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  1. I’m 3 weeks into recovering from a broken wrist, a plate and 7 screws and a ridiculous amount of time of work has made me realize the importance of protection. I’m going to invest in some wrist braces but also before getting back out will be investing in some knee braces. CTI customs I’ve read are the best option, but may be out of my price range. Can anyone tell me how the CTI OTS compare, I’m also looking at the Asterisks. Also for anyone looking CTI OTS are on sale atm.
  2. Hey Buzz Can I ask where can you buy these in Melbourne cheers
  3. I’m level 1+ /2 cruisy pace sounds like most of us are similar we should definitely get some more rides happening, I usually ride Toolangi/kinglake area keen to get out a lot more this year.
  4. Absolutely, I’ve been of the bike for months but keen to get back out there, also in the eastern suburbs
  5. It wasn’t on fb does that count [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  6. You can’t win because I’m going to win! [emoji23][emoji23]
  7. Brilliant ride Cruiser! Awesome place to ride, and sight seeing thrown in too. It was a lot of fun and I was able to practice some better technique on the downhills and pick up my pace a bit so got a lot out of the day.
  8. Thanks Macca absolutely brilliant ride. Even that narly hill we ended up having to go back up was fun. And thanks for the making me stay for the last leg and sharing your lunch with me. Super pumped your back in action with your new suspension
  9. What a brilliant ride absolutely loved it thanks so much Jay for putting it on and showing us what Gough's has got to offer. I was slightly nervous about coming partly being the only girl coming along but also I'm well aware my skills haven't caught up yet with my enthusiasm for riding and knowing the hills at Gough's it was going to be a challenge. But I also know if I don't ride the harder stuff I won't improve and particularly get better at downhills. Everyone on the ride was amazing just so helpful and offered advice and so much help when I needed it. Jay my riding skills still have room
  10. Thanks so far not having much luck with sizing have tried AMX only bigger sizes, bike mart the small sizes were to big but not much of a range First class motorcycles no youth sizing Ive put some Pods in youth size on hold at Peter Stevens will see how they fit if no luck will try some other places. Thanks for the tips of how they should fit.