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  1. Bugger, that would have been an awesome bike to get hold of!!!
  2. I know good ones might be hard to find but a 200exc has been the perfect full size bike for my son. It’s light, has electric start and they have enough torque to lug up decent hills!!! Before the 200 he had a yz125, really nice and lightweight but a real challenge on hills unless your an experienced rider!!. Just my 2 cents and good luck with it!!!
  3. Day1 Overnight stay Straja ski resort, Day 2 start line , Romaniacs 2018.
  4. That dodgy weld is pretty good!!!! Holding up to my abuse!!!
  5. Went the racing Cruiser. I couldn’t get a factory till November and I prefer the wp forks that come on the racing version for the riding I do. If I was more of an open terrain rider then I may have gone the KYB version. I should get the bike this week hopefully and will give a brutally honest review on the bike as time goes by!!!! It was a very close call not to go Ktm again and I’ll be straight back if the Sherco bike dosn’t live up to expectations.
  6. 350hrs on a beta and almost 400 on a tpi, both with oil injection Dazz!!!! Having said that I’m now back to mixing oil!!!! Oh the peewee80 my son rode had oil injection too( it still goes)!!!!!
  7. Yeah I’ve been retraining myself to do that on the 200..... been caught out a couple of times!!!!! Haha
  8. Rode Toms 2021 Sherco on Monday. The counterbalance has really smoothed them out. I wouldn’t say as smooth as a TPi but pretty close too!!!!!!! Hopefully I get mine next week!!!!!!!!
  9. The guy I sold it too lives at Woodend and rides Wombat every weekend!!
  10. Haha, yeah , there in the shed somewhere !!
  11. Feo= necj fmo= nedj fdo= necw flo= nedw they all have the same numbers at the start...... just need frank to share his secret!!!!! No, no let’s take over with carby talk!!!!!
  12. I think it all hinges on those three letters after the numbers as to what it is exactly?? Frank didn’t give that secret info away!! Haha
  13. Good info Frank, I’ll be going straight to this setup!!!The 13383.37 is the necw needle as far as I can tell??
  14. Sounds good Tom, mines in the next shipment due on the 19th!!! Can’t wait and I do love the sound of a well jetted carby bike!!!!
  15. Sherco I think but nothing’s certain yet, might come down to what bike I can get!!!!