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  1. katman

    Katmans Gembrook Ride 20th May

    Thanks to those that came and made it a good day in the mud.I was bit disappointed we didnt make it up to what i consider to be the better tracks at the other end of Bunyip but it was still good fun.Special thank you too Ktmshane and Bassman for their efforts riding sweep.
  2. How old is old ?I bought this about 2 1/2 years ago , the motor had a full rebuild along with most bearings in the rest of the bike, i also put a pwk airstriker carb on which made a huge difference to the rideability of the old girl.Its done plenty of rides in the last couple of years and is probably getting close to time to do the top end buts its a great trail bike.Its a 1998 Bert Food import wr250z, basically a 1997 yz250 with lights and a wide ratio gearbox and a compliance plate.
  3. katman

    Kinglake L2

    Thanks so much for putting on this great ride Macca we had an awesome day.Thanks also to the hard working sweeps.
  4. I dont have too much to add to what has already to been reported but i would definately like to thank the organizers and all the people that went and made it an awesome weekend.James (katman jnr ) and i had a great time,unfortunately james wrist turned out to be fairly badly brocken but that didnt slow him down much on Saturday night i was fairly pissed off when he came thumping into our room at 5 am.But i cracked up the next day when he told me how he NOODLES AND DAN had been singing The lion sleeps tonight until being told to shut the **** up.
  5. katman

    Spark plugs?

    I asked this question of the mechanic that does all the servicing of our work cars and he said there was no advantage in using the irridium plugs in a dirt bike.Apparently they were first designed for cars where access to the plugs was difficult and therefore expensive as already mentioned they last much longer but offer no performance increase.
  6. katman

    Big River riding & camping

    This was my first dirtriderz ride and i had a great time , was spewin i couldnt stay the night and ride Sunday.A huge thank you to Dean for organizing , Luke for tail manning and Cruiser for leading, i cant wait for the next ride.