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  1. Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone can recommend a good level 3 lead rider who knows the Otways really well for a ride I would like to organise on Sunday the 17th of September? My mates were too bloody slow to pay for the Stockmans rally so we all missed out so I'm looking to create another plan! I did notice a fair few of the usual Dirtriderz suspects are at Stockmans as well, but hopefully someone else couldn't make it? Ideally I'm looking for a decent level 3 speed/skilled rider who knows a good mix of trails (not 1st gear snot for 6 hours), maybe start in Anglesea, go throu
  2. Hey guys, I've got a question for the more advanced/experienced riders with OCD issues when it comes to tyres; I did a search and couldn't find anything on the site written about these newer model Dunlop MX52 tyres, and was wondering if anyone has run them in winter particularly in places like Wombat - when the clay is wet and like ice! I took off my Michelin S12's for summer and the Dunlops MX52's have been great - plenty of grip and not ripping to pieces - but I already know the front is rubbish in the wet clay so it's going into storage. Not sure on the rear though as I haven