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  1. Awesome! I was watching it on the live stream and it looked crazy! You guys wouldnt have been the only ones with bike issues after that mess!
  2. Those Figures would be based on allowing full advertsing on your videos. Barry from cross training enduro did a bit of a video on it a while ago to explain why he didnt do it and was getting people to pay directly instead. Seems like good coin but these more professional channels would have a lot of extra time and cost involved than your average punter.
  3. I had a 2009 Te310. I never had any issues starting in gear with mine once warm on hills etc (never really did it when cold so cant comment). If its a new bike take it back to the dealer or give them a call. If they dont want to know about it then there are a few things to check: Check clutch is bled correctly and there are no bubbles in the system. Check adjustment and possibly wind the adjuster in some more so you can push the bike freely with the clutch in and bike in gear. (check for slippage when riding) Engine oil grade correct? heavy oils will make the clutch drag.
  4. Tim Coleman and chris perry are killing it! Hope they can keep it up!
  5. Depending on the phone you have there are a few good GPS programs out there. For android MyTrails is a good one and i use it. MotionX is what a lot of guys recommend for Iphone but never used it myself. Biggest issue with a phone based system is when you dont have reception (like most places we ride) the actual map wont show up as it is downloaded on the fly on most apps, you can still see previous tracks though. I get around this by opening the app and moving the map over the riding area while i have signal and then keeping it open so it doesnt loose the map. Proper GPS or a Voyger would be great but also can end up expensive.
  6. Sweet no worries, Will take some getting used to but it looks good
  7. Logged on via computer and the forum seems to have a different colour scheme? On Purpose or a bug?
  8. Long time since a post. Been doing some maths in the background to try to figure out a spring rate. Doing this on a povo budget at the moment so tried to use components i already had. Best matching rear spring i had was off a 90 kdx 200. Yz465 will use a twin spring setup with the kdx spring. Yz125 will use the original 465 spring. New twin spring is far left. 465 spring centre 125 spring right. The rebuilt shock is almost done rebuilt with a new seal 5w oil and freshly zinc plated parts.
  9. Great absolutely loving it. Starter motor crapped itself on Wednesday though so need to get a new one. Luckilly its a single kick to get her going!
  10. Thanks to coggs for the awesome ride. Awesome flowing tracks with a mix of everything you could want. Conditions in the morning were bang on with the rain from the day before. Got a bit dusty though on the open tracks and into the afternoon. Airfilters definitely need a clean after this ride. 3rd gear hill is definitely stuffed especially with the dry conditions offering very little grip. Thanks to all for a wonderful day out on the bike!
  11. Thats what I thought! I suppose Beta didnt design their starter to be a disposable part like the 09-16 ktms lol. Dunno, bit of googling shows a few other 17 betas with this issue, might just be a dodgy batch as they all seemed to be higher hours like mine. Looks like one off a honda TRX quad might fit will have to do some more searching.
  12. The past couple of rides my 300's starter has been really struggling almost like the battery was cactus. Today on my little solo ride i took a small little tumble and put the bike on its side picked it up and hit the starter to be greeted with a very sick sound. Lucky with the kicker on board i got it fired up but decided to call it early and take it home to diagnose/fix. Got home and poped open the ignition cover to check the bendix. Some evidence of water in the small amount of oil in there but the bendix seemed ok. Decided to head into sunbury to visit Rob at motohub and grab some gearbox oil which is probably due for a change. He suggested checking the starter motor itself for worn brushes or loose magnets. With the wonderful position of the beta starter out come all the engine mounts so i can lever the engine up to get the starter out. Crack it open to find Yep thats magnets stuck to the rotor. Looks like 1 has come loose and spun it around collecting a few others along the way. Does anyone have any idea if there are any aftermarket options for the starter? Beta only list the whole unit at a cool $400! In the meantime ive epoxied the non mangled magnets back in place and will see if it will work well enough while i wait for a new one!
  13. Pulled apart the silencer for repacking! Yuck! Also started pulling apart the rear linkage for pre winter greasing. Didnt get too far as some of the bolts have been done up stupidly tight and have no access for a socket. Ive had to grind down a ring spanner to fit!
  14. Had an awesome day at Tims training day today. Started the day with some balancing skills and slow riding before progressing onto some wheelies and log hops. Did some follow the leader type rides through the property which saw us tackle some decent rocks and other tricky terrain. Just when you thought you were getting good Tim and the other trainer Sam would do something crazy and show you how crap you are!! Was great to get out and purely focus on building skills rather than keeping up with the group. I was absolutely stuffed by the end of the day. Decided to try the log hop and ended up over the bars so that was more than enough for me! Thanks to Chris who organized and to all the others who were there it was a great day.
  15. 14mm shaft compared to 16 on most modern bike. 46mm pistons. it is a piston reservoir, Im thinking of converting to a bladder but not fixed on it at this point. Thanks for the honda tip, Ill likely only need it for the bump stop as I can buy aftermarket 1 piece seal heads which i will use in place of the stock multi piece setup. For shims Technik in Sydney list on the website lots of shims so i will probably give them a go!
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