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  1. Hi Phil, I have a lot of gear that would suit your daughter but I wont be home till 9 tonight. ill pm you what I have and can send you a photo or 2 if your interested. The only thing I may not have is the boots but ill check.

  2. I was at the bottom watching while they were playing on this hill after they finished......bloody good show!!
  3. That hill in the background is the famous Gustarita( not sure how ya spell it but that’s how it’s pronounced). Everyone has a go but only the pro riders make it up. There should be YouTube footage of Jarvis, bolt, walker and the rest of them having a go. Once you have a go there are 2 exit/ chicken lines off to the right. There not exactly chicken lines like you might imagine, you still have to get to the top of the hill!!!!. There a 2 steps I guess you would say and you just hold the bike pinned in second, drop the clutch and launch as far as you can at each step. I can’t really think of anything in Vic that would be similar.
  4. Day3 done!! A much more technical day with my most feared part of Romaniacs included today.... long nasty downhills. I loose a lot of time on these sections as I just can’t ride them, they are too steep for my skill ability and if you get it wrong you will get hurt!!!. To give you an idea, if you have ridden some of the big hills at Goughs bay then times the length x4 and double the steepness!!! The track dosnt go straight down the hill, it’s too steep, it’s switchbacks all the way and just getting around each corner is hard!!!.One hill took me 35 minutes to get down!!! I’ve managed to hang onto 52nd overall in bronze and feeling not too bad. Looking forward to hopefully crossing the finish line tomorrow without going over the bars!!! By the way how good is Anthony Solar going in Gold!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Day 2 done, dropped back to be 51st overall. A lot of abandonment in all classes today which means DNF. You can abandon on one day and continue the next day with a large time penalty depending on how far you got, two abandoned and your out!! Today’s stage started to get more technical but still a lot of flowing stuff. There was a lot of off camber stuff and if you lost your bike off the side you were in a world of hurt, there were some decent hill climbs and there was also some nasty downhills, one of them I walked my bike down the whole way!!. The gold riders were coming down the same hill, **** unbelievable how they ride them!!!. Wade Young came past me in a pine forest, said thanks mate as I got out of his way and then he just vanished, they ride so fast!! It’s pissing down here now and the forecast for the next 2 days is a lot of rain......uh oh, I think the screws are about to be turned and talking to the track makers last night day 4 is the killer day!!!
  6. Day 1 complete, finished 42nd which means I should move up the overall placings. The stage was 114k in total and pretty open and flowing with some challenges here and there. I don’t really like the fast sections as I’m more suited to technical snotty stuff so today’s result was good for me!! Usually at Romaniacs an easy day means the next will be killer.... I’ll let you all know after tomorrow’s stage!!! cheers Buzz
  7. You hand in your gps the night before and they load the track and wipe all saved data. You collect your gps the next morning. During the race the track is pretty well marked with blue and yellow streamers, blue being the corect way and yellow the wrong way. You use the gps as well to confirm you are on the right track. At the end of the stage as soon as you pass the finish line they take it from you to check you have completed the course properly. There are time penalties for being off course or speeding in speed restricted zones, usually as you pass through a town. You can use 1,or 2 gps depending on your preference, I just use one.
  8. Brent’s a good mate and so is Cam, they were racing beside each other till Cam got stuck in a tyre. We were going crazy in the crowd as Brent only got in the lead in the last half of the last lap!!!! By the way he also holds the world record for the longest jump on a pit bike at over 100 feet, which he did at the Calder raceway about 10 years ago!!!! Google it and you will find the footage, absolute legend!!!
  9. Haha, who said Honda don’t make a hard enduro bike..... and this guys riding silver!!!
  10. Prologue done, got through ok, had a couple of crap moments, 85th. 2 of my mates are in the final, Brent Brady and Cam Bice, starting second row, live on red I’ll tv at midnight Australian time!!
  11. Tomorrow’s fun.....
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