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  1. Mate, I've been lucky enough to ride with him a handful of times and the skill LVL is just beautiful to watch.
  2. Tenterfield pro hill climb 2nd rider (Nowak) kills it😎
  3. Imagine the climb that would be lined up for the event 🙈🙈🙈 Dare say she's be a tricky one
  4. Smashes all terrain on a "one fitty" and now finds a lost kid!!!!! Absolute Legendary mate😎
  5. How's her setup. Rode past it the other day and I'm pretty sure I spotted freshly laid soil within a boarded veggie garden. Wonder how long they'll last there🤣
  6. Use to high side it and ride the offchamber wall to the far right of the pic (which turns out is more sketchy than the actual waterfall) Now the guys build their moment at the base and use the small rocks at the bottom as a kicker. It's a tricky sucker as the rock face is consistantly wet and mossy so if the distance travelled up from the kick is not enough to get the rear wheel up.... Throttling out is a no go. It instantly spins, then washes out into the chasm of never more
  7. Better share at least this snap to pay credit to the terrain. This is "the waterfall", which has become a standard to ride up on "Tour de Dissa" The long haired lanky looking dude in the pic standing on the edge is yours truely. I'm 6'3" tall for scaling reference of height.
  8. Hahahahaha. Not a sign of dirt on that mofo to be seen! Rock on Rock Have a feeling that bugger could tell some stories of attempts over the years.
  9. You caught me mate! Was totally telling fibbs. The "Tour de Dissa" is only a lvl2 ride tops
  10. Yeah was a fair effort. The whole group also rode UP "waterfall" aswell which was nice.
  11. Great day out on the bikes with a very capable group. Loved the new waterfall entry buzzman Also after many years of riding dissa it was great to finally see"the widow maker" That hill is definitely not for the faint hearted! Everyone made it up which was a top effort. Cheers Murdoch for organising the day and thanks Buzz for guiding us on the "Tour de Dissa" Stats: 6hours ride time 47km travelled 8km average speed 2400m elevation gained Wettest Boots in Australasia Looking forward to the next one
  12. Mile took the courageous line in the "pinch" at Tenterfield grassroots which saw him qaulify 24th I think (from memory) . Also completed 2 laps, with only just missing out on making a 3rd. Good effort for someone who's been riding for such a short time
  13. Did you get a chance to ride any decent sized hill climbs with the 200? If so, how'd it pull?
  14. Yes, I'm very interested on feedback on this aswell. I saw the dyno report and it definitely raised the eyebrows for comparison to the 150tpi.
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