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  1. Pulled apart the silencer for repacking! Yuck! Also started pulling apart the rear linkage for pre winter greasing. Didnt get too far as some of the bolts have been done up stupidly tight and have no access for a socket. Ive had to grind down a ring spanner to fit!
  2. Had an awesome day at Tims training day today. Started the day with some balancing skills and slow riding before progressing onto some wheelies and log hops. Did some follow the leader type rides through the property which saw us tackle some decent rocks and other tricky terrain. Just when you thought you were getting good Tim and the other trainer Sam would do something crazy and show you how crap you are!! Was great to get out and purely focus on building skills rather than keeping up with the group. I was absolutely stuffed by the end of the day. Decided to try the log hop and ended up over the bars so that was more than enough for me! Thanks to Chris who organized and to all the others who were there it was a great day.
  3. 14mm shaft compared to 16 on most modern bike. 46mm pistons. it is a piston reservoir, Im thinking of converting to a bladder but not fixed on it at this point. Thanks for the honda tip, Ill likely only need it for the bump stop as I can buy aftermarket 1 piece seal heads which i will use in place of the stock multi piece setup. For shims Technik in Sydney list on the website lots of shims so i will probably give them a go!
  4. Been working on stripping these down some more. Decided to pull apart the 465 shock at the same time as it is like riding a pogo stick. Seal head removal was covered by making some spacers to fit on each side of the shaft. The whole lot was put in the press and pressed down squishing the rubber gland in the middle enough to get the circlip out with some wrestling. This was the state of the oil that came out manky and black no good! The internals of the shock are also very different to a modern bike. Only about 3 shims on the compression side and a deflection limiter and none on the rebound, Rebound seems to be taken care of by the holes on the step on the shaft with restriction provided by the pushrod runs through shaft to the adjuster on the end. If any one has tips for doing some basic valving on these old bangers let me know. The body on the 125 shock and 465 shock are the same. Which is good because the body is shagged on the 465. There is a lip big enough to feel and see which will no doubt leak oil past the piston. The 465 shock also had no gas charge and hardly any oil left which is why it was such a pogostick. (probably also why its so worn but this bike has had a very hard life in the past) The 125 body is in pretty good nick. Measured with a bore gauge and total change in dia is within 0.1mm and runout also 0.1mm which i think is pretty good for a 39 year old part. So plan at this stage is to rebuild 1 good shock for the 465 out of the parts of the 2. The worn out body I am looking at turning up a new sleeve and welding onto the head but need to get my head around how to bore a 46mm hole 300mm odd deep and keeping it straight round and smooth (need to make up a beefy boring bar!) Initially will keep the body raw but once ive got a bit of a batch of them i might get all 3 Hard anodized at once (price for 1 was at minimum charge so more economical to get a few done)
  5. Got stuck in after I had made to make a set of soft jaws to suit. Pulled the spring off and let out the nitrogen and removed the res. There was no bumper left and fell out of the plastic shield in pieces! These early shocks have issues with wear as they were not hard anodized stock. I will look into getting them hard anodized depending on the price i get, i know of a few places here in Melbourne who could do this.
  6. Hi All As some might be aware Ive got both a 125 and 465 G model Yamaha with the original non linkage yamaha monoshock. After A few rides on each bike like many older machines the suspension is......lacking. Especially when carrying my 95kg behind. Forks are relatively straight forward and I will likely throw some cartridge emulators and suitable sized springs which should bring them to an acceptable level. Rear shock is more difficult. For those unfamilar with these setups the shock is mounted up the spine of the bike under the tank and there is a remote res mounted in the airflow under the tank. Im currently pulling apart a spare 125 shock to have a look at and see what im in for. A lot of the period parts for these shocks really focused on finned reservoirs to keep the oil temps down. These run a piston for nitrogen separation. What I am thinking is to make up a custom res that is finned (if I can be bothered for bling factor) and possibly for bonus points add a compression adjuster from a more late model bike to get some sort of adjustment there as currently only rebound is adjustable. (not sure if this is worth the extra stuff around though). Rubber res hose to be replaced with braided line. I have a lathe and mill at home as well as contacts with CNC gear so really doing this as more of an interest project more than anything. Rear springs are progressive stock but genuine stiff springs are near impossible to get so i will likely get a twin spring setup to suit my weight (465 already runs a twin spring that is just too soft so that might make its way to the 125 and the 465 will get a beefier unit.) Although i have found that tecnik suspension in sydney sell progressive springs that may be suitable so i will look into this as well.
