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  1. What a rad bunch of people to ride with, spewing about eagles sherco was really looking forward to riding with you mate. Thanks heaps to all you cool cats for coming, sometimes it's not the area or terrain that you ride but the people that you get to share it with. With this said it's a great privilege to be able to assemble these rides via this great tool that is dirtriderz. So thanks to the staff and mods at dirtriderz for maintaining it. As was already mentioned above, Snowman covered the narrative well with a great description and uploads of cool vids. Melissa used my phone to get some footage but I don't know how to upload them 😕 Highlights for me were the collective patience for bearing with me when it comes to my limited knowledge of the area, pulling together to get through some tricky spots and the heart that Melissa showed to will herself to make it through. It also should be mentioned that the hardware that she's using is absolutely the right pick for a female, that Xtrainer is more than a mountain goat, it's like a spider monkey! Thanks for letting me have a squirt Melissa that thing is awesome. Also, seeing Jaseo ride that Beta like a weapon. We had some fun on the final blast back to the cars down one of my favorite fire trails, I thought I had my 'berg singing only to realise that Jaseo was right there pushing me but having just as much fun! Thanks to Pete for taking the vest and leading in the afternoon and big thanks to Andy and Mel for sweeping.
  2. Oh my g** what a ride. Massive smiles. More details to come.
  3. What a wonderful weekend. Thanks DG and Felroy for organising everything, I felt the whole weekend flowed quite smoothly. Also big thanks to the sweep who did an awesome job all day. The weekend started on Friday night for me arriving in Beechworth around dinner time. After going for a magical adventure to all of the pubs looking for the boys, Colin pointed me to the communal kitchen where they were watching footy. In true DG form we embarked about an hour after originally planned. The first trails were so supreme, nothing tricky just winding and tacky, perfect for over steering action! By the time we found the tighter/more vertical stuff I was warmed up just nicely. The rest of the weekends ride was a pleasurable mix but I could've done with some more terrain to take me out of my comfort zone. Although, we were taken to "Infinity" and I had two goes but it beat me! It's a fairly decent incline with many footy sized rocks and not many differing lines. Apart from straddling my sexy 'berg all weekend the highlights for me were: ~Awesome crew ~Cabin with heating ~Community bonfire ~Being beaten by Infinity Thanks to everyone who made it up and making it what it was. I'll be back, particularly to tackle Infinity again while I'm fresh and lower tire pressure.
  4. Thanks for all of your input Gypsy501, in the end I had to just bite the bullet and pop one side of the tire off and it was free from then. All good now.
  5. I did it exactly the way you described it. It has been sitting a while like that.
  6. G'day, I did it a couple of times and corrected a little bit. Should I just do it a few more times?
  7. Oh wow that does sound very simple.
  8. G'day, Just a quick question, I assume this happens due to running low tire pressures. Do I need to address this asap? Will the valve pull away from the tube? Can I easily break the beads and loosen the bead lock and correct it without having to pop one side of the tire off?
  9. Fun indeed. Sorry for getting a little geographically confused towards the end, I was pretty spent by then. More detailed report coming when I'm not so cross eyed.
  10. Ah gellibrand. Stayed there overnight during a 7 day ride. The otways are fun. Most epic for me was a 7 day starting in captains flat and zig zagging over the great divide as far as mallacoota and back. 1500 ks, 200+ per day of very contrasting terrain. Although it was epic, there were next to no inclines that rivaled jamieson, that place to me is always epic. On a two day ride there we were lead by a local and he took us off generally to the east and we did some hills that were extremely tricky. I think jamieson to glenmaggie would make for an excellent ride (supported by fourby of course). Good thread btw [emoji3] Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
  11. Awesome pics mate. I've been to jamieson for a few rides but never seen snow there. Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
  12. Fairly impromptu weekend was organized between my mate Leigh and I, as he only decided to go on Wednesday. So 4pm Friday I knocked off work and made a beeline for home to load up my gear and bike and start trucking (from Glenelg, SA). Arrived to the pub at 12:30am and Marlon the publican was only too happy to wait up and help me get settled in. Awoke on Saturday to an almighty fright, 0.5 degrees Celsius! Us Adelaide folk aren't used to the frigid conditions in vic but I managed to get the blood flow going along with a fraction of warmth, just enough to function. 