
  8. What an awesome day!i rode 7 different 2015 model bikes,each bike was taken round a 12-15 loop consisting of a little st,some open whooped sections with some slippery ruts,mud packed corners,a small creek xing,some mud packed hills and to finish a nice open grass track section,which surprise"was also slippery!..my style of riding preferably is fast flowing st with technical equations!soooo,heres my opinion and only MY OPINION if any 1 cares!ktm500-absolute torque monster,chugg her around st or open the beast up where possible!light feel for a big bore,great bike.husky 300 two banger,fast ,light,and very rideable,(im used to 4t)so surprised at how rideable in every situation it was,husky 350,plush suspension,loads of torque awesome trail bike,ktm 350,splitting hairs with husky 350,felt a little firmer in suspension but very similair power,little firmer was still a great thing though,loved both these bikes,ktm 250 two banger,awesome light feel,fun bike!,the sherco 300 4t,wow,mountain bike with a great little motor,lightest feeling bike and a mapping switch from mud to whatever,awesome in the tight stuff ,nice ergos ,good torque,i personally could have done with a touch more on the straight open grass track!Dont get me wrong,all these bikes were fantastic and i wouldnt say no to owning any of them,,,but the ducks guts for me went to the beta 390,beautifull ergos,perfect power,it just did everything so awesome,such a well put together machine!!!but remember,this is only the opinion of an average trailrider!thecthing really surprised me and alot of other people i spoke with.cheers,marky eck
  9. Cheers boys for the fast arse ride ,loved the single track and some of those hills,woops were awesome and definate quad fryers ,they must be ridden with respect!!!overall great ride,cheers corey ,simmo and rockn roddy!
  10. Gidday dylan ,welcome to dirtriderz,we shall ride someday bro!!!
  11. Giddy guys, happy to be aboard , looking forward to riding with a group of dirt bike nuts like myself (a safe nut anyway).I'm from the geelong area and mostly ride Anglesea. Do alot of riding by myself these days due to mates hurting themselves or just loosing interest.it would be great to get out and about some new places!! Cheers, Mark.
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