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  1. 4wd Victoria are for the national parks. They have deals with Parks so they get exclusive access by a key system that only member clubs can use thus keeping membership levels high. Dont trust them!
  2. Just saw a press release. Triumph are launching a mx and enduro range. Ricky Carmichael is ambassador. Be interesting to see what they come up with!
  3. Got some shiny parts back from the chromers yesterday. Did the rear wheel then tried to lace up the front..... new spoke nipples too big for the hole. Bugger, not like I had 2 years to check this before chrome. Anyone have any tips for drilling out the rim without damaging the chrome? Only need to enlarge by about 0.2mm
  4. Yep.... They say no impact but you only need to go into a national park to see the number of "management vehicle only" tracks that never get opened. Key example is the current Lerdederg state park and Wombat State Forest. almost All tracks in the state park that aren't though fares are management only with only a handful of harder tracks that actually are open to the public (with seasonal closures) Its not just Wombat either people Cobaw, Mt Cole and others are all going to be affected becoming either "Conservation" Parks or NP.
  5. Not at this stage. Best thing to do is just follow them on facebook. They did a protest before the veac report came out and there was discussion of another one in the coming weeks/months covid pending.
  6. I believe that the BUGU Group will be organising further protests. Might as well piggy back off them, Strength in numbers.
  7. Not like this is new news been on the cards since before the last election and was sure thing with a biased assessment group like VEAC. Over 65% opposed new parks and yet here we are. Just another thing for Dan to get the inner city voters on side at the expense of everyone else. There is a Facebook group BUGU who have been fighting against this since the start get involved if you want even a small chance to stop it.
  8. Possibly with the 21 models being sold out in many brands they brought forwards the new models to keep the sales up 🤷‍♂️ It does seem early though.
  9. Pulled my 300 2T engine apart about 5 times trying to work out why it wouldnt run right after a rebuild. Turned out to be the jetting!
  10. Filled out. I just spammed them about tight track being safer.
  11. I thought they already were made in India? The 390 definitely is.
  12. Some new additions. Little kicker and tyre jump. Tyres need more support or to be dug in more. picked these up this afternoon. Might start off with them flat. Standing up might not end well!
  13. I have one because it was on my bike when i got it........plus i fall off lots and need it to keep my pipe intact so it seems like a good idea to keep it on there.
  14. Sure is. I did some more reading on a TT/XT specific forum and supposedly this is all normal for it to be earthed both open and closed 🤷‍♂️
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