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  1. Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone can recommend a good level 3 lead rider who knows the Otways really well for a ride I would like to organise on Sunday the 17th of September? My mates were too bloody slow to pay for the Stockmans rally so we all missed out so I'm looking to create another plan! I did notice a fair few of the usual Dirtriderz suspects are at Stockmans as well, but hopefully someone else couldn't make it? Ideally I'm looking for a decent level 3 speed/skilled rider who knows a good mix of trails (not 1st gear snot for 6 hours), maybe start in Anglesea, go through Paddy's Swamp, then head back to Airey's Inlet for lunch and refuel, then back to the cars mid to late arvo. I used to have some great trail loops out there but barely riding out there once a year doesn't refresh the memory too well.... And I'll miss all the new ones! Any help is much appreciated, regards Darian
  2. Hey guys, I've got a question for the more advanced/experienced riders with OCD issues when it comes to tyres; I did a search and couldn't find anything on the site written about these newer model Dunlop MX52 tyres, and was wondering if anyone has run them in winter particularly in places like Wombat - when the clay is wet and like ice! I took off my Michelin S12's for summer and the Dunlops MX52's have been great - plenty of grip and not ripping to pieces - but I already know the front is rubbish in the wet clay so it's going into storage. Not sure on the rear though as I haven't put it in a nasty situation yet (wet clay, off camber slow hills etc), though the knob pattern looks like it may work well? I'd like to work out if I just throw on an MX3s front and she'll be all good, or just go back to the s12's for winter and be done with it? Yes, I can ride it and find out for myself but I'm just getting over a knee injury and I'd like to avoid any extra stress on it. Being a big beasty KX450 and not riding a hell of a lot doesn't give me a huge amount of confidence on the bike, especially if it's wandering all over the bloody place, so I don't need poor tyre choice making things worse..... thanks for your help guys Darian
  3. DMKXF

    Kids Wheels....

    Hey Dakota, I swore I wouldn't be one of those crazy dads putting kids on minibikes at 2 years of age, but......... I bought an Atomik 110cc 4 wheeler that was big enough for me to dink the pups around (they were 2 and 3.5 yrs old) and as they got older I let them control the throttle, then turning, then when they were old enough I ran behind them with the lanyard. Liam was riding around safely after his 3rd birthday. Indecent free, even the bike ran beyond expectations (apart from a slight 'crab walk' from dodgy frame jigging), bough on eBay for $300.00! I'd still have it if the thieving scum didn't take it...... Otherwise, look for an Xr100 or something you can dink him around on - the kids love it either way! note - both my kids have spent a heap of time on pushy's and were off training wheels early - that was the bribe to be able to ride a moto by themselves. Hope that's of some help? regards Darian.
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