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  1. Friday Grand Final Mt Dissa Ride

    Thanks Coggs and the sweeps for the ride yesterday really enjoyed it . Pickers
  2. E.O.I dirtriderZ T Shirt Order

    Hi mate i paid when I made the hoddie order thanks matt
  3. E.O.I dirtriderZ T Shirt Order

    Hi Geoffro Any news on the tees?
  4. E.O.I 2017 Merchandise order - Hoodies

    Hi Geoffro Hoodie arrived today and stoked but I ordered one with no zip , happy to keep this one though if it wasn't for someone else. Thanks matt
  5. backpack

    The uswe bags look good haven't used one my self . on a high country ride lately I ran a camelback with a waist tool belt worked well .
  6. Helmet visor screw tips

    Epoxy will fix it , but might be time to upgrade helmet
  7. E.O.I dirtriderZ T Shirt Order

    Hi geoffro 1 xl navy please I had it down in the hoddie order and paid thanks matt
  8. VicRoads survey - making single track legal.

    Looks like I was one of the lucky ones . just got a email from Shane saying I won a training day . thanks mate happy Easter
  9. E.O.I 2017 Merchandise order - Hoodies

    I will grab a hoodie and tee please no zip hoodie black xl and white tee in xl Please thanks mate
  10. Clearing dirtriderZ Shirts at below cost price

    Hi geoffro i will take xl black please post to Mentone thanks matt
  11. Chris Birch coaching day

    The property was daniel sanders play ground give this name a google search he is one of Aust ktm young guns and a top bloke
  12. Chris Birch coaching day

    Body positioning and peg weighting was the biggest thing I noticed straight way and I need to work on clutch control as I use the 450 power more . Birchy is a great coach and the property was amazing great to meet some more Dirtriderz
  13. Chris Birch December 9-11 Melb

    1 week now ✊ If for some reason someone can't make it pm me as I have a mate keen to go . pickers
  14. Dusty's L3 Neerim Step up Ride

    Great ride yesterday thanks to Dusty and hab's with good conditions at Neerim . This was my first dritriderz ride and was impressed by how well it was run with the corner man system and such a big group . We ride Neerim a bit and found we haven't be on some of the tracks that we were taken on . Thanks for a great day and catch up soon matt pickering RMz 450
  15. New light weight motorbike

    That's it