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  1. Spark seems strong can pull plug 10mm away and it jumps the gap. Does it from cold doesn't seem to improve not that ive ridden long enough to get it hot hot. Starts almost instantly off the button no choke.
  2. Carb completely cleaned out. All jets removed and cleared. Checked float level. Needle and seat don't leak. Pulled flywheel off again to make sure all was well. Key in place and no adjustment is possible so timing should be ok. Still stumped.
  3. Bit of tank porn for a Friday!
  4. Pick-up tested in spec so shouldn't be an issue there. I've put the OI back on as it didn't improve with it removed. No gear position sensor that I can see.
  5. Took bike out to wombat today for a quick run and to scout for firewood while its still collection season. I'm back to a carb/fueling issue. Bike seems to load up with fuel down low. Mid range it clears up and pulls well. Top falls flat when in 1,2,5,6 gears but seems to still pull up top in 3rd and 4th. After accelerating it cuts out on the coast down and you need to give it a little throttle to keep it running. Tried a few tight tracks but bike was stalling easily and had to keep on the throttle to keep it running. Very confusing again as it was running fine before the
  6. Coil changed. As above ktm exc300 coil is the same. Boltons is just up the road and had 1 in stock so was the quick option rather than waiting for one from beta/ebay with the crappy post times at the moment. Seems to be an improvement but bike still isn't running 100% smooth. Seems to be using a lot of fuel as well. Bike will bog then take off all of a sudden.....as I found out in the paddock when the back overtook the front. Anyway I have a day off tomorrow so am going to go for a light ride to see if it improves or I can find any other issues.
  7. First issue found. The coil secondary resistance should be 13k ohms according to the above. Mine is at 6k. A potential issue at last!
  8. Screenshot of a throttle position vs rpm trace done during a start last night from OBD
  9. Bike should have come with an adaptor. Thankfully @cobraone had kept it safe in the box of ADR junk that i got with the bike. in the 17 model the port is in the airbox near the OI diodes. Then i just plugged my ebay bluetooth ODB adaptor in and used one of the free phone apps. I had to have the bike running to get a connection to the ECU but i was reading on one of the beta forums that it can be off and still connect.
  10. Awesome thankyou! I quickly looked at the TPS using the OBD reader last night. FYI The diagnostic port on the beta lets you see RPM, Throttle and ignition advance. via OBD it was reading at 15% when shut (idle screw??) it did open to 100% but i didnt note if this was before i actually hit 100% on the slide. I will confirm with the resistance values.
  11. yeah the little pulse generator behind the flywheel. I will check them all. Italians and their electrics!
  12. Yeah pulled the hose off last night and ran off premix, same issues. Oil was dripping from the hose so it appears to be functioning. I was more concerned about over oiling as this seemed to be what it was doing but it appears not. Ill start doing electrical checks over the next few days and see if anything comes up. Im in kyneton.
  13. This is where im up to now, something electrical. After I put everything back together after the leakdown test I started it up and noticed a check engine light. I plugged in my OBD dongle and did a scan to see what came up but only 2 codes came up with no reference to what these mean on a beta its a bit useless. also after plugging the gauge in the light went out 🤔 I gave Matt a raceline a call to see if there was anything im missing but couldnt come up with much apart from trying without the OI connected. unfortunately they are busy Tried starting with just premix last night bu
  14. Decided to give myself a night off before I set fire to the thing in frustration. Redid the leakdown test this afternoon after a few tips from a bloke on Facebook. They leak out of the pvalve into the side cover which explains the results i got yesterday. A bit of a rundown for anyone who wants to do a leakdown test on their beta. Carb and pipe need to be removed. You replace these with 2 parts. A sealing bung in the exhaust port and a gauge and fill port manifold in the carb. You can buy kits but I made one up myself... lathe needs to pay for itself some how. On th
  15. Stuck my foot in it there didn't I! Made up some plugs and manifold to do a leak down test. Doesn't hold any pressure. Is coming out of the clutch case just above the kick-start. Ill pull off the side again but considering that I already checked the seal id say the centregasket has slipped.😡