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  1. walkahz

    1976 YZ 80C Resto

    It was like a very expensive christmas yesterday. Tracked down a few of the hard to get parts as well as an order from dcvmx and got it all sent to my US freight forwarder. All new cables, sprockets, engine bolts, gaskets, tank stickers, rear guard along with some other goodies. Does anyone know why postage from the US is so damn dear? The package was 4kg and cost $120Aus ive brought similar sized things from uk bike shops and it would be lucky to be $40!!!
  2. walkahz

    chewton chewed us up

    Ahh I remember that ride! At least you gave us all a nice rest and some entertainment Fab! Thats me with the bike having a rest right at the start so at least you wernt the only one to struggle!
  3. A Mates XR 80, must of been 10 or 11. Sat on fired it up then proceeded to dump the clutch and go flying up the track where I promptly dropped it! Not much has changed I suppose
  4. walkahz

    What brand fork seals?

    My Bad brought them 2 years ago and my memory is ordinary. Just looked up the invoice and I paid $120 for the SKF's. They seemed good with minimal stiction but they only lasted 1.5 years and if im spending $120 just for seals I would expect more life (more likely the marzocchi forks in my bike which are renowned for leaks). I kept they wipers from the SKF seals and will see how long the all balls seals last. For $30 its a good comparison and will be interested to see if there is any life difference or if it is only performance benefit.
  5. walkahz

    What brand fork seals?

    Ive just put some all balls in my husky. 3 rides in and they are still alright. $30 compared to $200 for SKF that I had in it previous.
  6. walkahz

    E.O.I For Winter Merchandise

    keen for hoodie please!
  7. walkahz

    1976 YZ 80C Resto

    Not really. Most things are either direct from yamaha or there is lots of nos parts in the states....at a price. Like most old bikes oem plastics are near on impossible but i have revived most of the ones on the bike. Only one I brought from DC was the rear guard as the old one I couldnt get up to a level I was happy with. It also helps the bike was pretty complete to start with. Main things left to spend money on are a piston and getting the wheels,bars and forks re chromed.
  8. walkahz

    1976 YZ 80C Resto

    Found that the stator side cover had a crack so out came the tig to fix it all up. Took a few goes as welding cast stuff sucks! been getting a fair few bits and pieces from yamaha directly that are still available. Mostly things like rubbers and other small parts. I have just finished buying a whole heap of parts from america. Both from ebay and dc vmx. Those bits should arrive in the next week or 2.
  9. walkahz

    Tell ya what at Tallarook

    Great day out yesterday. Thanks to bear for leading and we all took our turn playing sweep. Day started off interesting when my bike didnt like starting off the starter motor. Battery sounded flat even though i had it on charge the night before. Used the kicker to get it going and we were off (after a few stops the starter had no issues so im thinking a dodgy earth which i will look into). Trailz had issues early with the bike not revving like it should. We suspected over tightened cam chain so he made his way back to the cars to watch youtube. The rest of the day was a great mix of tighter tracks and more open stuff. Lots of tracks had been recently graded to allow fire truck access for recent burn offs. With the recent rain these were slick as with a thin layer of wet clay ensuring plenty of wheel spin. Plenty of long rocky climbs provided the entertainment. The pace was resonably even so there wernt too many long stops only waiting when some of us picked a crap line and got stuck on some rocks (I was a repeat offender). Only took a couple of photos when beeaye got stuck on a slick rocky climb. After 65k or so it was back to the cars where beer and snags were on offer. Thanks all for the great day!
  10. Pull the injector out of the throttle body and plug it back in then crank it over.... if it sprays fuel thats not your issue. it seems like you have covered off most spark related issues so I wouldnt think there would be too many problems there. Did the bike roll backwards at all and turn the motor over. Its not unheard of to have bikes skip a tooth or 2 on the timing chain if the engine is turned over backwards. Might be an idea to whip the valve cover off and confirm the valve timing is still correct.
  11. walkahz

    Beachport 2018 - Go Pro

    Looks like great fun. Id definately be interested in a ride over there!!!
  12. walkahz

    1976 YZ 80C Resto

    Engine finally stripped. Removed all the damaged screws finally... ended up drilling the heads off all of them that didnt come out with the impact driver. Put everything in the parts washer and gave it a blast with the pressure washer in the attempt to remove 42 years of grime. Now to put the covers into the bead blaster and repaint everything before reassembly. Not planning on replacing the bearings in the big end only planning on replacing the piston. This bike isnt going to be ridden much or raced so as long as its a good runner i will be happy. Also painted some other parts ready for assembly.
  13. walkahz

    Something Different - What Was Your First? Thread

    What was your first, Car : 93 VR Commodore Wagon White Lowered with chrome rims! Motorbike : 2001 Suzuki JR80 BMX: Dont remember nothing special It was green Fish you caught: Probably a Bream CB radio: walkie talkie Alcoholic drink: Beer that I tipped half out on the sly!
  14. walkahz

    1976 YZ 80C Resto

    I love having a lathe! Knocked up a flywheel puller tonight in about 45min. Saves spending $30 on one! whoever worked on this bike previously needs all screwdrivers removed from their possession!!! More bloody stripped screws!!!
  15. walkahz

    1976 YZ 80C Resto

    More shed time today. Cleared the bench of the 125 engine that has been on there for the last few months as i finally went to a yamaha dealer to buy some parts I was missing. This one will sit on the bench for a while till I get back to sydney to fit it in the bike its out of. This gave me room on the bench to pull the 80 motor apart to find what it needs. Piston was loose a a goose so it will need replacement. The Japanese engineer who decided phillips/jis screws on an engine was a good idea should be shot. These were destroyed long ago. Still trying to get them all out. Clutch cover off and all looks good Till i get the basket off and find this The missing piece wasnt in there so removing it must of been when someone butchered the screws. Everything looks good apart from a few small bits. Need to remove 3 more screws before i can split the cases. Then i will work on slowly reassembling.