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  1. Bubalu

    Chewton Explore

    Nice flowing day with a good crew. 1st time out at Chewton and can't wait to go back. Some very nice tracks out there. Awards as follows: Biggie for organising the ride. Riles as Hill climb champion Twin Cam as speed demon See you guys on the next one
  2. Bubalu

    Who's doing the Kenda rally

    Yep, giving it a go this year. Looking forward to it.
  3. Bubalu

    Kenda vs Stockmans Rally

    Thanks for the info. Very helpful
  4. Bubalu

    Kenda vs Stockmans Rally

    Anyone know if camping at the grounds is permitted the night before the Kenda Rally? Struggling to find accommodation
  5. Bubalu

    Cobras Creswick

    Awesome day. Heat held off just long enough which was a bonus. 1st task tomorrow morning will be flushing/bleeding that damn clutch.
  6. Bubalu

    Mt Dissa L2 4/3/18 injury update.

    Wow, sorry to hear that mate. All the best with surgery and recovery.
  7. Bubalu

    chewton 24th, hard day in the scrub.

    Thanks for putting the ride together centralVic. Had a blast for the short amount of time I was there. Before I had the bike loaded on the trailer I was on the phone ordering 2 throttle cables ( 1 replacement & 1 spare) Hopefully catch you on the next one. Cheers.
  8. Bubalu

    18/6 step up to 3 at Cobaw

    Ha-ha, very true John. Was a couple of "close your eyes and hold on" bits throughout the day. Haven't had that many offs in a long time. Think I was up to 4 before I stopped counting Awesome day though. Loved the little challenges Dakota took us through. Even in the car park at the end of the day. Sure was bogged in good. Cheers for putting the ride together and leading Jas and also cheers to John for sweeps all day. Had a blast.
  9. Bubalu

    Whipsticks 27/2/16

    And hand out much needed AA batteries Cheers mate.
  10. Bubalu

    Anglesea Feb 13

    All good Pete about the snap. No one wants to see my ugly mug anyway On the other note, great ride mate. On the way home I was half considering pulling over for a power nap. Absolutely buggered. Liked Angelsea the one and only other time I'd been there, but after your loop today its sure on my list of one of the better spots to ride in Vic. Those bumps......omg. They just never end. Enter the 1st couple thinking I'm Chad Reed on the back wheel & just as you think you got the rhythm.....splat. Anyway Pete. Cheers again. If this was a eBay feedback I'd be leaving A+++++ and ticking 5 stars for "delivering what was described"
  11. Bubalu

    Wombat Fat burner ride Sun7th

    When my legs are like jelly after a ride, I know it was a good one. Gonna feel it tomorrow I think Cheers Again Matt.
  12. Bubalu

    Slippery Kinglake

    Wasn't even that steep. Traction=Zero
  13. Bubalu

    Slippery Kinglake

    Thanks for leading the ride Mike, had a great day. That red clay sure was slippery. Looking forward to the next ride you put together. Cheers Wade.
  14. Here I am feeling sorry for myself with a fractured wrist, but this ^^^ is just "WOW".
  15. Thanks Trunks. Basically hit another rider side on (I was going up hill, he was coming down). For some reason he was parked on a sweeping turn and I just didn't have the time to swerve when I saw him.