  7. Been a while between posts again. Been busy riding the full size bikes so the poor little 80 took a back seat. Am going up to mums place over the weekend so decided to take the tank up with me to get painted where dad got the 250 and 400 tanks done. Before that i did some electrolitic rust removal from the inside. Its like the opposite of the zinc plating i do. Put a nice shiny bit of steel in hook it up to a battery charger and pull out the rust! After 2 days running it seems to have got most of the rust off!
  8. Bike washing! Its a chore that we all face after every ride (for most of us anyway). No matter how I try I always find dirty spots once the bike drys and missed spots and the bike never really looks properly clean like some others bikes. What products and processes does everyone use to get their pride and joy looking new again after a day of abuse? Normally my bike wash goes like this. Remove air filter and plug intake, Put bung in exhaust. Wheel it out onto the grass and wash it down with the hose to get off the big clumps and rehydrate the dirt. Hit it with the pressure washer to remove everything i can. Put some truck wash into the soap tank and rinse the bike with soapy water and then brush it down. any trouble spots are hit with degreaser and extra scrubbing especially around the chain. Spray with WD40 and remove bungs then start up the bike to dry out the water on engine components. My biggest drama is once the bike drys dirty water has leaked out and dried making for dirty spots. The other is that the bike always looks dull and not nice and shiny. Are there any products people use to make it all look nice again? Silicone spray?
  9. Replace the bars, Attempt to straighten bark busters. Straightend bars are waiting to snap on you. Not worth the risk for the $100-$150 for a new set.
  10. Dont worry about the stress of full reg. Club reg is where its at for old bikes!
  11. Had a great day even if a little warm. Running 3 bikes made my day pretty busy. Got there a bit later than i wanted and got held up in scruitineering due to having to remove side stands (confusing as plenty of others didnt have to and all the other times ive been its not been asked but thats how it goes) Then fitted the trials tyre to the 125 as id run out at home and had to score a freebe. Only the 2nd ride on the beta and i love it more every ride. So much power and i could feel the back sliding around on me gassing up the straight. Poor thing hasnt been ridden that hard consistantly in its life having been on tight trails mostly it set the oil in the silencer on fire!! Time for a clean and repack id say as it smoked for a good 10 mins after each session. Have got a starting sequence down for the big 465 which is good but seems to have electrical issues now which are stopping it from any reving need to check resistance on all of the coils. Main jet is lean as i dare and the plug is still black and wet as it pops farts and burbles its way along. 125 after some early issues with a stuck needle flooding the bike ran really well. Good amount of power but need to drop some teeth on the rear as it ran out of legs a good 50m before I was backing off on the beta. The club runs a vintage class so might have to do some racing later in the year! Now for my job later in the week. If you ride 3 bikes youve got to wash 3 bikes and clean 3 filters!
  12. Timed sessions approx 5 mins each. They will cycle through beginner, intermediate and advanced (possibly 2 sessions of each) then go back to the start.
  13. Heard something similar not so much about name changes but if a govt dept is looking like coming in under budget they will spend money like its going out of fashion to make sure they dont get cut in future.
  14. All good with the weather its normally pretty hot! Bring plenty of water! Ill be there with the Beta and 1 or 2 of the old yamaha's just need to decide 465 125 or both if i can get an extra tyre.
  15. Awesome thread! I often stop to fix up things like this but should do it more, Awkwardly placed branches or head height branches are my main targets. Ive built up a few kickers over logs in the past as well but this can take a bit of time so normally only do this on solo rides. I like the idea of a small saw. Might be a good one to fit in the tool bag.