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  1. Dirtriderz do Romaniacs

    I knew we wouldnt keep this a secret forever, thanks Dazz!!!. Just one of those bucket list things that I thought Id never do but when a good friend is going and the Mrs gives the green light, there aint no excuses left!!!!. I do owe thanks to all the people Ive ridden with and met through this website over the past couple of years for getting me to a position now where I feel I can have a crack at this. Mev and I are now starting to train pretty hard and basically just smash our bikes every weekend!!!. To say Im excited about July is an understatement!!!. Cheers Buzz
  2. New brake lever

    Hey Gary, I bend the brake lever on the beta all the bloody time in rough crap. Ive always managed to bend them back without braking them, just need a good size lever to do it. I did break one one but it was bent underneath my footpeg (90 degree bend in it).
  3. Coggs Dissa and Swamp hill

    Thanks Coggs for the ride. Will post up some photos when I get a chance. Good to see dazz make it through the creek without taking his bike for a swim!!!. Always good to meet new faces. Cheers Buzz
  4. Got talked into this by Browny and Shane(STM13). Did a practice day and a club race just to get the feel for it and I think this helped on race day. I consider myself to be reasonably fit and Ive done some some physically demanding things in the past( 6 times ironman triathlon finisher and 4 melbourne marathons) but racing hard enduro certainly ranks right up there for being physically demanding. Race day arrives and then your into the prologue. Heart rate to 180bpm but boy its fun. Safely through prologue with a start time and then off to watch the pros. Gee can they ride!!!!! What a great experience to ride the same course as some of the best in the world. Next we are lining up for our 3 hour torture test while the pros do 4 hours. Its hard not to be excited at the start. 3 hours later I roll across the finish line completely spent, nothing left in the tank!!!!. Been fighting a flat front tyre I slashed half way through lap one( first front flat Ive had in about three years) and trying to ride the bike with no rear brake since lap 2( completely smashed off in the rock garden). Awesome day run by an awesome club at Wildwood. If you like this stuff you gotta try it, even if only once. I really appreciated seeing some of the DRZ crew cheering us on, Toys,Fab , Brian(kbuxx), Shane, Mr Noodles and i know there were others there. Will I do it again next year, Shit yeah and I reckon all the boys from DRZ who rode on the weekend have already locked it in for next year!!!!!
  5. Buzz's "cruisy" level 3 ride

    I like the description, "fluffing around the edges" might use that description next time I run a cruisey level3!!!!!!
  6. Buzz's "cruisy" level 3 ride

    Thanks to the crew that fronted for the ride. Been dying to show Dusty some of the new stuff. We did a bit here and there and played on some of the old classics. Everyone did really well and that one hill climb( you guys know the one) challenges most. Cruiser you need to come on the full monty!!!!!!!!! Cheers Buzz
  7. I dont get hung up so much on the hours, if your compression drops then you need a new top end. How do you know when this is?. Performance will be down, you wont climb hills like you used to, get it compression tested or do it yourself. 60, 80 100 hrs this is a guide as to when you may need a new topend. Some people get way more. If you look after the air filter and make sure your not getting any dirt past the pipe where it mounts on the engine ( make sure there is no spoog coming out the front) then you will get more hours.
  8. Friday Grand Final Mt Dissa Ride

    A few months back Gypsy asked me to put on a 3+ for thr GF ride. Yep, no worries got a reasonable loop but I always like something new in there for the experienced riders, like to keep them on their toes too!!!!!. So this was the catalyst for some of the new stuff and "Goat Track". I also had some Guys who had never been to Dissa so the loop needed all the classics included, Hamburgers and Swamp hill!!! The day didn't start too well with Shane breaking his Fibula( not a bad excuse to get out of racing me at Wildwood) about 2 minutes from the cars. I was going to adjust the ride depending on how everyone was riding on the day but Im pleased to say that the ride moved really well, better than expected, a great credit to all the riders who turned up!!!. It was a bit dry out there which made the hills a bit skatey but again most succeeded even on Swamp Hill. I wasn't sure about including Goat Track, held it to the end and I think most of the feedback was positive, I think. Anyway you can expect it as a regular on future rides!!!!! A lot of time goes into the prep but it sounds like it was worth it!!! Cheers Buzz
  9. Yeah Ill be at Wildwood too bugger it!!!!! love Goughs bay!!!!
  10. Fmf gnarly pipe

    takes more skill to ride the big fours!!!!!!!....... lol
  11. Sidi, crossfire boots

    I have a pair Cobra and love them. This is my second pair and $600 is a good price here in Aus. You can get them cheaper OS if you know what size and where to look.
  12. Spring Hill - the rivalry ride

    yeah the old farm bike goes alright... beta than most of those pumpkin things....Gypsys pumpkin even has a horn...toot toot
  13. Spring Hill - the rivalry ride

    Great DAY Marko, conditions were prime. Top crew to ride with, had an absolute blast. Faced a few demons at a particular bog hole and managed to get through without drowning the bike. A few pictures of the day, in particular Rocket Mans bike destruction. Look forward to seeing you all on the GF ride.
  14. Genuine Rear Brake Pads 55hours

    Thats very nasty Nathan, but Im going to forgive my 4stroke brother, after all theres not many of us left!!!
  15. Genuine Rear Brake Pads 55hours

    F#$cking Yamaha Tosser, I suspect your brake pads probably last the life of the bike...