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  1. Electric start a must IMO.
  2. TBRider


    Latest anaconda catalogue
  3. TBRider


    I've camped in a swag for 20 years and still camping in the one that I bought back then. Biggest game changer is having a stretcher. Keeps off the cold ground and avoids finding those sticks and rocks at 2 in the morning. Something like this would keep it off you. https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/single-swag-escape-canvas-50mm-mattress-adventure-kings.html
  4. TBRider

    Dargo/ Crooked River

    After doing Crooked River Track coming from Dargo end head up South Bassalt Knob Track. Epic hill climb. Then up to Blue Rag Range Track. Awesome spot.
  5. TBRider

    Hide and seek @ Bears Pyrenees

    Sounds like a top ride. Learnt along time ago never to take Cobraone's line.
  6. Very informed review. Being a member of such a good forum allows you to jump on some amazing very well prepared rides. Plus a top bunch of blokes. It's a pity about the bad experience as the Vic High Country is an epic place.
  7. TBRider

    BearMX and the Big Desert Adventure

    Top video Bruce. Love it.
  8. TBRider

    Best Tiedowns

    I love the Pro Taper ones. The teeth on the buckles really bite down into the fabric. I just ordered a new set from RMATV only because I was ordering a whole heap of other stuff. The last set still going strong after 3 years. https://www.mxstore.com.au/p/Pro-Taper-Tiedowns/PT02-2819 https://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/p/3436/24481/ProTaper-Swivel-Hook-Carabiner-Soft-Loop-Tie-Downs?c=13 I'd also recommend the ballard's fork saver. The plastic ones are s@&t. https://www.mxstore.com.au/p/Ballards-Adjustable-Fork-Support/72-99-1001 Probably something we shouldn't skimp on. Nearly watched a KTM bounce out of a ute on Saturday going over a bump coming into the unloading area.
  9. TBRider

    Forma boots sale

    Got a pair this morning. Thanks guys. Still have plenty of stock so grab yourself a bargain. Kids boots are also really good price $150 I think and really good quality.
  10. TBRider

    Forma boots sale

    Thanks Marko
  11. TBRider

    Forma boots sale

    Plenty of stock?
  12. TBRider

    Collarbone 2018

    Macka well done on another memorable trip. 3 days of riding and 298km = happy days. Out for a 90km ride Friday with Fullysick to get in the groove and had a blast going along some of the sandy tracks along the channel and taking in some awesome views and being stalked by I think the biggest Eagle I have ever seen. Back at camp and beating the latte crowd back we enjoyed a nice BBQ and a few froths. Saturday was the big day and by what I mean by big, well 31 riders lined up and the pace was on. At the back taking up sweep duties and with the size of the group we had 3 on the corner, I tell you what if I had a few of those fast Wimmera boys (dam some of those boys are fast) or a few Dirtriderz guns, aka, BearMX, Farmerbrown or BruceKTMguy, well I was pushing the limit to keep up. Macka had this so well organised. Two support vehicles, one for fuel for the bikes and one for fuel for the bodies. Tracks were mainly fast but a few surprisingly tricky uphills especially if you had to stop halfway up. Incredibly there were no major hold ups. I think I saw a busted up finger (hope it's on the improve Marko), front puncture and a stick rupturing a fuel tank (never witnessed that before). 150km later and back at camp the beers flowed and the spit roasts were demolished. Sunday was a bit of a later start from the previous nights antics (a couple did the all nighter, needless to say they weren't on Sunday's ride). 12 of us geared up and smashed out a glorious 60km looping Lake Wartook. Really nice track where the pace was up but you had to be on the ball because a few of the creek crossings would come up quick and catch you by surprise. 11 of us made it back. Sorry Trev, I think a few weary bodies let the cornerman system down, glad you and the DRZ made it back safe. Macka thanks again for letting me take part in this well organised event and hats off to a few of your mates for supporting and cooking up a storm. Hopefully a few of the guys will become members so they can check out some other forum rides. Glad I didn't get on the memorial trophy and hope I never will. Till next year TB
  13. TBRider

    Green Day Wednesday

    And TC? KennyB was enjoying the TC on the 350.
  14. TBRider

    Green Day Wednesday

    Fantastic ride. With a text to Trailz to see if he's keen for a midweek ride turned into, "yep let's turn it into a forum ride." Not much arm twisting got Trailmaker300 to lead on a loop that he's been putting together for a while, and a "I wanna do that massive loam hill that we went down, but going up," he was quickly on board. Great traction next too no dust and the heat down, it was prime conditions. I swear Greendale was created for dirtbike riders. Paradise Track, Loamy Ridge Track. It is truly dirt bike heaven. Given todays and the next few days of rain if we went back out there we would probably consider it dirt bike hell. I think Scotland summed up the ride well. He stopped in one of the epic gully's we were in and said, "this is awesome." Yes Scotland...yes it was. Back at work today thinking all day about yesterday. I think a few more midweek rides need to be penciled in. Thanks fellas for another sensational ride.
  15. TBRider

    New knee braces.

    You can try my pods next time to see how they fit. Saved me plenty. Helmet, boots and knee braces are a must have IMO.