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  1. Thanks Ben and crew for an awesome ride - had a blast even despite the rain and cold! Amazing how the conditions changed as the day wore on, started with dust and ended with slippery clay. Great fun!
  2. Thanks Dusty and Buzz for a great ride, and Jason for sweep duties. Got to visit some old favourites that I hadn't ridden for a while, although they're a bit looser than I remember! Great crew - see you all on the next one!
  3. Thanks for a great ride Mick, love those tracks. Also, thanks to Gypsy and Marko for sweeping and everyone for making it an enjoyable ride.
  4. Thanks Mick for an enjoyable ride, was nice to ride in some cooler weather. Like Sean said, I appreciate the effort you've put into the new tracks- a few more bikes through them and they'll be prime! See you all on the next one, Liam.