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  1. Thanks Riles for putting on the ride. Once l saw the ride list, I doubted my ability to keep up. I was going to pull out but got convinced to give it a go. Glad l did It was a master stroke by Riles to make Hoff the sweep. All l did all day was ride as hard as l could to get away from him [emoji1787] Seriously though, Once l settled down, l really enjoyed the tracks we did As l said to Hoff after the ride, what l really appreciated was that when l was in front of the better riders(the whole crew) no one pressured me and patiently waited for an opportunity to pass me. This allowed me to relax
  2. Another great Xmas ride Great to catch up with everyone after lockdown. Thanks to Bear for leading and to Bushybrows and Bruce for sweeping. The dust at the back must have been quite thick at times. The ride flowed very well considering the size of the group with only a couple of minor incidents for the day. Hursty had a bit of a moment when she decided to pioneer a new line down one of the rock drop offs only to be bought undone by a stray log at the bottom of the drop off , sending her careering straight into the side embankment. After ten minutes regrouping and periodically chanting
  3. Ok. I know you’ve defected but what’s with the new lingo. What’s a Spokey dokey?? Bloody Queenslanders[emoji30][emoji30]
  4. The ATR2 is better. Not as light as an Airoh 2 but way better protection than an Airoh. The new Fly helmet is comparable to the 6d but the ventilation is better. It’s about 200g lighter too
  5. Few of the Dirtriderz representing yesterday
  6. A big thanks to Gypsy and all the ride leaders for all the effort and planning to make this day such a success. It’s no mean feat to be able to pull this off, and so smoothly, with only a couple of early retirees. Once again, Coggs led us on a very good ride. The ride flowed nicely and the tracks were all linking up. Again, the preplanning evident here. We lost one rider due to bike issues and then not too long after, one rider had an argument with a tree. If you’ve seen the photos posted of the tree, its pretty evident how hard the impact was. That hollow in the tree is where the fork leg I
  7. Could l get 1 black and one white XXL shirt please
  8. Hey guys. I know some of you follow Trent(my son) and his racing. I’m super happy (understated) to report that after a weeks training in the desert and the weekend racing at the Hattah Desert Race, he has come away with 3rd place in the 300 2 stroke category. To say this is an achievement is an understatement as the conditions were atrocious and really hard on bikes. He had to nurse the bike home on the final lap which cost him about 30-50 spots outright, but managed to hold onto 3rd in class. Yeah. I know. Proud dad ranting, but it’s one of his smartest rides to date. Anyway, goo
  9. Great ride on Saturday. Thanks go to Coggs for taking the effort in putting on this ride. Also big thanks to Bushy for sweeping the entire ride and enduring the dust! This was a very capable group and the ride flowed well all day Just a couple of Incidents(already covered) for the day No breakdowns but it did look like we were going to get rid of Hoff at one point when he managed to check his chain tension with a rock wedged between his chain and sprocket. He managed to fix this, despite my help, and continued on. Not his usual talkative self on this ride and l put it down to the fact h
  10. I don’t think your fitness is the issue. That Pudmud bloke is dragging you down to his skill level[emoji30]
  11. Are you talking about when your bike nearly caught on fire[emoji1787]
  12. Hi Steviewonder In my opinion , the majority of the Stockman’s ride was conducted on open fire trails and would be graded at Level 2. There were steep rocky ascents/descents which would raise the difficulty level to a level 2+ I’m sure you remember the one extended narrow rocky downhill track on the blue loop. How good was that track! That would definitely be a challenge for a 2+ rider Remember that not only terrain but the pace of the ride needs to be taken into consideration. If you felt comfortable with the terrain and didn’t get too fatigued along the way, you’d hold your own on a 2+ r
  13. Thanks to Bear for another good ride And to Simon for sweeping all day. He did such a good job of it, l reckon it should be a permanent gig. The only Buisness he got for the day was me and my clutch issue. I managed it for the first half of the ride but when we stopped at the top of Trailz’s favourite track for a break, l tried to fix it and only managed to loose the entire clutch. Thanks to Hoff for demanding to swap bikes for the rest of the ride. I think those that know both of us will know how that conversation went. I need to apologise to everyone for being late. Despite all the banter
  14. Gunmetal/Aqua please Geoffro. Yeah. I got them yesterday. I’m not quite as big as l thought l was