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  1. Yes thanks Dusty for leading us around dissa, I've never really been before, was a bit of everything, some nice loose rocky hills that tested a few, some creeks, some great flowing tracks through the trees. All the fun stuff. Stopped for a break and the rain started which completely changed grip in some sections. Hands started to feel the cold in the end, shame because I really wanted to have a crack at 3rd gear hill after seeing many clips on here. One of many reasons to go back. Good times with good people. Thanks all
  2. Quick thankyou to all involved, great camping weekend with good people and dirtbikes, doesn't get any better. Thanks again
  3. Wouldn't have been cheap I don't suppose, we have 2 in the workshop, they hardly get used
  4. If your near Blackburn I might be able to do it
  5. Happy birthday and thankyou cruiser and all involved on the day, had been looking forward to the weekend as I've not been out for a while. Day didn't go as planned for me, was enjoying the first of the tight stuff of the day and as we got to the end the track we stopped for a re-group , as I pulled away I could tell something was wrong. Luckily we were on the side of road so recovery was fairly easy thanks to Andy dinking me 30 or so k's back to the cars. Anyway I've put enough hard earned cash into the old 200. Time for something newer. Thanks again cruiser
  6. Looks like he's wearing a g-banger
  7. Thanks Mark, had a blast. Especially loved that track through the pines. Hardly any hold ups appart from that one hill which i reckon any other day would be simple. Took a few earth samples myself, banged bars with trees and went the whole ride without touching my tool kit (which never happens). Thanks again Mark, Greg at the back and also Mick who somehow managed the corner man system by himself. Was funny. And everyone else who came.
  8. Shot, had to be at work monday and made it worse, off and rested today and if no better tomorrow its a trip t o hospital.
  9. Thanks sean for putting on this ride, had a great weekend camping Saturday with Andy, Paul and Greg, a few fizzy pops consumed around the fire made for a rusty start sunday. Trails were awsome, no flogged out tracks anywhere, loved the switch backs and creak crossings definitely want to come back a finish the second section and conquer the huge log that blew out my knee and wrecked my exhaust pipe. Thanks Matt for your sweeping duties and everybody else for making it a great day.
  10. I got these, had to re tap the bleeder. Wouldn't run them without rad gaurds
  11. Welcome, plenty of midlife crisis going on here, myself included. Nice bike On
  12. Just to add to what cruiser said, dont just top up with what you have brought, you cant mix colors.
  13. Its only modern cars where using the right coolant really matters, on most bikes it wouldn't be s big issue, you can use just water if thats all you have