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  1. Hello Riders

    Welcome WellWisher
  2. Portable Fridge

    My Parents have owned a camping store for many many years and still recommend Engel, there are cheaper options which will do the job but you get what you pay for.
  3. Smokers Lounge

    Noods I run 13/50 and yes you will need to feather clutch occasionally or be in a higher rev range to the 300 which adds to the challenge
  4. Summer merchandise

    Parcel received Thanks Geoffro[emoji106]
  5. Smokers Lounge

    That should get you out of the carpark[emoji4] Congrats mate
  6. Anglesea Sunday Dec 3

    What a cracker of a day, plenty of rain leading upto this ride but very little on the day giving great summer conditions, Petes knowledge of Anglesea really shows when you just keep going from 1 awsome track to the next well done Pete. Noodles good to see you as always hope you can sort that bike out without to much drama. Cheers fellas
  7. Summer merchandise

  8. Summer merchandise

    Hi Geoffro, in regards to payment of merchandise just curious if the bucket hats are going ahead as the minimum of 25 has not been met as far as I know.
  9. Summer merchandise

    Orange n black bucket hat please, not sure on sizing but helmet is a medium if that helps so maybe a S/M size correct me if I'm wrong.
  10. TBRiders Out West ride, Sat 18th

    Bugger, no good noods lucky you weren't in the deep jungle
  11. The morning after shots... Bonnie Doon

    Hmmm having flashbacks
  12. Ballarat noob

    Jump on a lvl 2 ride mate if thats where you think your at and see how you go you can always try a +ride on the next ride
  13. Avoca weekend rocks

    Firstly thanks for organizing the ride Pete, It was great to ride with brucektmguy, stickman and Pete again, a few nice hill climbs and rocky creeks and jurassic park like tracks. Yes there was alot of dust on the transport but I just left a big gap for it to settle not a deal breaker for me. Loved the new hill you found Pete great challenge be interesting wet[emoji44] Bruce those snacks you had sprawled across the table was impressive I'll camp with you anytime, Pete your late night camp oven cooked pizza was bloody beautiful think it may be a regular appearance now camping, stickman i was very impressed that you bring a spare pare of handlebars nice work mate, overall had a great weekend with Dirtriderz as always and look forward to the next 1 Cheers boys