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  1. What a weekend!! Everything is sore, but have a smile ear to ear Was an absolute blast being part of a top crew of riders experiencing the relentless hill climbs and descents. (And I really do mean RELENTLESS!!) Unfortunately I copped a 15mm slash in the side wall of my front tyre early in the ride. Surprisingly 2 tyre plugs later and a bucket load of rubber cement, she went on and held pressure all day. "Crisis everted" Cluffie, Mick, Buzz, Bruce, Marko, Drezz was a pleasure to ride with you and of course a big thanks to Mr Gypsy for putting on a awesome weekend away. Can't wait till the next one
  2. Good call mate. Better to play it safe.
  3. Haha, ability....I'm think more like complete fluke . I'm just happy to be out riding with and learning from you Rockstars. Looking forward to Big River. Should be awesome
  4. Geez mate, sorry to hear that It was a sneaky bastard that little stump and the dust didn't make it any easier to spot. Lucky you didn't proceed with the rest of the ride as you were considering. Could have made things even worse. Wishing you a speedy recovery. In regards to the ride, as always Gypsy puts on a fun/challenging day. It's a bit of dejavu hoping into the shower after one if these wombat days. The water discovers cuts, bruises and graises that I'm sure weren't there the day before!! For me the days highlight has to be Mevstar and Gypsy making "the wall" look like child's play! Wish I recorded it. Straight up..no hassles. Thanks again fellas. Hope to see you out there soon.
  5. The skill level was right at the pointy end yesterday with the crew putting on a show with climbing slippery hills (with bald bloody tyres) riding along the length of wet logs and of course the speed!!! Omg we were flying Was my 1st time riding Toolangi and the wet weather definitely caught my build up of “summer traction confidence” off guard. Only a few turns into the ride and tyre pressure adjustments were set high on the agenda at our next randevu. After some adjustments to the riding style (and tyre pressure), it didn't take long to feel at home again in the mud. All in all was a great day. Seriously how good is toolangi! Thanks for putting the ride together Ben. Can't wait to head back out. Cheers fellas.
  6. Yesterdays ride was an absolute hoot!! Hadn't been to Kinglake in years, so it was a pleasure to follow BenG around the place and take in the sights. For the amount of rain we had during the week, it was still surprising dusty in some areas. This didn't hold up the crew though with a nice continual flow all day. Riding highlight has to be Mr Gypsy momentarily throwing a leg over an Italian stead. Some would suggest the two sync'd "beta" than his Austrian counter part and absolutely ripped a particularly sticky situation a new one. Arch enemy's or two peas in a pod? Thanks again guys, I had a great day
  7. Hey Scottland, Been running the Zacspeed roost gaurd/recon backpack for about 18months now. It's been a good bit of kit. Breathes well and is qaulity made. Only design complaint would be is it can be a pain getting to your gear in your backpack. Especially if you run a neck brace. Also make sure you Loctite the hell out of the connection screws.
  8. Installed a trailtech Thermo fan kit to the beta yesterday.
  9. Cheers mate. I haven't tested it since the run in ride. I'll check it out
  10. Hey @g_dog I hadn't noticed any performance issues at all. Only did it as was recommended between 80-90 hours and thought it would be good to start the year with a fresh top end. $300 for the kit and roughly 4hours later all done (with a few beers of course) Have since done 2hours with the new piston and feels almost exactly the same as before. Cheers
  11. What are you planning on buying? New bike wise