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  1. I have a 2013 with the JD kit. If you have a stock bike, I found it lean up top in standard trim. (Go down a fire road in a high gear and go WOT, back it off and see if the bike goes a little quicker. If so it's lean) I have a full exhaust on mine and the JD kit. Makes it run a little nicer, more responsive. Don't expect crazy gains, it's still a 250.
  2. Thanks Bear and the sweep riders! Had a fantastic day, loved it! Burgers were awesome too! Sorry for the hold ups I caused!
  3. Yes haha. Wrong spot
  4. Thanks Bear and the sweep riders! Had a fantastic day, loved it! Burgers were awesome too! Sorry for the hold ups I caused!
  5. First ride out with dirtriderz and I had a blast! Great mixture of terrain! Few little off's for me but its all part of the fun when your getting back into it. Thanks too those who gave that bit of extra help when I got stuck. I am getting a error when I try and upload photos so here they are; https://photos.app.goo.gl/NPW2Yv5ObdI8OcEI3
  6. What 20L drum are you buying Bandicoot? I want to cheap out and buy something cheaper, and I am skeptical about the whole "motorcycle specific oil" stuff thats jammed into our heads, but without strong evidence saying that car oils cause no long term damage, ill fork out the extra bux to sleep better at night. Penrite told me I can use HPR 10 GAS if i wanted, which is a 10w-50, its even rated to JASO MA spec.
  7. From what I am aware, the penrite oil listed above is listed for cars. But is also JASO MA certified, meaning its certified for motorcycle use. But to me, it wasn't common knowledge that is acceptable use in it. $70 for 4L is ridiculous..I am already whinging for paying $45 for 4L (Penrite motorcycle stuff) from AutoBarn. I have a 2013 WR250F and a 06 SV650 which share the same oils, but wouldn't mind finding a cheaper alternative. Gulf Western Oils have recommended me Protecta 15w-50 for my WR when I contacted them several month's ago, on there lube desk it says you can use the Syn-X 3000, they said it "shouldn't" cause clutch slippage, but I was told it has not been personally tested. Have read online with people using the Syn-X 3000 with no issues in their bikes. Going to be calling them hopefully later today to get some more info, as they are a aussie supplier of oil and easily one of the cheapest out. From my understanding, "Oil's ain't Oil's" is very much marketing. Most companies get there base stock from the same refinery's then just put what ever additives in it. Thats my understanding of it all anyway, although I am still new learning about viscosity's and how modifiers effect them. Most of the info is pretty hush hush and its a struggle to get any from the big mobs other then "Buy our expensive motorcycle oil cause it has LESS additives in it".... The whole story about buying motorcycle oil sbecause they can withstand rpm is bs imo - as your rpm's increase, your oil pump - pumps oil faster thorugh your motor to keep the oil flowing and prevent metal on metal. So as long as your running the viscosity, which mind you is how well it flows and its resistance to shearing, having a car/motorcycle oil would in my opinion be irrelevant OTHER Then the fact some can cause clutch slippage.... I have never heard of anybody have a engine related failure due to using the WRONG oil. I have heard of people not having any oil in there motor but never in trouble for using the wrong type. At best it felt a little "Strange/notchy" or not as responsive by using a incorrect weight, but never a failure. Would be interested if others have had a failure by using the wrong specified oil. /rant
  8. Engine oils. Does anybody run diesel/car oils in there bikes? Any issues? If so - what oil are you using, and what bike is it going in?
  9. Any update on this Sai? Been following your thread, great job in giving it a go yourself!
  10. No drama's, figured it would be a bit of a long short, but doesn't hurt to ask! I am a paid member on DBW, and it seems lots of members are from dbw (recognizing some usernames). Keen to get out there though, hoping to be at diss on Sunday if all goes well.
  11. Hey fellas, I am new to the forum and just purchased a GPS. If anybody is willing to share some GPS loops of Disappointment that would be awesome!
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