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  1. buzz44

    Romainiacs 2018

    Thanks guys but not required, I’m just not big on filming ride stuff, personal choice. I’m going to have enough to worry about just following my gps and there will be plenty of footage on YouTube.
  2. buzz44

    Romainiacs 2018

    I’m going to try and take as many photos as I can and put the better ones here. I’ll make no promises as to the quality or content but hopefully there will be some of interest. I’m not a GoPro person and they charge you here for that so there won’t be any footage. Here’s some of the prep.
  3. buzz44


    You normally pay for the damaged parts. Luckily I’m riding a Beta so it will much cheaper than if was breaking KTM parts!!!
  4. buzz44


    Thanks for all the best wishes!!!! Last ride was yesterday as heading off Wednesday. Gears all washed just have to pack. Poor old Beta is washed and ready for retirement I think. List of bent or broken parts include, 1 Bent handlebars, 2 cracked clutch cover, 3 cracked subframe, 4 cracked frame where peg mount attaches, 5 force bashplate bent and cracked beyond use and many sets of plastics. Had a ball going beyond my comfort zone( I can say that now but there have been many times I have wondered why!!!) ill try and put up some photos. Look forward to riding with you all when we get back. Cheers Buzz
  5. buzz44

    Lvl 3 rides

    All good discussion and possibly my fault. I will up my grading levels for any future rides to 4 or 4+. (I might need a new level)
  6. buzz44

    Lvl 3 rides

    Ah the voice of reason, refreshing, instead of that normal crap I have to put up with from Brownballs
  7. buzz44

    Dustys Dissa what a Pissa

    The one issue he has is no one will buy that bike. I reckon i might have the same issue!!!!!
  8. buzz44

    Lvl 3 rides

    na thats perfect, Ive never ridden with Shane but ask him and go from there. Its a good starting point anyway
  9. buzz44

    Lvl 3 rides

    Everybodys idea of fun differs greatly, its not about being serious, a lot of people travel a fair way to attend rides.
  10. buzz44

    Lvl 3 rides

    I agree with what your saying Huski and thats why in the past I have put on level2 and level3 stepup rides at Dissa. It is certainly not about creating division and I really enjoy riding with a lot of guys/girls at all levels. It is however frustrating when you post a higher level ride and people attend who clearly arnt up to it. This is in my experience results in the higher level riders finding rides elsewhere. We can cater for everyone, and theres nothing better than seeing riders having a go, but it can be dangerous taking riders way outside there comfort zone.
  11. buzz44

    Lvl 3 rides

    Ive never read the level descriptions before but I would suggest the level3 description above is beyond most who classify themselves as level3. do we need to create an extra level or 2??? . It ruins a ride when people arnt clearly up to it, for both them and the other riders. Step up rides are a great way for people to get an idea where they are at and are used well on this forum.
  12. buzz44

    chewton chewed us up

    its like watching a car crash in slowmo, hey Fab who was the good bloke trying to help you....obvously he had no idea either!!
  13. buzz44

    Goughs bay on a perfect day

    BIG Thanks to Habs for entrusting me with his GPS file for Goughs Bay some time ago!!!!! Always forget how good it is up there. With only 5 riders and dry conditions we smashed the loop in record time. I think at some stage we need to go up there and add some more!!!!! Thanks Crusty for organising the ride and the others for coming along.
  14. buzz44

    2t4me Mt Dissa Anzac day

    Ride for 2 Noods, my place or yours????
  15. buzz44

    2t4me Mt Dissa Anzac day

    Good day out at Dissa although a little dusty back in the pack, pity the rain didnt happen last night. HAPPY BDAY Dusty, thanks for leading( good selection of tracks), good to catch up with some guys I hadnt seen for awhile. Great photos Riles and Marko as always and thanks Jas for sweeping.