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  1. 1976 YZ 80C Resto

    Got into the bike again today after i finished with the husky. Got the air hacksaw onto the exhaust nuts i was struggling with. That got the exhaust off and allowed the engine out. All other bolts came out easilly. Whipped the head off the engine to have a peak at the condition of the bore. Looks good but needs a hone and a new slug. Only thing im not sure about is the rear shocks. Does anyone know if these can be pulled apart for rebuilding/chroming or will i be on the hunt for replacements?
  2. My Dad has quite the Bike Collection. Some of his favourites were the 1976 Model YZ's, Some of the first monoshock bikes and the last series of yamaha with metal tanks. He had a 125 as an apprentice in the army and used to burn around near the base on the mornington peninsula in the 70's Like most he had to give up bikes for the family. About 3-4 years ago with all of us kids out of the way he started buying bikes. He ended up with most of the 76 models as well as some newer yammies. If it was a yamaha and it was yellow he liked it. The list is as follows 1976 YZ125X x2 1976 YZ250C 1976 YZ400C 1980 YZ125G 1980 YZ465G 1977 TT500 To complete the collection he was chasing a YZ80C and was on the lookout for something reasonable to come up. Unfortunately in October last year he was diagnosed with throat cancer for the 2nd time. This Feb we were told that unfortunately he would not win this fight. Last saturday while up visiting him for the last time I saw a 80C pop up on facebook for sale and it just so happened that Geoffro was selling it. I took this as a sign and sent through a message. On Tuesday afternoon I picked it Up! Its a bit rusty and needs some love but in quite good condition for a 42 year old bike and is very original. Unfortunately Dad lost his battle on Wednesday morning 14/3/18. I Spent the day in the shed working on His newest bike. Geoffro wasnt able to get her running but admitted to not putting much effort into it. I found that the tank was completely clogged with gunky varnish so no fuel was coming through. I set up a syringe to the carb and gave her 3 kicks and away it went! I made sure it clicked through all the gears then shut it off. Time for the strip down to begin. Got it down this far after a few hours. The exhaust nuts are completely knackered so i will need to crack out the grinder to free the exhaust and remove the engine. Plans after that are for a sandblast and paint for the frame and other major components. Then I will have to get into the expensive business of rechroming forks and wheels. I will likely pair this in with some work on the TT500 as its forks need some work as well. If anyone has contacts for parts or other services like chroming they will definitely come in useful!
  3. Anodizing front forks

    Never done forks but have had many parts anodized for work purposes. Anodizing will coat the whole part inside and out unless it is masked. One thing to be wary of is that your part will grow in size by a few microns so if there are close fits they can be affected. Looking at my bike forks which are apart at the moment they have anodizing inside and out with a few parts looking like they have had a post machine to size. Hard anodizing isnt available in all the colours like regular anodizing as it uses a different process. You also need to be wary of the grade of aluminium that are used as the hard ano can have adverse reactions to certain grades.
  4. Suspension shim suppliers

    Does anyone know the best place to buy shims for valving forks and rear shocks? I want to have a play around with a few settings on the bike but am unsure of the best place to source shims (possibly even in kit form)
  5. Street trackers

    Ive got one in the works now. Based off a 90 kdx 200. I havent got very far though got the frame stripped and bottom end of the engine rebuilt. Need to spend more money than im willing to at this stage to go much further as i want 19"wheels front and back which involves custom spokes and other interesting bits.
  6. Make sure you use proper submersible fuel line when replacing in tank lines! I didnt check this when i changed a fuel pump 6 months ago. Just opened the tank to fix something else to stumble upon this! Luckilly i caught it and it hadnt actually failed although the outer skin was swolen and worn off like this!
  7. Slide day - Broadford

    Even when its too hot for the bush the track is still open! Was nice and warm when i arrived at 830 and got warmer through the day. Signed in and scrutineering done we got underway quickly as they were planning on finishing up the day early with the heat. As Daz said track conditions were pretty slick first up when the water truck had been out, I wasnt feeling very racey or confident in the first session so took it nice and easy... no one wants to put it down in the first session! Once the sessions rolled on the track gripped up and had a few lines develop and the pace picked up. All was going well until the last session before lunch when the bike didnt fire up on the grid (suspect dead fuel pump). Ironically Daz and i had only been talking 10 minutes prior about fuel pumps and issues!! oh well at least it was only a 20m push back to the car and not stuck at the bottom of some impossible gulley! I stuck around for lunch and daz offered me a ride on the RMX Beast. Well it was certainly interesting for someone of my size with limited 2 stroke experience! Once I got over the hmm...... ergos I started to try out the engine, I was surprised about the way the power was delivered and the tractabillity considering the age of the bike! The session was called early after someone highsided and took a while to get up! I decided to call it a day and pack up. See below for a few snaps of daz doing his thing
  8. Dakar 2018

    And now i've heard tomorrows stage is cancelled too due to weather. Walkner must be relieved as that doesn't leave much competitive running left to reduce that 30min Gap. I think Toby would have to be pretty happy with a podium after last years Disaster!
  9. Sag & click

    If suspension is stock run with what the book says and maybe stiffen a few clicks all round due to your weight. If a Suspension tuner has had a play with them ask them what they recommend.
  10. Dakar 2018

    Not sure what is going on with that penalty. Apparently it was applied at the end of the stage then removed. Now some news pages are saying its back on??? not sure what for?
  11. Tallarook - 2017 Xmas ride

    Dirtriderz have done it again! My first christmas ride having missed the last few through family commitments. Arrived a bit later than planned having my work christmas party the night before I was a bit dusty! Had a quick catch up with new faces and familiar ones then geared up and it was time to go. Having only been to Tallarook once before i forgot how rocky it can be. Having the front deflect off them on some of those steep downhills is unnerving but managed to stay upright most of the time. On one tricky downhill i was following another rider down the right wheel track, The options in that wheel track ran out so whoever was in front moved off to the centre track with no issues, When I attempted the same maneuver I ran out of tallent and had a bit of an off..... right in front of Mr Noodle who managed to avoid running over my hand/arm. He stopped to make sure I was ok which just shows the spirit of these rides! Eggs route was great and had a few tricky climbs to negotiate. Considering the size of the group there was minimal long hold ups and the corner chats were always good. Thanks to all that attended it was a great day! Photos to come as they dont seem to be working for now!
  12. Idiots at Wombat

    Looks like one of them was on the way out anyway but there is no excuses. I dont know what goes through some peoples heads.
  13. TBRiders Out West ride, Sat 18th

    Great day out with a great bunch of riders! Ride flowed along smoothly with no incidents besides noodles false start. Probably one of the first rides ive been on where everyone was pretty evenly matched for pace, cornermen were almost not needed 95% of the time by the time you stopped there was the sweep right behind you waving you on. Good flowing tracks with lots of bermed up corners for some MX style fun and a few tricky hills to keep you on your toes. All done by 12:45 before the heat and storms set in and plenty of time for bike washing and house chores. Thanks to all the leaders and sweeps for the fun morning.
  14. Axle bearing question

    Never heard that trick before. Im always lip in. If you install them backwards on a wheel often the wheel spacers will not fit correctly