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  1. Pulled my 300 2T engine apart about 5 times trying to work out why it wouldnt run right after a rebuild. Turned out to be the jetting!
  2. Filled out. I just spammed them about tight track being safer.
  3. I thought they already were made in India? The 390 definitely is.
  4. Some new additions. Little kicker and tyre jump. Tyres need more support or to be dug in more. picked these up this afternoon. Might start off with them flat. Standing up might not end well!
  5. I have one because it was on my bike when i got it........plus i fall off lots and need it to keep my pipe intact so it seems like a good idea to keep it on there.
  6. Sure is. I did some more reading on a TT/XT specific forum and supposedly this is all normal for it to be earthed both open and closed 🤷‍♂️
  7. So just had another play. I would assume that I need to check for continuance with the points closed and when they are open there should be nothing. Unfortunately with the points plate in place there is continuance both open and closed. But when I remove the points plate and Operate it with my hands then it works as it should.
  8. Here I am again asking for advice on a broken bike. My 1977 TT500 project has no spark. It had spark 3 years ago when we got it but its sat around since. Now its got these wonderful things in the ignition system now me being from the digital age ive never worked on points ignition before. Any tips to try from some of the more.....cough... experienced members? I've done.... new coil 2 different plug caps Unplugged kill switch. I'm waiting for a service manual to give me specs on settings but I have set the points gap to a reccomend gap i found online a
  9. Chucky up into 4th. Last day tonight! hopefully he can come home strong and put her in 4th to replicate TP's rookie effort! 20m back from 3rd so it might be a bit of a push but anything can happen in this dakar!
  10. Is it just the crack that's the issue or is it damaged elsewhere. Send me a PM I might be able to help you out with a crack.
  11. Toby is out had a crash and hurt his shoulder / arm. Bugger!!😭
  12. Toby's got tyre dramas! Split the carcass, holding it together with cable ties and tape cant change due to marathon stage. https://www.facebook.com/fishgistics/posts/3632738836787810 Chucky went over the bars and damaged a front wheel hitting a buried rock. Hopefully both guys can push through these issues for minimal time loss.
  13. Toby wins again! Chucky 8th! this Dakar is like a yoyo. Lots of the fast guys loosing bulk time!
  14. So I ended up giving up and sending it to boltons up the road. They were busy like all other shops and I finally picked it up this morning. They changed the needle and set it to a different clip. They didnt give a lot of details but there must of been a blockage somewhere that I missed. Took it for a spin up and down the driveway and my bike finally feels right. Time to go out for a spin!
  15. Hi All I seem to remember that one of the members is a horse Farrier, I remember seeing stickers on a bike on a ride once or twice. Mick the farrier rings a bell. My wife is looking for a farrier for her horses so if anyone knows one who serves the kyneton area let me know. Thanks