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  1. JasonD

    Peak hour traffic

    This topic is making me mad.................
  2. JasonD

    New Tyre advice KTM 350 Exc-F

    maybe heavier springs in the front aswell
  3. In the year I've been using them I haven't had a problem, it must be a small leak, I will get the slime and put that in. Bridgestone Battlecross were recommended by a few sources as a very compatible tyre for the tubliss system, like you said they are a very solid tyre... Thanks for the advice
  4. That's what I was worried about, I recon that's what will probably happen, checked it a few hours ago and still hadn't gone down at all
  5. Thanks mate, I will give this a go
  6. I've ran tubliss on my bike for a year, The inner tube always goes down when the bike is sitting in the garage, the outer never drops, before every ride I check and pump up as required. It front was flat at the end of a ride Pumped it up and hasn't gone down since It must have had a leak that day due to the terrain and some big hits????????
  7. Just after some advice, I've been running Tubliss front and rear for approximately 1 year, I generally run 6 psi in the rear and 8 in the front, I have just run the pressures like that the whole time, and been happy with handling and had no issues, I installed myself and run Battlecross x 30. My last ride when putting bike on trailer noticed outer the tyre on the front was completely flat, inner tubliss was fine. Pumped the front tyre back up to 8 psi and it has stayed there for 2 weeks, it hasn,t gone down I want to know should I be worried on my next ride the following weekend????? Did the tyre come off the bead and hence went flat???? Any advice on what happened would be appreciated
  8. Thieving bastards, was it locked up, chains/locks steering lock????? I know a pro can bypass these, but maybe slow down an amateur
  9. JasonD

    Mt Dissa L2 4/3/18 injury update.

    Very good advice Chris, hope your recovery is fast
  10. Farkkk, it does happen, wrong place wrong time
  11. JasonD

    Mt Dissa L2 4/3/18 injury update.

    Geez Goat, hope you have a speedy recovery
  12. JasonD

    Four Word Game

    they had been fluffed
  13. JasonD

    Four Word Game

    wind in her hair