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  1. A bit belated, but here's my POV ride report for Fridays festivities. Thursday night seems to be a good feature point to note for this ride. While tucking in for the night amongst the pillows, I decided to have a read through the list of MVP riders to attend the 3+ spectical…....bad bad move before trying to get some shut eye. Amongst the excitement the mind starts to wonder " What if I hold everyone up?", "Swamp hill ...swamp hill isn't going to be optional!"Dreams that shorty followed was a short course in hill climbing techniques. With the trailer already hitched and bike loaded the next morning I was making good time to the destination. However I made the lazy decision to just copy the meet point link into the GPS which sent me to god knows where on the mountain. Lucky enough while pulled over trying to scavage thru the map, another convoy of 3+ riders had done the exact same thing. (I guess we leave our skills on the pegs and not map reading)A bit of back and forth on the phones and hurray crisis averted, pulled up at the meet point with a whisker of time! The crew was already in a huddle, about to do the pre-ride so I basically "ejected" bike off the trailer jumped into my gear (superman, phone box style) and steam rolled into the group before departure. I believe we had 19riders in the gang all very very capable riders indeed. Only took a few moments into Buzz's loop before whit's had to be afoot to manage some "interesting" terrain. An awesome combination of st, creeks and climbs with alot of off chamber trails to link it all together (minimum 4wd tracks, which was cool as ) To be part of, a get to see 1st hand such a group of MVP riders was fantastic. The technique, and "all in" approach to obstacles was spot on. I must be a #enduronerd, but even the sounds of the bikes are so different to other LVL's. Down low, and just purring for traction. Highlights list: No1: Cluffie's attack on one of the early tricky climbs (the one with the pipe, think its the base of ladder) bloody perfect, while most (mainly me)arsed it. No2: Brownballs's Tim Coleman style wheelie up swamp hill No3: Murdoch's "rocket man" approach to the biggest log in Australasia. Was awesome No4: Toby's negotiation of a difficult positioned tree/root. Most went around, Toby launched it and continued on graceful No5: Chewy. I don't know what happened in the last 20minutes of the ride mate, but "full assault" mode was definitely switched on. Railing corners, and overtaking like you were running late for dinner. Any how a big thanks goes out to all organisers and of course Mr Hill climb for his efforts in putting such an event on. 100ish riders!!! and the rides ran smooth! What the hell! That's an achievement and a half. Can't wait till the next one.
  2. Fine mate. I just pop them out and throw them in the washing machine every 2nd-3rd ride to freshen up. Only complaint if I'm really searching would be the little red emergency pulls for the inners... Can tickle the neck a little I just tuck them up out the way to stop this.
  3. I can vouch for the Just1 helmets. Ran mine for a year and a half now and has been great. It's a J12 full carbon. Pretty sure I've seen them around for less than $400 these days. Also available in XXL which was great for a boof head like mine
  4. Don't think so, I only placed the order Monday and arrived today.
  5. Just took delivery of these apex imports "super special" brake pads. $2.8 per set of pads.....think they'll last long?
  6. Sorry mate, no footage or snaps from my end. By the time the hand went in the pocket to retrieve the iPhone.....the group had already zoomed past.
  7. G'day, Only issue I have with them is they can sometimes pitch the inside of my pants when I go from a sitting to standing position. Other than that no dramas.
  8. What a beast!! By far my favourite part of the ride. That last 20ish metres of crankcase from the top was just....wow. Sharp left turn with next to no run up. The main climb being a mix of clay and an erray of mossy, slick large rocks. What a challenge it was to try an find some drive. Looking forward to trying it again.
  9. Just woke up from a 9hour coma and before I run a Epson salt bath (omg my muscles!!!) thought I might do a little shout out to yesterdays ride. Headed up the Friday night and quickly knocked up the swag to sit around the campfire for some dirtbike Chita Chita with the guys. Got down to zero overnight but was surprisingly warm inside the swag. As the sun rose so did we, having a little pre-ride breaky and coffees while glazing upon the mountain range we were about to tackle. We then geared up, warmed up the bikes (mine taking a roll start to get going) and we were off. Even though the weather gods were kind to us with the sun lighting up the terrain, gee she was a slippery start to the day, often running 1 or 2 feet off the pegs for some safety stability. Carrying 3litres of fuel on my back, along a tool bag and 3 litres of water made for quite a change in balance I found aswell. After a good hour to warm up and get comfortable with the conditions (also removing the fuel off our back) it was game on!!!! Up hill, down hill, up hill, down hill, off chamber to the left, off chamber to the right. Creeks and more creeks, let's also throw a bucket load of down logs in there for some good measure and position them on 45 degrees as the terrain wasn't already challenging enough. A chance for a breather on transport tracks linking up the tight stuff were appreciated!!! Even though only 400m max!! Any chance to get a freshen up before swinging the hips over the back guard, feathering the brakes and starting of another ridiculous hill descent. On the crew front, was a great group with a positive attitude to boot, on what I found to be very fun but challenging terrain. Gypsy doing his hill climb thing (#hillclimbchampion), Crusty railing the tight stuff on his new 250tpi and Cluffie making technical areas look easy (particularly crankcase hill, if anyone knows this hill it's what nightmares are made of) All in all we covered 98km in 8hours 28minutes of riding time. Got back to camp with maybe 1ish litre of fuel left in the tank. Also whacked my fitness tracker with HR monitor on for this ride. Couldn't believe it 6300 calories dusted…...made the chicken and chips on the way home oh so sweet. Had a blast, thanks again Gyspy for putting the ride together. Till next time guys
  10. Buzz man in a little interview with "Gumby does romaniacs" Vlog https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10157472747999324&id=510169323
  11. Bubalu

    FABulous Dissa

    Awesome day! Creeks, tight trails and hills along with a capable crew that moved along nicely. What more could you ask for! 2 highlights of the day No1: Vic police pursuit car following us into the carpark to do reg and bike checks.... Literally as we were pulling up for the meet and great No2. Swamp Hill. What a hill and what an effort from the blokes that powdered up it. Good on ya's
  12. Amazing effort buzz. Your going great Been looking out for you on the redbull feed.
  13. A crew from Dirtriderz would be awesome. I'm keen and my son is keen to do it also. I think we could get a few. Babula,Kmatts,Petev,Mr Noodles,Cruiser,5exc,Daniel c,Liam 123,Habs are just a few that are capable and may be keen? We have a whole year to work on Gypsy the "hillclimb king" and recruit him also. Owwww, that sounds like fun Cluffie. I'd be keen if it was a goer. Definitely need some more "Mr Hill Climb" Gough's weekends in preparation
  14. This recently happened to a friend of mine. Brand new 2019 Xtrainer. 6hours in.... bottom end bearing said bye bye. Dealer sorted the issue out fairly promptly. Lucky my mate wasn't really disheartened as it's pleasure of a bike to ride. Just the week of no riding due to the warranty repair was a pain
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