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  1. cooter

    Cowwarr/Seaton Ride L2.5 27th August

    Shot, had to be at work monday and made it worse, off and rested today and if no better tomorrow its a trip t o hospital.
  2. cooter

    Cowwarr/Seaton Ride L2.5 27th August

    Thanks sean for putting on this ride, had a great weekend camping Saturday with Andy, Paul and Greg, a few fizzy pops consumed around the fire made for a rusty start sunday. Trails were awsome, no flogged out tracks anywhere, loved the switch backs and creak crossings definitely want to come back a finish the second section and conquer the huge log that blew out my knee and wrecked my exhaust pipe. Thanks Matt for your sweeping duties and everybody else for making it a great day.
  3. cooter


    I got these, had to re tap the bleeder. Wouldn't run them without rad gaurds
  4. cooter

    Newbie me

    Welcome, plenty of midlife crisis going on here, myself included. Nice bike On
  5. When you have a price p.m me
  6. Check supercheap, I'm sure they do them
  7. cooter

    Coolant for crf450

    Just to add to what cruiser said, dont just top up with what you have brought, you cant mix colors.
  8. cooter

    Coolant for crf450

    Its only modern cars where using the right coolant really matters, on most bikes it wouldn't be s big issue, you can use just water if thats all you have
  9. cooter

    2 Stroke pipe guard

    Saw your bike somewhere maybe facebook, looks immaculate, had me thinking (dreaming ) unfortunately with a big house reno along with a nagging wife dreaming is all i can do, good price too, have you even ridden it
  10. cooter


    Think they are moulded into the plastics, can you not go over the top, after market plastics are genuinely cheaper than quality graphics
  11. cooter

    Neerim Sth sat 13/5/17 (ripperz)

    Pretty much there, coolent, oil, new tyre and test ride. Hopefully ready for the weekend
  12. cooter

    Neerim Sth sat 13/5/17 (ripperz)

    Looks fun out there, great film, no good when your bikes in the shed in a million bits[emoji22]
  13. How many hours on yours pete
  14. cooter

    Biggie gets a smoker!

    Out of the showroom into the lounge room, very nice
  15. cooter

    Braces versus Guards

    Some 30 years ago i hyper extended my knee in a low speed Dirtbike crash, ive broken several bones in the past but that knee was by far the most painful. 2 years ago i twisted the same knee after i dropped my bike on a steep rocky uphill, luckily just swelling and a walking stick for a few days. I made the decision then knee braces would be a good investment, i spent a fair bit of time at different shops with different brands and ended up with troy lee braces $600 only because they fitted my legs best, they felt a bit wierd fist couple of rides but now i dont know i have them on. As Dusty said try as many as possible, whats the most expensive isn't necessarily best. I wouldnt ride without them but i am a soft southerner with piss weak knees