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  1. walkahz

    Dakar 2019

    All Hail King Toby!!
  2. walkahz

    Dakar 2019

    Looking good for Price early on at least for a podium. Looking at his posts on Facebook he seemed like the wrist was giving him some dramas early on but hasn't mentioned it the last couple of days, Docs might have given him the good stuff. Shame about Rod, Apparently the last time he DNF'ed Dakar with technical failure it was a broken crank so who knows, reading some other sites though it seems one of the lead yammies Van Beveran did struggle with clutch issues as well. 2 other Aussies still in the hunt. Tough day for James Ferguson who broke his road-book switch after 20k and had to ride the rest of the day scrolling manually, If he cant get it fixed he will have to ride 3 days like this as the marathon stage is coming up. In 20th in Malle Moto and 101st overall. The other Ben Young I haven't heard much news but is in 78th. There is another 2 crazy blokes doing the race in a Commodore Ute! Look out for number 409 the last i saw they were in 57th.
  3. walkahz

    Broadford flat track come and try day

    I have in the past no issues. I think race days they may be banned.
  4. walkahz

    Broadford flat track come and try day

    Yep everything is sorted out on the day just rock up and pay your $20. Canteen should be open as well. Once it gets closer they should put more info up on their fb page. They do a basic scrutineering so wheel bearings and spokes will be checked as well as ensuring you have plugged bar ends. You must also have a back protector (built into armour is ok)
  5. walkahz

    Broadford flat track come and try day

    Ill probably head up again this year. Its about $20 From memory. need a Trials Tyre. If you've never had an MA Licence before they should give you a free 3 month rec licence (allows for practice days and other non competitive events.)
  6. walkahz

    The Snakes bike comes out of hibernation

    Arrived a bit early to get some early practice in before the rest of the crew arrived but upon getting to the carpark over half the riders had already arrived. Quick chat and gear up and i go for quick spin to test the new beast. Quick breifing with the 8 starters and we were off. Into the open firetrails on the lerdederg side to start with. I was starting to gel with the bike but needed to play around with the clickers a bit so stopped for a breather once we hit the main track and i got into the screwdrivers. Few more open tracks and a bit of transport and we got to the play hills on xl track. Rider had a good go at both sides and a few others including myself tried and failed on the right hill. A few more open tracks then we hit the good tight trails for the bulk of the rest of the ride. A few wrong turns were made and a bit of looping back accidentally was done but we eventually got back to the cars after 60k and 4 hours. Thanks to all for the ride and it was a great way to round out 2018! See you all on the tracks in 2019
  7. walkahz

    Smokers Lounge

    New member to the smoke club. First ride today and im addicted! I had turned the powervalve right in before I left home, terrified my new bike would bite! No need to worry I settled into 2 stroke life very quickly and I love it! No flameouts, no surging, hard to stall. A few more rides and i think ill be looking for the sorts of hills i used to avoid like the plauge on the old husky!!
  8. Great ride! Thanks to bear and the sweeps! I had a bit of an average day myself but still no better day than a day on the bike! I noticed a few issues early on with a fan that didnt seem to come on leaving the bike running a bit hot. Was all good though and not causing any major dramas. Issues began though when I stuffed up early on the 2nd hill. Pretty simple little fall until a rock ripped a rad hose. All good i had some spares in the bag and made something work. Noodles shouted me a hose clamp when one broke during the job. Filled it back up with water and good to go. Still had a few drips coming out but after a few stops at corners i had it pretty good with no leak. On one little tight track i noticed my front guard had worked loose before i decided to stop and fix i started feeling warm steam on my leg next to the overflow bottle. Once i stopped it was bubbling away pretty good. Not wanting to hold the ride up further i decided to tighten the front guard push on to the next main track and head back to the cars. Thanks to bruce and brian for sticking around while I checked my phone gps. Rest of the afternoon was great with the usual Beers Bbq and BS with some prizes thrown in. See everyone out on the tracks next year!
  9. Anyone notice the Dirtriderz stickers on the fender of the KTM in the footage. Any one know if these guys are members or if 7 News is just getting footage off youtube again?
  10. Went out to ride park today with the old girls. Spent all day on the intermediate track. Its a good compromise for the old bikes with only a few bigger tabletops to deal with. I just cruised up the ramps as both the 125 and 465 are massively undersprung for my fat ass. I would bottom out if I hit the jumps too hard.
  11. walkahz

    Camper trailer - with single dirt bike rack

    Bit of a thread dig but I have just added a bike carrier to my camper. There was a big heavy steel jerry and gas bottle holder in this spot originally so I Unbolted that and made up a motow style rack to bolt on using the same points. Ball weight will be a little heavier but i figure 2 full jerrys and 2 9kg gas bottles would add up to roughly 80kg so Im not far off the mark with a dirtbike on there.
  12. walkahz

    1976 YZ 80C Resto

    Long time no posts. Been busy with other things so havent got a lot done on the bike. Got the barrel bored out to suit the new 0.5mm oversize wiseco. That allowed me to bolt the top end back together. My amazing wife is also getting me a belated birthday present of paying for the rechrome of the wheels and handlebars. Just need to arrange for it to be taken up to the platers. Shed extension is complete so now have an extra 15m^2 to play in...... still not enough I think!
  13. walkahz

    Drowned four stroke?

    Normally you would put some cheap oil in first run bike for 10 mins or so then dump again to make sure all water is out. Then fill up with your oil of choice. Spray all electrical connectors with WD40, innox, CRC to make sure there is no water and to reduce the risk of corrosion. Plug you should be able to clean with some brake cleaner and a fine wire brush, At least good enough to have it running.
  14. walkahz


    Can still register the 50, chuck a headlight, brake/taillight a horn and a mirror and you can get rec rego. $70 a year cheap as to get full TAC Coverage.
  15. walkahz


    Swann do dirtbike insurance. As above to ride in the bush Get Rec Rego and a licence saves a lot of hassle down the track. As a Bonus if your bike is Rec Regoed swann allow you to have a normal policy which is cheaper and better coverage than the dirtbike insurance.