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  1. Buzz man in a little interview with "Gumby does romaniacs" Vlog https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10157472747999324&id=510169323
  2. Bubalu

    FABulous Dissa

    Awesome day! Creeks, tight trails and hills along with a capable crew that moved along nicely. What more could you ask for! 2 highlights of the day No1: Vic police pursuit car following us into the carpark to do reg and bike checks.... Literally as we were pulling up for the meet and great No2. Swamp Hill. What a hill and what an effort from the blokes that powdered up it. Good on ya's
  3. Amazing effort buzz. Your going great Been looking out for you on the redbull feed.
  4. A crew from Dirtriderz would be awesome. I'm keen and my son is keen to do it also. I think we could get a few. Babula,Kmatts,Petev,Mr Noodles,Cruiser,5exc,Daniel c,Liam 123,Habs are just a few that are capable and may be keen? We have a whole year to work on Gypsy the "hillclimb king" and recruit him also. Owwww, that sounds like fun Cluffie. I'd be keen if it was a goer. Definitely need some more "Mr Hill Climb" Gough's weekends in preparation
  5. This recently happened to a friend of mine. Brand new 2019 Xtrainer. 6hours in.... bottom end bearing said bye bye. Dealer sorted the issue out fairly promptly. Lucky my mate wasn't really disheartened as it's pleasure of a bike to ride. Just the week of no riding due to the warranty repair was a pain
  6. How exciting!!! It's so awesome that your making the journey over there to compete. Best wishes for the event mate. Can't wait to see and hear all about it. #buzzjarvis
  7. Decided to install a set of these guys to the Beta. Only used them once so far, but was pleasantly surprised how much less arm fatigue I had during the ride.
  8. Was nice crossing paths with you fellas. Looked like the group was moving well. How good were the tracks after all the rain!!!
  9. Nice report and fair effort mate Wouldn't mind trying one of these one day
  10. Perfect title for the ride report! Flowy trails with burmed out corners and no dust definitely stepped the flow of the group up on the 2nd loop. Normally 3rd gear Tight trail riding is booting along but to click into 4th on a L2, surely not? Better double check "click,click….hang on the group's still pulling away, I can barely see Habs or Rider….click" twist that right wrist! Excellent ride Habs, had a great time. Looking forward to the next one
  11. Hope Coleman and Perry go well
  12. Yep. Cody has a torn ACL. Amazing he's racing!
  13. Finally had the suspension set-up looked at for my weight and riding style. Can't wait to try it out.#deflectionbegone
  14. What a weekend!! Everything is sore, but have a smile ear to ear Was an absolute blast being part of a top crew of riders experiencing the relentless hill climbs and descents. (And I really do mean RELENTLESS!!) Unfortunately I copped a 15mm slash in the side wall of my front tyre early in the ride. Surprisingly 2 tyre plugs later and a bucket load of rubber cement, she went on and held pressure all day. "Crisis everted" Cluffie, Mick, Buzz, Bruce, Marko, Drezz was a pleasure to ride with you and of course a big thanks to Mr Gypsy for putting on a awesome weekend away. Can't wait till the next one
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