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  1. Welcome mate, Darren set up my last bike and will be definitely getting him to do my next one.
  2. JasonD


    ahh well i didn't read the fine print, I think I will watch your comp from the sidelines
  3. JasonD


    I think I will sell and lock in my profits made a bit over 10% after brokerage, will leave the rest $11,000 in a Me cash account and get 2.79% for the rest of the year, so should work out about 12% for the year CGC $5.130 $0.080 (1.58%) Add to Watchlist Add to Alerts Manage Orders COSTA GROUP HOLDINGS FPO Mon 21 Jan 2019 1:45 PM (Sydney time)
  4. JasonD


    Costa Group Holdings Ltd Follow ASX: CGC 4.64 AUD +0.13 (2.88%) 11 Jan, 4:10 pm AEDT ยท Disclaimer I will purchase $10,000 worth of these for this experiment, see how they go At worst you could have your cash in a Members equity online savings account at 2.85% p.a
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