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  1. Can’t say I’ve ever lost any spikes running a mousse.... first I’ve heard of that!!
  2. 3 options up high to the right, you can see the track on the right of the rock face you can see a track that starts off in the soft stuff and joins the rock face about half way up, and see the pile of rocks(Kicker) at the bottom right, then straight up, only a couple have done this one without help.
  3. Gee I didn’t think I would need to take photos to back up a ride report!!! Sorry I didn’t get many shots of Tuesday’s ride but I was pretty impressed with the riding on what I’d call a hard enduro loop, not something that everyone can finish!!!Anyway here’s some photos from the previous month of guys I ride with on the widowmaker....
  4. Perfect day at my local riding all the best stuff. Murdoch, Wade and Shane were up to all the challenges and we finished with the Widowmaker which is looking quite nasty now!!!!
  5. Sorry Ben, go with the diagram but I’m pretty sure you can replace the alloys with steel plates. Hopefully Cluffie or somebody else who knows chimes in.
  6. 2019 tpi not happy!!!! Ive has to replace the top end 3 times!!! Broken the subframe, not sure how that happened, I only ride nicely graded firetrails countless number of tyre changes, damn things keep wearing out, maybe cause I keep Riding up a Hill at Dissa that Bruce boiled his carby on and said nobody would ever get up there again. plastics keep getting scratched, never had that happen before. I keep overfilling the oil reservoir , damn bike dosnt want to use the oil The radiators are more oval shaped than square.... beats me bloody bike keeps going and all I want is a new one!!
  7. Yes you do!!! Your spot on with the bendix bushes, wish you hadn’t kept it a secret and told me 200 hrs ago!!! Stuffed my cover so now I have the stronger XRC bushes and alloy billet cover. I still remember when you told me not ride my beta after I drowned!!!! How foolish was I !! Listen to the Hoff people!!!!
  8. So whose pumps have failed?????? That we know????
  9. 250hrs when I changed my oil pump. It’s important to use the right oil and not get any crap in there!!!
  10. Let me just put this out there for all you tpi owners or about to be tpi owners....Nothing is certain in life but I don’t think you have a lot to worry about if you look after your bike!!
  11. Ok, I’m interested but I don’t get why you wouldn’t share it with the DRZ community in the interests of informing all potential ktm buyers?? As you can see there are others interested already!
  12. Nice one Sabo!!! You must be one of the lucky ones!!
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