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  1. That's good mate, definitely something to be said about filtering undesirables. Well done. Now when are we finally going to do that jamieson ride? Haha
  2. Yeah so as Dan and Dan have said we still managed to get in a ride. At about 11am, Mick's brother and friend had the mangled bike loaded and just about to depart while encouraging us to continue our day and get some time out on the awesome trails. Snowman had an awesome loop planned for us with plenty of variety and some hills to have a play on. At this stage we were down to 5 and keen to keep the pace to a minimum and avoid any more accidents. After 40ks Shercodan and Katie made the call to bail. Down to three. I think we managed another 30 odd k's when it was dr
  3. Thanks for the update Rossco. I'm so glad the extraction went as smooth as it did. It's a testament to how well our emergency services operate. How are you going buddy? I couldn't imagine how that would feel to have to see my brother in such a beat up state, I would probably be a nervous wreck. Hope Mick isn't in too much pain.
  4. But we all pulled together to get the emergency services to him asap and I'm glad we had some cool heads amongst us. That's what I love about the dirtriderz community, they seem to weed out the idiots so what's left are caring dirtbike riders that just love the sport.
  5. Throttle stuck wide open, third or fourth gear straight into a tree. It was gnarly af
  6. We had a serious casualty first thing this morning. He's been taken to a hospital in Melbourne with a fractured femur. Involved ambos and ses etc, they nearly extracted him by air but called off the heli at the last minute. More deets to come.
  7. What a rad bunch of people to ride with, spewing about eagles sherco was really looking forward to riding with you mate. Thanks heaps to all you cool cats for coming, sometimes it's not the area or terrain that you ride but the people that you get to share it with. With this said it's a great privilege to be able to assemble these rides via this great tool that is dirtriderz. So thanks to the staff and mods at dirtriderz for maintaining it. As was already mentioned above, Snowman covered the narrative well with a great description and uploads of cool vids. Melissa used my phone to get so
  8. Oh my g** what a ride. Massive smiles. More details to come.
  9. What a wonderful weekend. Thanks DG and Felroy for organising everything, I felt the whole weekend flowed quite smoothly. Also big thanks to the sweep who did an awesome job all day. The weekend started on Friday night for me arriving in Beechworth around dinner time. After going for a magical adventure to all of the pubs looking for the boys, Colin pointed me to the communal kitchen where they were watching footy. In true DG form we embarked about an hour after originally planned. The first trails were so supreme, nothing tricky just winding and tacky, perfect for over
  10. Thanks for all of your input Gypsy501, in the end I had to just bite the bullet and pop one side of the tire off and it was free from then. All good now.
  11. I did it exactly the way you described it. It has been sitting a while like that.
  12. G'day, I did it a couple of times and corrected a little bit. Should I just do it a few more times?
  13. Oh wow that does sound very simple.
  14. G'day, Just a quick question, I assume this happens due to running low tire pressures. Do I need to address this asap? Will the valve pull away from the tube? Can I easily break the beads and loosen the bead lock and correct it without having to pop one side of the tire off?