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  1. I guess there’s no point complaining to the
  2. Very funny Ben, however you should be using your skills for good, not evil!!
  3. Im not sure I know what you mean by sardistic leader whos trying to break you???
  4. I wonder where you got that
  5. I’ll get you on one of these one day!!
  6. Awesome day out on the bikes. Ended up with 14 in total, I think 6 jumped on at 10pm the previous night but that’s alright. The group moved fairly well and a big well done to Crusty and Magenta for giving everything a go. The highlight of the day for me was the big showdown between Riles and Gypsy on third gear hill, and the winner was.... The big level 4 challenges were the creek you can see in Riles pictures and Swamp hill. All made it along the creek( they weren’t given any other option and most got up Swampy eventually. Swampy is pretty loose and dry at the moment and is pretty damn hard, especially if you go up the old lines in the middle. Thanks to Browny who swept all day whom I have to say looked pretty comfortable on a Yamaha, on the few occasions I saw him!! There was too much dust too see back that far!!
  7. It’s right there Dazz....can’t you see it!!!!!
  8. buzz44

    Smokers Lounge

    Haha, you know it’s fun to hit a hill at WOT!!
  9. buzz44

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    I was talking about the beta, sorry. I’m not confident touching the tpi yet.
  10. buzz44

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    Yes come on later and initially a bigger hit in theory. If you run the hardest spring, green I think and wind it all the way in you will initially have no powerband and then when it comes on later it will be the biggest hit of all the springs. Again if there any gurus out there jump in to clarify Ah good, about time you chimed in
  11. buzz44

    Smokers Lounge

    No worries, just to clarify I ran my powervalve flush with the case, so the valve opens earlier, meaning I’m on the pipe earlier. Just play with it to see what you like.
  12. buzz44

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    Cr500 for you then, I bet you remember those days
  13. buzz44

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    I just find the transition all the way through the rev range pretty smooth. Maybe I’m more on the pipe than I realise but I do use a fair bit of clutch for control especially on hill climbs. I think I’m also riding a gear higher in most cases than I use to( less revs). Definitely wide open on the pipe on 3rd gear hill and initially up Swampy
  14. buzz44

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    I remember the days when Gypsy would say he would never ride a 2 stroke.....anything is possible
  15. buzz44

    Smokers Lounge

    Maybe, but I think it’s the big sticks either side of the front wheel and the one under the seat making all the difference!!!