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  1. The Snowman has pretty much covered everything, so not much to add.Huge thanks to Brenegrade for organising and leading the ride and also to Andy for sweeping.Great tracks in perfect conditions and a great bunch of people to ride with.
  2. Awesome ride Macca great mix of tracks and a great group of riders.Thanks to Luke and Kavs for sweeping.
  3. Yeah thats a great idea, Frank would really appreciate that . Greasa led another another awesome loop of about 60kms very similar too last week, i reckon i know 7 other blokes who slept very well last night, i was absolutely knackered.Looking forward to the next one , thanks again to Greasa and the other blokes for making it a great day.
  4. Thanks for organizing the ride Greasa i had a great day, looking forward to next weekend.
  5. Ive never been to an event like this either, what is it like for spectators, would somebody with no interest in the sport (my wife) still enjoy it?Add a hot dog and a can of drink would it pass as a romantic day out ?
  6. Thanks for organising and then reorganising a great ride Ian.Also big thanks to IanM for sweeping and everbody on the ride for heaps of laughs and good company. Low pressure tyres 2 flats, medium pressure tyres (me) nil, i think i win.
  7. Thanks so much for putting the ride on Andy i had a fantastic day, look forward to doing it again.
  8. Thanks. i had wondered if it had anything to do with the amount of grease i had packed in there.
  9. I decided that since it doesnt get ridden much through the wet and slippery part of the year it would be a good time to service the linkage and swingarm bearings on my 2008 rm250.A close inspection showed the whole lot needed to be replaced so i bought kits for both to replace everything.All went well except for the very last linkage bearing which i damaged, so i pulled it out and went and bought a genuine one from Suzuki.I got this one fitted ok but as i was removing the bolt i had used as a presss it caught on some of the needles and they fell out.Now the very simple task of getting these
  10. katman

    Kinglake L 2

    Thanks for a great days riding on Sunday Macca.Some challenging hills to climb and some deep water holes to negotiate and as usual a great group of dirtriderz looking after each other.I look forward to the next one.
  11. Its difficult for me to do much of a report on this ride as i have very little idea where we went.I saw a sign that said Lerderderg forest and later on i saw one that said Wombat forest , i am also pretty sure we had lunch somewhere near Castlemaine.What i know for certain is that i had an awesome day riding in areas totally new to me.Pepperjack did a great job leading us through an endless array of tracks with varying surfaces and grip levels.Great bunch of blokes to ride with and i hope to do it again soon.Also a big thanks to Roger for sweeping.
  12. Thanks to those that came and made it a good day in the mud.I was bit disappointed we didnt make it up to what i consider to be the better tracks at the other end of Bunyip but it was still good fun.Special thank you too Ktmshane and Bassman for their efforts riding sweep.
  13. How old is old ?I bought this about 2 1/2 years ago , the motor had a full rebuild along with most bearings in the rest of the bike, i also put a pwk airstriker carb on which made a huge difference to the rideability of the old girl.Its done plenty of rides in the last couple of years and is probably getting close to time to do the top end buts its a great trail bike.Its a 1998 Bert Food import wr250z, basically a 1997 yz250 with lights and a wide ratio gearbox and a compliance plate.