8am Leigh said he'd arrive and OMG he was minute perfect on his arrival time. Quick coffee and catch up and we were on our way to unload point, our mutual friend's property. This ride will be my first in four years and Leigh's first since a shoulder reconstruction (cause being dirtbike accident in Feb I think) four months ago. Also my first ride on my super shiny 'berg FE501! Leigh was responsible for navigating as he's been there before but they hadn't explored very far so he only knew of very small loop, probably 5 k's. The loop itself was perfect for getting warmed up and feeling out my new ride but it was apparent that I'd be after something a lot more substantial. The loop was pretty tame with some rocky and hardpack terrain and anti-erosion drains. Difficulty would have been around level 2 and pace probably the same. We stopped at the top of a marked hill to take in the views and headed back down. Leigh suggested that we do the loop in reverse and I obliged (not having any idea where the good trails were). On the loop Leigh pointed out a trail that he hasn't been down and told me that it links to the rest of the State park. He asked if I wanted to explore and I jumped at the chance! The whole time I was riding I was taking in the layout of the geography and started to figure out that different tracks I was observing would link up. The lack of any sort of map was a bit of a bummer but we did have a gps that we couldn't operate to it's maximum ability but we could see the map. The track that deviated from the original loop turned out to be Old Landsborough Ridge Track heading south. We followed it a bit and whilst observing the hills in the distance I started to get a bit frisky because it looked like we were quickly heading towards a lot more State park with some big hills! The hills ahead looked to make a peak with the bush land extending east and west. We arrived at a four way junction which looked like it would loop back around either way and link up with where we'd been. But straight ahead was heading straight up the big hill (south) and into the guts of the body of bush I had observed. I stopped to ask Leigh and with a massive grin he pointed up the big hill! Looks like we'd found the gateway to the more challenging terrain with a lot more trails! We arrived at the peak of the not too overly challenging hill where sat a three way junction. Leigh checked his fuel and it looks like his old 'berg FE501 was a bit thirsty as it had used around 3/4 of a tank. My injected 'berg hadn't used 1/4! So we had a little squirt in the unknown area before heading back to the car for lunch and fuel. After a feed we headed on the original loop but this time took a track that linked up the four way junction mentioned above. On this trail we came across our first tree down over the trail which got me more excited. Most of this trail was very free flowing with a loose surface perfect for opening up my '13 model blue beast while traversing the rolling hills. Still not very challenging at this stage but still very fun none the less. So we found said junction and ascended back up to where we had decided to turn back. Up that way the trails were obviously different as they were bark and leaf covered so were a lot of fun with both tires getting plenty of movement. We completed a few small loops and got to a point where it was getting cold and on the shady side of the mountain. Leigh was really getting into it at this stage and was very keen to explore further but with no clear indication on the gps or any real idea of a good loop to link us on our way back to the cars (north) I decided to explore another trail that I had a good idea would link us back to the track home. Now I'm not one for magical $hit and fairies and garden gnomes and stuff but that decision to head generally back to the cars put us on the trail where we found the more challenging trails!! Thought we'd hit the jackpot we did. But considering that starting the track so late in the day, we could be stuck into it for a while. Shag it! We're going for it. The track looked to steeply descend a ridge into a gully and from there who knows? It was very tight and rocky in and out of trees, under logs and ducking under as well. By the time we had descended, the trail went into a massive serpent like trail with heaps of twists and turns, more logs and puddles. We were thinking the trail might even link up with our trail out but no, it pointed straight back up the way we had come from on the next ridge (we had unwittingly rode straight past our eventual exit)! Our next issue was that of our first proper challenge of the day; only about an hour before sun down. At this stage our lack of bike fitness kicked in and we found ourselves very tired/exhausted but still having to grit our teeth and do whatever it takes to get out safely. The hill in front of us was a lot more eroded out than our entry with a fairly steep incline, rocks and logs. My 'berg was hooking up perfectly and had no problem getting up anything that the exit had thrown at me. On the other hand Leigh's bike (and operator) wasn't getting the same result, and he very quickly got to the last reserves of energy. I had to repetitively ride a small section and walk down and take the reins of the old yellow beast and get it up to the next (not so steep) platform. Now this situation is exactly why I love riding; no matter what happens you have to pull together and do whatever it takes to get home. You can't just fall in a heap and swear and cuss or have a meltdown, keeping your wits is an absolute necessity. It got to a point, to quote my words to Leigh "Just don't stop for anything, momentum is your friend, eyes up look forward, all the fundamental $hit" and Leigh went for it, as spent as he was his resolve took over and smashed the rest of the hill! Well done bro I always knew you've got it in you. After sweating profusely it was a bit colder on the trail back to the cars but alas it was only temporary and like any other ride we were buzzing when we got back. So no crashes, no offs it was a very positive first ride in four years and has only reignited my love of riding. My next objective will be to organise properly with Dirtriderz another ride at Landsborough and/or lead a ride up at Jamieson. Unfortunately Leigh isn't on Dirtriderz yet but I'm trying to change that. Thanks for reading it was fun reliving the experience. A few pics to come. Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
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  14. Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
  15. Appropriate Posting https://r.tapatalk.com/shareLink?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww%2Edirtriderz%2Ecom%2Findex%2Ephp%3F%2Ftopic%2F13245-Appropriate-Posting&share_tid=13245&share_fid=19190&share_type=t
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