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  1. And I better post this to show the bike was the right way up at times🤣
  2. Tenterfield the land where the term "Good dirt" gets thrown around in conversation often. Pretty sure I'm not overstating it by saying the terrain on offer is a dirtbikers heaven. It would be amazing to head up there for a few days to just play on the hills, rocks and creeks in a none-race setting. The event was a mixed bag of feelings with the slowly gaining excitement on the drive up, biggiest armpump known to man during the prologue, adrenaline of the race day and finally the shock of what stopped the race. (Fingers are crossed everything turns out ok for Tim🤞) Notable hi
  3. 🤣🤣🤣 Was a sneaky deep hole in that spot. Caught me real good.
  4. Great topic 👍 About 18months ago I went down the path of a 1/2 mousse & tubliss setup in the rear accompanied with a full mousse in the front. The front I didn't have much success with seating the bead (SC5 soft). Even tried 2 X rimlocks with no luck. So after 20hours went back to the trusty tubliss with slime. However the rear has been a pretty versatile system over the 120hours I've used it for. Best example would be on the wet/dreaded clay days🙃 I can run zero pressure but still have little cushion from the half mousse. This make for a more forgiving impact on obsticals
  5. Big kudo's to @Murdoch Very much appreciate the effort put into creating these lovely hard enduro inspired, engineer made tracks. You've outdone yourself mate 👍. From the smiles and comments from fellow riders throughout the day im pretty sure everyone felt the same. Looking forward to next years!! 😎
  6. I only have 1 question buzzman....... Does it pivot? 🤪
  7. Wildwood last week was stacked with Shercos. Gold Class line up had roughly: -10 X Shercos - 1 X Beta rr - 1 X KTM xc
  8. Cheers mate😊. Hopefully catch each other on a ride again soon 👍
  9. Cheers Cluffie👍 Its a tuff choice with bikes atm. We are very spoilt with options. In the end after looking over the particular specs I enjoy from a bike, the husky won out.
  10. Picked up my 2021 yesterday. Looking forward to taking her out for a spin.
  11. Good price point👌 The linkage rear, 36keihen and new counterbalance is a sweet combo 😎. Alot of blokes are adding extra flywheel weights onto them aswell. Which for technical riding would be mind boggling with that already torque'y motor.
  12. Hahahaha 🤣. Your on the money Bushy, if I was upgrading it would 💯 be the sherco over a TPI. It felt very nice for the type of riding I like. Probably keep chugging along on the Old Beta for a bit longer as I still enjoy the bike. Recently had the front end converted to a set of KYB SSS to try something different. Been a pleasurable experience so far on them😎
  13. Bugger mate. Sneaky rut that one.🤦
  14. Nice report Buzz. How many sets of wheel bearings?🤪🙂 Sad to see the bike go, but I'm sure will be exciting to throw a leg over a new 2wheeled companion!👍👌