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  1. Timely post I have had 5 bikes insured with Insure My Ride Made one claim on a road after an off. 1200 Bandit with access. Absolutely no issues Problem now is IMR is being retired. Shannon's is the one they are pointing too. ( owned by the same mob) so I will be looking for a new insurer for my road and 570 Berg Sent from my 0PJA10 using Tapatalk
  2. I've done this to about 10 bikes , both road and dirt. All with leaking fork seals: Get an empty milk carton, cut a piece about 6cm long 4cm wide. Cut the shape of a small hook into one corner. Raise/lower the fork seal and wrap the plastic around the fork tube, pushing the hooked plastic between the fork and the seal As you move the hooked piece of plastic around the fork, occasionally remove it, give it a clean and insert it back in to finish the job. Most important, give the forks a few good pumps to reseal. Never had to replace seals yet. Cheers Sent from my 0PJA10 using Tapatalk
  3. June long weekend just gone, both myself and my son had offs. Helmet, chest and forearm armour saved me some grief. Son was a major one. High side at speed onto some jagged rocks, snapping a small pine tree in the process. Helmet, neck brace, back and chest armour saved him from a lot of hurt. No forearm protection meant fairly cut up wrist and forearm. Got a bad puncture wound. Neither of us will go any where without our gear on Cheers Rusty
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