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  1. Got mine in the post on monday love it!!
  2. Coating looks pretty smoked to me, As above if it had ok compression when it was running then it will be fine for a fun bike. I have a proper cylinder hone that you can borrow if you want to try putting a bit of crosshatch back into the bore.
  3. Hi, did you go out today, I’m keen to go out tomorrow if you are still looking to go out

  4. walkahz

    3D printing

    I saw a video about a guy making gears out of nylon...strong as..still no good? I havent seen nylon used in 3d printing but its less the material strength and more the bond between layers that becomes the issue. You can design around it but generally the parts will always be weaker than in injection moulded part.
  5. All good let me know when they come in!
  6. Ill Grab one Geoffro Still the same bank details?
  7. walkahz

    Corona Virus

    im hoping all will be clear tomorrow after this review meeting. Big group rides still out of the question for a while but hopefully pairs will be allowed within X radius of home similar to what QLD has just introduced.
  8. You said that there seems to be a lot of built up pressure in the lines? do these have a fuel pressure reg? Might be stuck and allowing the system to over pressurize making it run rough due to being too rich??
  9. The stack stayed together thanks to 150mm battern screws the whole lot just flipped. I was very wary of the star pickets and made sure to hammer them down below the face of the obstacle so I don't skewer myself. Tyres are next up. Have a mate with a tyre shop who is keeping some aside for me and some tractor tyres popped up on Facebook last night so I'll see how I go! Cheers for all the advice!
  10. Spent a couple of hours today putting a few things in. need to chop up a few more pine trees to get more logs. The 3 log stack also needs some rework as it topples too easy and the star pickets holding it down just pulled out of the ground.
  11. How many years have you been riding for ? 8 What was your very first bike ? Suzuki jr80 What is your current bike ? Beta rr300 Do you have a childhood bike you would like to buy and restore ? ( if yes, what is it ? ) Not my own but have dad's childhood dream bikes in the shed. Are you a 2 stroke or 4 stroke person ? 2 stroke Where was your favorite forum ride ? Arbos Big desert ride or the tallarook Christmas ride. What is your favorite forum memory ? Not sure about favourite but on my first ride I dropped my xr250 on a hill where it flooded and wouldn't start for 30 mins...... How many years have you been a forum member for ? 5 Have you made any/many good friendships via the forum ? Quite a few! What would you like to see as part of the forum in the future ? More of the same!
  12. Lift tig is ok to begin with. Biggest thing is remembering to turn the gas on and off manually! Welds should be similar to any other DC Tig welder. You still wont be able to do aluminium as i dont know of a lift tig that has AC The only issue with the stainless welding you do is that you loose gas coverage at the end of your weld when you snap away to stop the arc. not a big thing but just leaves a grey/black spot on the end of the weld.
  13. Nice Buzz! Beyond my skill set a lot of that stuff but definitely along the line of what i was thinking. Im trying to keep it all slow and technical to keep the revs / bike noise down..... Even though neighbors around here love their chainsaws a 300 2T on the pipe might not make me popular!
  14. Thanks guys I have already gotten onto my mate who owns a tyre shop for some used ones to make a few things out of. Also cut down some pine trees recently that will make nice log obstacles (if a little small) Will see how I go. Need to clear it past the wife first!
  15. I recently moved to my own slice of heaven with the purchase of 7 acres. It's mostly set up for the wife's horses but with all the virus crap going on at the moment I had the thought to bring the riding to me and build a small endurocross/skills circuit. Has anyone built their own track or have any tips? Needs to be a minimally invasive sort of setup as will probably go in one of the horse paddocks. Was thinking some car tyres and a few small logs. I do have access to a decent supply of old pallets if anyone has something to build out of these.
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