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  1. New Rider

    Ok I'm only comfortable riding lvl 2 so I'll keep an eye out
  2. New Rider

    Yeah sounds good, pm me when you know where and details.
  3. New Rider

    Best to go and sit on a whole heap and see what bike you feel comfortable on. Ask lots of questions about what features the bike has, I'd get an electric start if I could turn back time.
  4. Hello

    Ok just give me your number and I'll text pics. You can pm me.
  5. New Rider

    I was looking at the 230's and more experienced riders said go with at least a 250 as you may out grow the 230 but look I'm no expert my 250 has all the power I'll ever need.
  6. Hello

    Hi I have a crf250r 2015 model and I got the shop to fit rec reg kit. The headlight seround has polisport on it Not sure what the steering damper etc are as I'm a beginner. Just letting you know it can be done and I'm happy to send you pics if that helps...
  7. New Rider

    pm sent
  8. New Rider

    Sounds good ttr125 are a great bike, let me know when your ready to hit the trail.
  9. New Rider

    Yeah I'm the same mate. So what are you riding? Where have you been to ride so far?
  10. New Member Jp350

    Looks like we need a beginners ride around this area soon!
  11. New Member Jp350

    Well I'm very much a beginner and also from lilydale I've just got a new honda crf250r . A few ppl have told me about Paul's lane apparently it's off Melba hwy in dixons creek. I'm not sure what it's like or if you know other places to go in the area but I'm keen to ride and gain experience. if interested shoot me a text 0433535566 name is mick.
  12. New Rider

    Thanks.. The beginners ride posted is 2 hours away from me and can't make it but will keep my eyes open for ppl to ride with
  13. New Rider

    Hi I'm a 31 yo new rider from melbourne Lilydale looking for reliable ppl to head out on easy tracks at this stage. I have a crf250r 2015 model with rec reg and only know s few ppl that ride but never really want to head out. Looking for other new riders in my area, also up For camping etc..
  14. New Member Jp350

    Hay mate I've just joined this site too, where are you from? And what bike and experience have you got?