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  1. Portable Fridge

    I've had a 40lt engel for 10 years and hasn't missed a beat. Might be a bit more power hungry comparing to a waeco but they've been around for a long time. In-laws have had one for 15-20 years and it's still going strong. I'd be setting it up with a dual battery system as a minimum.

    Shout out to Cobraone for putting on another Creswick pearler. Thanks for the Vid Kingdavey. Felt pretty good yesterday considering the temp, dust (and sure was very dusty at the back). Probably testament to the consistent summer riding I've been doing. I think staying off the cans the night before and having a powerade on the drive up and one at the short break back at the cars got me through the day as well. I dunno how those guys at Dakar do 100's of km a day in all types of weather for two weeks. Hat's off to them. Cobra showed us through some new and not so new tracks adjusting the ride as the heat started to set in. Better change your name to the King Creswick. Grip everywhere allowed everyone get through what would be hell in winter get through without much fuss. Trailmaker300 you and that xtrainer are looking very gelled now the suspension has been upgraded. Makes it a very serious prospect for anyone looking for a nice light bike. It's certainly on my list at upgrade time. Another great bunch of blokes. Till next time.
  3. Idiots at Wombat

    Surely someone would've seen these idiots. http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/vandals-chop-down-100yearold-trees-in-lerderderg-state-park-in-senseless-act-20171207-h0126x.html
  4. !Thumper’s Level 3 Baptism of Fire | 26/11/17

    I think we need to name that hill climb the valley of the dead. It's funny how you take first timers to that valley and you have to tell them go up that side to get the run up to get up the other. You get that WTF look...... Nice ride report.
  5. TBRiders Out West ride, Sat 18th

    Yeah I've never attempted that uphill as I've seen some great riders come unstuck and I thought I'd have no chance. Yesterday though everyone didn't think about it, hit it and made it up with ease. Testament to the prime conditions, every accent had traction.
  6. TBRiders Out West ride, Sat 18th

    Bad Luck Noodles. Always the way though.... Till next time mate. Turned out to be a cracker day. Bit fresh with the early start. But warmed up quickly. Smashed out around 60kms in under 5 hours and back home to complete the list of chores and to beat the heat. No dust until late in the day. A few slippery sections with the recent rain, nearly high sided it going through one bit but held it like a boss speedway style.....pure ass. Deception Hill (for those regulars at Ballan) lived up to it's name and caught out the sweep. The first 6 of us got up the hill and I think it was richardg said, "why are we stopping." I said, "cause this hill always end's up with someone stuffing it up," and it did. All the hill climbs had heaps of traction. Thanks for Cobraone for sweeping duties and Bear taking over the lead to take us down some sweet tracks. That man is a riding GPS that only has great tracks programmed in. All in all a good day out to keep the km's up and to finish early before it got too warm. Once again top bunch of blokes.
  7. Happens to most WR's that I know. Get's stuck in a certain spot. You roll it forward and whammo it starts. But sounds like your battery is on the way out if it's just spinning. Put new spark plug in before you start pulling stuff apart and see how that goes.
  8. Must be cause your now cheating.........Tubliss
  9. Risky when out riding alone

    Did he get his bike out? After riding there yesterday you wouldn't want to go "exploring" unless your with an experienced guide. We saw parks out there yesterday, maybe this is why they told us stay on the proper tracks???
  10. Creswick magic.

    Top day out cobra. Awesome tracks. Plenty of mineshafts around to keep you on your toes. It was a tough day out considering the km's vs the terrain. I was out cold on the couch by 7:30. No major hold ups and no other issues. That means I've had a top day out in my books. And thanks to your mate showing us some more top tracks as well. Forgot how good Creswick is. Well done.
  11. Beginner deciding on a trail bike

    Agree with Wayward1 budget not an issue X Trainer. The few people that I've ridden with who has one loves them. But rare as hens teeth on the 2nd hand market. This bike would last you longer as you can grow into it and it'll still serve you well as your skills advance. On my radar when I look to upgrade. Ride with another bloke who is short in stature and got back on bikes after a long time. He bought a wr250f, put a lowering link and now his skills have come along quite nicely in a couple of years he is looking at upgrading. Good thing about the wr250 there are plenty on the market, reliable, easy to maintain and you can get rid of them pretty quick. You can also lower the forks in the front triples and shave a bit of foam off the seat.
  12. Tyre pump & gauge

    Something like this would do the job. Then you can just throw it in the ute. http://www.rebelsport.com.au/Product/JetBlack-Big-Fella-Floor-Pump/445941
  13. In kneed of feedback on knee pads

    That'll keep the water out of your boots. In all seriousness save up for knee braces. I only tore a ligament a couple of years ago and it still gives me grief when it's cold or I twist a certain way. Hate to know how it would feel if you snapped it and needed surgery. If you wait for a sale you'll get a set of entry level Pod's for $500ish.
  14. Replace radiators

    Be prepared for a bit of modification if you have radiator guards. They are slightly bigger/chunkier. If you do a search looks as though race radiators in Dandenong get the vote to fix your damaged ones. I've never used them though but others might chime in for recommendations. If I had to do it again I'd get the originals fixed.
  15. Tube selection

    Both say they will fit up to a 140/80-18 tyre. So I'd go the medium as it might be smaller. I've just always bought them from the local never given the option of a medium or large.