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  1. Thanks guys anyway Saturday morning got to the unload spot had to kick start the bike. Rode for 10mins and started it using the electric start. Never had a problem since
  2. I've got a 2015 250xc two stroke. With 60 hours on it. Got it out of the garage today and the electric start just spins freely once the button is pushed and won't crank the motor over. I know these bikes are known for starters to play up. any i ideas as to fixing it will be great. cheers in advance
  3. Great ride Saturday mixed terrain which is good. Looking forward to the next ride... also bear a great loop you put together. Cheers
  4. I'd be interested in one, would like a nice light helmet
  5. Looks like a great ride.. Is anyone interested to go this Saturday coming up to whip sticks?
  6. The last one was a 2007. The only thing is they hold their value you will be paying around 4-5k for a bike that's almost 10 years old
  7. I've got a 2015 ktm 250xc (cross country). It's great you can ride it like a Mx bike when you need to, and can torque it around like you would on a 300. I've never needed any extra power or more torque for the slower stuff. if you can get your hands on a 250xc you will love it. Pretty much a 250sx with larger tank Elec start 18 inch rear wheel and a few little tweaks to the motor
  8. Mr noodle. What is the wet mod for the Ktm 2 Stoke stater motors. I've never heard of it and would be interested if it's going to help my starter motor last longer.
  9. Amx there's one in keilor park and I think Lyndhurst
  10. Hi all. Over the weekend I went on bike wrenches ride at the strathbogies. I suffered massively from arm pump about 50kms into the ride, it didn't last too long but still slowed me down. Any suggestions on ways to reduce this on future rides? Cheers
  11. Amx in Keillor park they have everything mainly last years stuff prices arnt too bad either
  12. Cool thanks I've been running that premix oil in mine.. I might get some of that gear oil. Cheers
  13. Hi all I have a 2015 250xc two stroke. Just wondering what oileveryone recommends for the gear box and premix oil?
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