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  1. Thanks for an excellent day chaps ! I’m just getting back into riding , I’d forgotten how much fun it is out in the wombat. those tracks were a hoot !
  2. The medical centre opposite the police station in Ballarat .xray team gone fishing for Easter. Could v gone to the base hospital but I know they are just gonna say "nothing we can do" would be nice to know exactly what it is though.
  3. Couldn't get xrays done cause of Easter. But I've pulled up ok will probly get xrays done when I get back to Melb. But the doc I saw seemed to think it's cartlidge damage not broken ribs so that's a relief. Cheers Rob
  4. Yeah I wasn't real flash . Lucky I only had to go to Ballarat tonight. X-rays tomorrow.feels like a rib is clicking in and out of place! Looks like I'm back on the bench.Anyway I ll be back, good bunch of blokes and great tracks.
  5. Big thanks to Scotland and Pete? For cutting their ride short and getting me back to the car park. Ribs pretty sore but made it home. Looking forward to getting out there again some time. Cheers Rob
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    350 Club

    Thanks Marko, I did actually find it by searching google, but couldn't find it just by searching in the actual forum? Not just me then. Cheers Rob
  7. robyz250f

    350 Club

    Hi folks, I barely know how to turn a computer on. Where do I find the "350 " forum? Thanks Rob