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  1. Toby price comes in 2nd so his bush fix held up. Shaping up to be a close finish.
  2. Sanders smashing it. Pricey in the overall lead. Highlights: Stage Winners: Overall:
  3. Yeah I use it between the case and the frame. Not around the pipe. It would get pretty hot to use around the pipe I would think.
  4. Do you mean this? https://motogc.com.au/products/husqvarna-foam-for-skid-plate I use it and works well.
  5. Didn't mind the previous Long Way Down and Long Way Round. This time with modified Livewire Harley's and all electric Rivian's.
  6. Yeah I've noticed the same thing. I think due to sport getting cancelled due to covid people have/had their weekends free.
  7. Ssssshhhh that place doesn't exist. Secret squirrel. A few good hills out there. Widow maker. Sh$t your pants hill. It's fun.
  8. I'm itching to get up there Macka. Just announced up to 20 people from 1 June but still can't use your camp due to communal kitchen and bathroom. Bugger. Stupid really when you can have 50 at a restaurant from 22 June which usually only has a couple of toilets. Oh well at least we can still go riding and we are way better off than most other countries. https://www.premier.vic.gov.au/statement-from-the-premier-40/
  9. TBRider

    Corona Virus

    On The Age: Golf, hiking, fishing back in Victoria By Paul Sakkal Victorians will be able to play golf, walk in groups and go fishing and hiking as long as they maintain physical distancing. Up to ten people will be able to partake in outdoor activities that are capable of being done with people spaced 1.5m apart. The Andrews government faced push-back from golfers who argued the sport was always safe to play and pointed to the sport being permitted in every state outside Victoria. Mr Andrews, a keen golfer himself, said changes would be made to minimise the risk
  10. Any restrictions on getting accommodation? AKA Dargo River Inn.
  11. TBRider

    Corona Virus

    Dan Andrews making announcement right now. Sounds like outdoor activities from Wednesday for up to 10 peeps.
  12. I think the DR650 would even wear out before you got sick of riding. Love it. I'm in.
  13. TBRider

    Corona Virus

    If they allow golf and fishing then they'll pretty much have to open up State and National Parks for sporting/fitness and recreational use. But in general, I think they'll let schools go back first, gauge any possible outbreaks, then tourist/hospitality with tight restrictions to get some businesses up and running again. Office workers will be pretty much last to go back from what I've heard so the transport system can cope with social distancing.
  14. I did it about 4 years ago. Bugged me for 2 years, especially when it was cold. Bought knee braces straight after incident. I felt it supported the knee and hopefully will prevent it from happening again. Touch wood it hasn't yet.
  15. For $30 delivered I'd be looking into this: https://jdjetting.com.au/product/jdmk05-mikuni-tmx-jet-block-gasket-kit/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8klnekqfclk