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  1. Sounds like the wire was tight and has stretched by turning the bars right in shortens the length and makes contact. trace the wire and see if it’s tight when you turn the bars left ?
  2. Thanks mate i will check it out
  3. I have got a new cover and it started to do it as well after the second ride . Maybe I need to pull the cover off and tape the edge first .
  4. Not sure ? I have tried tapping the rips so they don’t spread but have had no luck with tape sticking
  5. My seat cover on my Husqvarna Fx 350 seems to rip on the edge any one else find this or have a way to fix this .Onto my second seat cover in 40 hours new cover ripped after first ride ?
  6. New fx 350 seems a shame to get it dirty . white is the new orange ✊
  7. Hi mate you could also try the high country ride put on by amtra. its well run , I would say level 2 riding at your own pace . Great weekend away with mates. 19 /20 may I think pickers
  8. Thanks Coggs and the sweeps for the ride yesterday really enjoyed it . Pickers
  9. Hi mate i paid when I made the hoddie order thanks matt
  10. Hi Geoffro Any news on the tees?
  11. Hi Geoffro Hoodie arrived today and stoked but I ordered one with no zip , happy to keep this one though if it wasn't for someone else. Thanks matt
  12. The uswe bags look good haven't used one my self . on a high country ride lately I ran a camelback with a waist tool belt worked well .
  13. Epoxy will fix it , but might be time to upgrade helmet
  14. Hi geoffro 1 xl navy please I had it down in the hoddie order and paid thanks matt
  15. Looks like I was one of the lucky ones . just got a email from Shane saying I won a training day . thanks mate happy Easter
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