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  1. pittman


    exactly stop riding the creeks and get to the track
  2. pittman

    Gypsy Wombat 16th Dec Birthday ride.

    Thanks for the ride gypo. Slight twist of the ankle/leg due to a hidden stump. Limped around today but all good. Nice loop you have, good mix of everything with some nice challenging hills.. good to ride with cruiser again and nice to meet bubalu who rode really well..
  3. pittman

    Cruzin Goughs Bay with Gypsy 2018

    what a fantastic over nigher at goughs. was nice to set up camp Friday arvo, relax and settle in with camp fire before the big day ahead.. thanks gypsy for organizing and leading the ride..really enjoyable and testing loop. loved it all.. was good to ride with cruiser again it had been awhile.. nice to meet Bruce, really enjoyable to ride with also. some great stories at lunch break.. bring on the next one.. p.s dont forget the extra fuel
  4. pittman

    Father’s Day Dissa

    thanks for the ride dusty, turned out to be a good day weather wise thought we may have got some rain.. hope old mates WR is an easy fix. we got to ride some extra tight tracks when going to get him so was all good.. thanks for sweeping gypsy
  5. pittman

    Sunday 24th June - Black Range L3+

    Thanks for posting up the ride Phil, good day had by all.. the old “hard packed clay” certainly is slippery I think just about everyone lost the front end at some point.. chewy gets the win tho [emoji51] thought he might be feeling it today..
  6. pittman

    Fabs hairy wombat tour Jan 9

    thanks for the ride fab. so many good tracks in wombat we found most of them... cheers to all the sweeps.