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  1. Liam123

    2t4me Mt Dissa Anzac day

    Thanks Dusty and Buzz for a great ride, and Jason for sweep duties. Got to visit some old favourites that I hadn't ridden for a while, although they're a bit looser than I remember! Great crew - see you all on the next one!
  2. Liam123

    NEERIM 3+. 22/9

    Thanks for a great ride Mick, love those tracks. Also, thanks to Gypsy and Marko for sweeping and everyone for making it an enjoyable ride.
  3. Liam123

    South East , Sun 19/2

    Thanks Mick for an enjoyable ride, was nice to ride in some cooler weather. Like Sean said, I appreciate the effort you've put into the new tracks- a few more bikes through them and they'll be prime! See you all on the next one, Liam.
  4. Liam123

    NEERIM 10th

    Thanks for leading the ride mick, great mix of trails from tight rutted tracks to flowy sandy trails with some good hills also. Good group of riders that made for an awesome day, look forward to the next one.
  5. Liam123

    Buzzing at Dissa

    Thanks jas for leading and showing us some great tracks- the creek in particular stood out for me as ive rarely ridden that stuff before. Sorry for holding the group up, hope to get on the next one and would love to see the whole loop. Thanks also to chris, rod, dakota, jazz and nathan for help on the bike/ tools/ getting my spare from the car.
  6. Liam123

    Big Wet, Big Mud, Big Slip - Big River

    Thanks for putting the loop together Cruiser and Rob, and thanks to Dusty for organising the ride. Great day out, chasing some top riders through some of the best tracks I've ridden. Definitely an abrupt welcome to wet weather riding. Look forward to the next one!
  7. Liam123

    Murrindindi 23/4/16

    Thanks for organising and leading us nathan over a great selection of trails. Also thanks to chris for sweeping. Look forward to riding with everyone again and would certainly recommend this ride!
  8. Liam123

    Pipe bend/kink

    Ill try the shovel, it'd be very close anyway. Just the original ones- I think they're michelin enduro competition or something and I just put tubes in. I'll probably wear this set out then go back to tubliss for winter.
  9. Liam123

    Pipe bend/kink

    Ah beauty, thanks sean i'll give that a go tomorrow. Fingers crossed!!
  10. Liam123

    Pipe bend/kink

    Thanks for the input, I am aware of that method but not too sure if it would work being where it is as it may still be out of shape. Also, its not really a dint as such.
  11. Liam123

    Pipe bend/kink

    Hi all, so I had a bit of an off today and the bike slid on it's left side. After looking it over thoroughly tonight it appears that the expansion chamber has bent up (stopped by the radiator guards). So now there is a flat spot maybe 10cm out of the cylinder and worried it will affect bottom-end power/ delivery. So, my question is has anyone previously encountered this problem, and if so how did you fix it. Im not sure if it can simply be bent back or should be heated etc etc. I'll chuck up some pics too. Thanks in advance.
  12. Liam123

    Cruisy Neerim , Not So Cruisy

    Thanks for the ride Mick and all the others. Had a blast, good to get out for our first Dirtriderz ride and try out a somewhere different in Neerim. Look forward to seeing you all out on some more rides and will definitely be back in the future. Liam.
  13. Liam123

    New To Dirtriderz

    Thanks guys, will do. Looking forward to it.
  14. Liam123

    New To Dirtriderz

    Hi all, Im new to this site. I am looking forward to hopefully riding with a few different people and learning some new tracks. At the moment I mainly just ride at Murrindindi, Kinglake West and Three Bridges but would love to check out some other spots around Vic. Also, I currently ride a Beta 300. Thanks, Liam.